How I Reduced My Bounce Rates To 64%

Last Update: June 08, 2019

While I was looking at my Google Analytics data, I realized that the bounce rates have gone lower than I had in the previous months. Especially when I joined the Wealthy Affiliate a few weeks ago. To me, it's a great thing.

In comparison to how it was, I had over 80% bounce rate, which is for a website, is a terrible figure to look at.

For every website, particularly to those who want to build an online business, the website owners have to strive to keep it low as much as 60%. In this month, with all my hard work, I achieved that.

Having 64% bounce rate is excellent versus 80% in the past. That means I have built something for my users to stay longer on the website without leaving the page until they're satisfied with the information they're looking for.

Before anything else, I'd like to introduce what does a bounce rate mean?


Basically, it's a percentage shown on your Google Analytics as you see above. It's a figure in which Google informs you how many users have gone off of your website without getting any takeaways or left without bothering scrolling to whatever you have for them. Hence, no engagement.

Preferably, a great and a good website has a 60% bounce rate as the maximum. If possible, you have to go down to as much as 40%. That's a significant achievement for the website owner. I'm working on that, by the way.


As I mentioned earlier, you have to make sure you reach 60% as the maximum percentage. In Google's eyes, it perceives that your users are satisfied with whatever content you wrote or offers you have for your target audience.

For you, as a website owner, you interpret it as "My users choose to stay on my website." To make it more understandable, let me put it this way.

If you were a shop owner, it's like you appreciate that your customers enter your shop and roam around to see your products and approach you at the cash register to buy something from you.

Indeed, it's an achievement.

You can't let your customers enter your shop and leave immediately. This is how Google measures the bounce rate. Do you understand that?

Thus, you have to create something - an improvement - to let them stay.


I will tell you exactly what I did to reduce that. If it's not enticing enough, I'll let you know the outcomes first. Okay?

Hereunder are the positive results of applying the strategies on my website as per 7-day observation - NOTE: 7 Days!

1. The bounce rates reduced to as much as 62% (8.5% improvement).

2. The sessions increased to 66.2%.

3. Increased number of users to 80.3%.

4. Enhanced amount of subscriptions to 10 sign-ups approximate.

So, how did I do that?

Honestly, these are the outcomes of long-term hard work on the content. As I mentioned many times in my previous posts, Google loves high-quality content.

And I've been writing 30 posts with at least 2,000 words to as much as 5,000 words once or twice per week.

If you are willing to do the work, you can follow my suggestions:

1. Improve site layout.

I invested in improving the appearance of my website to make it look more professional. I used Studio Press Themes to achieve the look I wanted. Also, I used Design Palette Pro to boost the layout.

Your users want simple font style and sizes as well as a clean and professional layout. So, choose your website theme carefully and adequately. Invest in that.

2. Become a fan of killer blog posts.

There are many of you here asked me how I did all of these things. I simply told them I've been posting killer blog posts for quite some time now.

They asked me how often do I post them. I said I've been posting once or twice per week depending on how hectic my schedule is.

You know, I'm also writing for someone else's website (a full-time content writer), writing my own novels (actively on Wattpad), and doing some household chores, too. It's a lot of work on my part.

But I didn't use this as an excuse.

Needless to say, posting killer blog posts, though they take so much time, gives me almost a 100% organic traffic. In fact, I've been relying on it aside from Pinterest, one of my favorite traffic source + my #1 recommended writing tool to keep my writing as flawless as possible.

Read more here.

3. Clarity of your content.

This is concerning the previous point. Aside from boosting your website content to its maximum level, you have to consider the flow of your writing. Make it as personal as possible. Your readers love to see your vulnerability.

If you have read my previous post about writing 2,000-word blog posts, I recommended writing an outline. That's for beginners.

If you haven't tried to write that much, I suggest you do that. It would be initially a bit tough, but you'll get used to it later on.

Keep in mind the route:

Problem >> Solutions >> Recap + Offer

That's how it works in content marketing, my friend. If you want to bolster your writing, you can see 85 writing tools you can try.

Read more here.

4. Add apt opt-ins and other plugins to stop your users from leaving.

What I do here is to add opt-ins (images containing my offer) from the beginning, middle, and end of the post. Aside from that, there are some of my posts with Click to Tweet plug in the middle of the post.

Whatever it is, you have to do something to keep them from leaving. One of the Wealthy Affiliate members suggested placing videos.

Yes, that also works.

Another thing is to add Related Articles. Lots of strategies.

Don't be scared of doing this. Just do it and experiment. Study how your users behave. Use Google Analytics for that. You can see with the Behavior option. See the screenshot below.


Why do you have to do this?

At this point, I could see your eyes rolling at me.

I know you're telling me just to stop this BS because you're so tired from building this. I know you want to focus on growing your website and make it run.

Yes, I'm aware of how tiresome and difficult it is to build a website. But, there's a but, I am doing this to encourage you to create a platform that thrives in the long run.

You know what, I spent months of putting everything into place. I bought my domain in November 2018.

Since then, I have been writing and writing and writing. I put my soul into my writing and promoting it on various social media accounts, too. It's hellish.

I would be lying if say I never had my downs as you right now. You can read my account here.

But what happened?

Having 62% bounce rate within 7 days won't be possible if I didn't do the work.

It'd be impossible to impress people with my professional-looking website.

On top of that, I wouldn't be able to achieve so much if I didn't do what I have to do as a content marketer.

Thus, it's imperative to study your target market, specifically the bounce rates. Google provides you the information. All you have to do is to do something to reduce it.

You can follow my suggestions or not. It's all up to you. I showed you what I did. It's up to you to replicate that or ignore it.

If you want to get serious with this, you can send me a message to learn more about it. :)

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Kiranoppa Premium
Thank you for this post and the tips. I´m also very unhappy with my bounce rate at the moment, and I want to get it down. I have a new gorgeous theme, but I´ll do other things you suggested too to improve my site.
cld111 Premium
These are fantastic, actionable tips. My bounce rate is over 80%, and that's an issue. I'm going to use your tips here to see how I can improve it. Thank you!

- Christina
RussellO1 Premium
Thank you for sharing this Mecyll. I have a small question though; you said "add related articles" does that mean links to other people's articles? If yes, what is the benefit of that and do I need to get the other person's approval before I do so?
angelstar Premium
Hi MGaspary,

Thank-you once again for your great articles. You are an outstanding resource. I think you are right on point with your work. I have an article I just finished and posted on my site. (I have only completed my about page and first article so far) It's 1000 words and took me 3 days. After reading your article I am thinking of switching my website to Studio Press and adding the plug-in. There is nothing wrong with my site so far but like you said it needs to standout. It's a lot of work and it takes time. I don't think you can rush it but one needs to put the time into it. Would you be interested in reading my first article. I have put a link to it below.

Thanks, Angelstar (Denise)
MGaspary Premium
Hey, I just saw your message now and sent you my suggestion + recommendation. And I'm really happy that my posts help you a lot in building your domination online. Yikes! :)

As far as the content goes, there's a potential. But there's a need to expand it to make it a killer post. And I've also seen you're planning to launch your own company. That's great and it's also under Namecheap. Good. :)

I suggest you to create 5 killer posts related to the niche and the company vision you want to build. That'd be considered as the cornerstone content in which Google will use as reference for the rest of the posts you'll write about later on.

A "cornerstone content" is a content or a series of posts that are killer or very extensive/comprehensive that will serve as a guide for the next series of posts you'll write next.

In your case, you're about Web Consulting.

Create 5 killer blog posts about this niche. I guess you know when I say "killer blog posts."

Improve your first post "Growing Your Business Online."

I have lots of notes for you, dear. I hope we'll keep in touch with this and help you in growing your business. I'll be delighted to be of help. :)
CordeliaN Premium
Good information and by the time I finish my training I am going to hone all the areas needing attention and further research, you have already included in this and previous posts some excellent learning.
As previously said you are a motivational little rocket of power.
Well done on the bounce rates.
MGaspary Premium
I'm glad I did inspire you in my own ways, Cordelia. I'm looking forward to your progress. :)
DesireeA Premium
Thank you for such great information! I have to get my website all built out. I'm still working on that.

I know I need to go back and change my website layout particularly due to the change in direction I've taken and definitely write a lot more content.

Thanks again!
MGaspary Premium
You're always welcome, Desiree. I'm glad this post shed a light on concerns about bounce rates, which most people ignore.
DesireeA Premium
Bounce rates are very important, but I don't think a lot of people understand how they apply to the online business. They see a lot of traffic as a good thing, and it can be, but if people aren't spending quality time on your site and they leave, it's all for nothing.

Keep up the great work!
MGaspary Premium
True. Most people value traffic more than the number of people leaving their website. Regardless, it's still important to see the figures to figure out why they couldn't attract conversions.

Studying bounce rates matters when website owners want to understand why their users just leave their website without spending time to read more content or download whatever freebie they offer.
DesireeA Premium
Exactly! Traffic is only part of the equation.
gartnerf Premium
Thank you for bringing light to this topic. I have been in the upper 70% to lower 80% range and can't figure out how to get into the 60%s. I have several detailed articles full of quality content and product offers, yet people don't seem to stay long. I write in the same format as problem->solution->product/service promotion, yet little sales and comments. I do get some comments about great content, but something must be off.

Looks like I need to go back and analyze my content layout and make sure I am more engaging in addition to being factual. You have offered a couple good things to go back and examine.

Thank you for sharing!
MGaspary Premium
Yes, it's great to get back at your content or your website as a whole. Check your Google Analytics, go to Behavior and see the map where the drops offs are. I'm doing it myself upon discovery. :)
sai4upassion Premium
Hello Mgaspary

Very informative. I am getting royally screwed as far as the traffic is concerned.

In the last 28 days here are the numbers
users : 90 session : 183 bounce rate : 55 %

but in the last 14 days, it has drastically come down
users: 2 sessions: 4

Last 7 days
Users : 0 sessions:0 bounce rate : 75 %

I am completely clewless why this happened
I have created 6 posts so far and all of them about 2000 words and I am trying to make it as much rich as possible.

I have so many questions for which I don't have an answer :

If the numbers posts is a reason then why the numbers were high initially when I had very posts under my belt?

I am been revamping my posts quite regularly by changing the title and also keywords. Could that be a reason?

Can you give any inputs on this ??

MGaspary Premium
It's okay to have high bounce rate with 6 posts. Review your Analytics when you have at least 20 killer blog posts. I have 30 under my belt. So, reviewing it is a good start.

For now, focus on creating great content as well as the overall website layout. In that way, traffic slowly kicks in as well as new users until you reach at least 15-20 posts.
sai4upassion Premium
Thank you very much for this valuable information. Planning to write more posts now.
MGaspary Premium
Great! :)
RobFore Premium
Great work and thank you for sharing. It's a rather 'boring' topic that will make most eyes glass over but it is a VERY IMPORTANT metric to keep track of and optimize. Good on you. Smart.
MGaspary Premium
Yes, a boring thing but it plays a very important role in our online business. :)