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What happened to me recently is crazy. I got up the bed and saw my Google Analytics with a surprising graph. I almost slip my phone from my hand, shocked. My visitors skyrocketed from a few hundred to 2,000 visitors in just one day. How did I do that? Aside from Google Analytics, I have another search engine where I consider the second traffic source. Pinterest. Gone are the days, bloggers and reputable companies consider Pinterest as a mere social media but a search engine. As Mike Beatty puts
People already know the existence of a scam and why we should prevent it. Through internet awareness, we already are aware we shouldn't say yes to their offer. Yet, there are still many people getting victimized by these schemes. Why? To understand why you're getting victimized, we must understand first what are these scammer tactics do to lure us into investing something that doesn't exist. 1. FAST RESULTSScammers understand people nowadays want to see optimal results in 24 hours. Are you guil
Recently, I came across with a comment from someone with a lengthy note about my writing style. In fact, he pinpointed the use of hyphens. He reviewed my article to that extent. He sent me a long comment about the grammatical errors in my blog post, which I do appreciate. Yet, what struck me the most is when he said, "Your post should not be a conversation." I said, "What?" I disagree.BE THE BEST WRITER OR WRITER THAT SELLS?In this case, which one do you want to become? Become the best writer o
Often, I wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning to do some introspection. This is what I have been doing since I got myself into the world of serious business. Building my own business, so to speak. Every single day, I tell myself things I have been grateful for, and remember what I have achieved yesterday. Although I didn't accomplish a lot in my list, at least, I did some progress. Small progress.I asked a few people on Wealthy Affiliate to share a review of my website, of how I was able to help
Although a few days ago, I shared about how sick I was. And even though I didn't really have the strength to carry on with what I should do, I forced myself to my limits and managed to make updates on Wealthy Affiliate and tweak some posts to ease my "perfectionism."It's not really the 100% perfectionism as I used to be, but it's more making a few changes to achieve the seamless flow of my newly implemented funnel.After following the fellow members' pieces of advice, I rested and gave myself a
Just today, I arrived from a 1-hour flight. For days, my schedules have been really hectic resulting in my body's shut down. I worked more than 16 hours per day and in the past few days, I had to get into the flight to and fro for another appointment. A very important appointment. Within 1 week alone, I wrote and wrote and wrote content with a minimum 2,000 words and beyond, while writing for my ongoing novel (on Wattpad). Although I was sick and could barely see the screen clearly, I pushed my
Let's admit that most of us have been affected by Google's new algorithm. In March 2019, the fresh algorithm rolls, and immediately shut down Daily Mail's traffic to 50%. Now, why do you care? "The day after the broad core algorithm update (June 3rd) we saw a massive drop in Search traffic from Google (lost 50% of daily traffic," Jesus Mendez, SEO Director at MailOnline, operating DailyMail [dot] these big websites are deeply frustrated with the news, how much more a small site like ou
Just yesterday, I told my mother something crazy. I told her that I want to be a rich person. Do you know what she told me? "Don't become a rich person. I don't want someone to hunt us down." I was - oh, God - shocked. I couldn't believe that I heard those words from my own mother. From the person who reared me for more than 20 years; the person who gave birth to me; the person who gave me life. My own mother wants me to live a simple, normal life. A life like everyone else's.With debts, earnin
While I was looking at my Google Analytics data, I realized that the bounce rates have gone lower than I had in the previous months. Especially when I joined the Wealthy Affiliate a few weeks ago. To me, it's a great thing.In comparison to how it was, I had over 80% bounce rate, which is for a website, is a terrible figure to look at. For every website, particularly to those who want to build an online business, the website owners have to strive to keep it low as much as 60%. In this month, wit
Update: I'm working on a 5-day FREE email course about this one. And it's not complete yet. All you need to do is to sign for it while you wait until the course commences. Within it, I'll be putting my 5-year online writing experience in this one. So, if you're up to learn how I write killer blog posts, sign up.Although I've been taking some time to write my next epic post, I noticed that my website traffic keeps increasing to almost 70% in the last 7 days after I followed the strategies here o