85 Writing Tools To Bolster Your High-Quality Content

Last Update: June 08, 2019

Update: I published a blog post with the extensive review of these free writing tools you can use online. You can read the entire post with an estimated reading time of 41 minutes on my profile link. It's very long, my friends. :)

Hello, everyone! I'm back again with another post as I promised to most of you, who look forward to my thoughts. Today, I'm going to share with the most epic list of writing tools that are highly recommended by me and most bloggers out there to improve your writing at its highest.

In this post, I'll only be listing them, however, on my blog at www.mgaspary.com, I'll be discussing them in details. I'm still working on them yet, baby. It will be a very long post, so I'll be writing the blog post for days again. Once I publish it, I'll let you guys know and I will attach the link here. Alright?

Now, we're set.

I've used most of these tools on my own writing as well over the years and they've been my aid during my tough times as a writer, especially when I began my writing career back in 2014. Since these are recommended by most bloggers, they're worth a shot.

Because the list is very long, obviously we have 85 writing tools here, I divided them into categories depending on its nature: writing, editing, productivity, graphics, and brainstorming. Depending on your need, there are set of tools you could choose and see them yourself.

Here are the 85 writing tools that will surely aid you to bolster your writing skills to 200%. I used them myself and you've seen my progress and my writing. So, you could assume they're worth it. :)


1. Google Docs
2. Evernote
3. Medium
4. LinkedIn
5. Open Office
6. MS Word
7. Reedsy Book Editor
8. Calmly Writer
9. Quabel
10. Writeapp
11. Online Typewriter
12. My Writing Spot
13. Ohm Writer
14. FocusWriter
15. Ilys
16. ProWritingAid
17. LibreOffice
18. Scribus
19. Diaro
20. Unstuck App
21. Zen Writer
22. BibMe
23. Thesaurus.com
24. Draft
25. Wattpad
26. Inkitt
27. Zen Pen
28. Write or Die
29. WritingExercises.co.uk
30. Pages (for Mac)
31. Simplenote


32. Grammarly
33. Hemingway Editor
34. Readability Score
35. Cliche Finder
36. Wordcounter
37. Grammark
38. Grammarcheck
38. Autocrit
40. Synchroedit
41. Title Case
42. Headline Analyzer
43. Grammar Girl
44. UK vs US Spelling
45. One Look Reverse Dictionary
46. Proofreading Tool
47. Texthandler


48. Todoist
49. Trello
50. Marinara Timer
51. Writing Schedule Calculator
52. Hipster Sound
53. Noisli
54. FocusMe
55. tomator.es
56. StayFocusd
57. The Most Dangerous Writing App
58. Read-O-Meter
59. A Soft Murmur
60. RescueTime


61. Canva
62. Adazing Ebook 3D Cover Creator
63. Creative India Book Cover Generator
64. Piktochart
65. Lumen5
66. Storybird
67. Pixton
68. Recite
69. Stellar


70. Hubspot's Blog Topic Generator
71. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer
72. Yoast WordPress Plugin
73. SERP Title Tool
74. Dropbox
75. WordPress


76. Stormboard
77. Wridea
78. Bubbl.us
79. oTranscribe
80. Collaborize Classroom
81. Freemind
82. Alchemy Text
83. Google Trends
84. Portent's Content Idea Generator
85. Brandwatch

I hope you find this post very helpful. I'll be discussing these tools in details on my website. So, stay tuned for my announcements when I have the post live. Because it will take me really long before I could finish the entire blog post for obvious reason: length.

If you want to ensure you have all my updates, follow me. On the other hand, if you need my help, you can leave a message. I'll be delighted to be of help. :)

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Ramahtetu Premium
Awesome post...

All the best ....
MGaspary Premium
Thank you very much. :)
CordeliaN Premium
Thankyou - again- yet another useful, helpful and well put together post. I am most definitively going to try many (as Brileehi said, if not all) of the attached. I am looking forward to reading your completed post.
I am excited for you..🤗💥
MGaspary Premium
Haha, Cordelia. If you knew...the post takes a looooooot more time than I expected. I'm still working on it to a T. :)
CordeliaN Premium
Not just me then.... ha ha
brileehi Premium
Thank you so much for this extremely helpful post. I will definitely be checking at least some, if not all, of these 85 tools.
MGaspary Premium
Sure, that's great! Looking forward to it, too. I used most of these tools myself. So, I know these works. I'm having fun using these. :)
DesireeA Premium
Thank you for all your hard work and the work left to come! Great tools. I can't wait to see more as you get them done. Great post and a great idea.
MGaspary Premium
I'm glad this helps you a lot in building your business. Upon building our own websites, we must acknowledge the need to have bolstered content marketing skills. And having these tools on hand, it makes a big difference. :)
DesireeA Premium
Yes, it does. You are so right. This is all very new to me, not the writing part, but the rest of it. Thank you and please keep up the good work. You are appreciated!
MGaspary Premium
Thank you so much for that, Desiree. :)
DesireeA Premium
You are welcome. You are very knowledgeable. Keep up the good work, and again thank you!
WilJan44 Premium
Great job as always. Very informative. You have inspired me to put more thought and effort into my blogs. I am still striving for 2000 content words.
MGaspary Premium
Yes, I'm glad you're doing. That's a great start. Looking forward to your progress. Feel free to share with my your post once it's published on your website. Super stoked!