Burnout is the new disease!

Last Update: June 08, 2019

I came across with Arianna Huffington's post on LinkedIn about the new workplace disease called "Burnout." I know we're all familiar with this and I assume most of us here struggle with it, especially to those who are hustling to a T.

We want to build our passive income stream. We spend hours every single day on developing the system, on writing high-quality posts, on installing plugins, to set our website themes, to add accounts on Google Analytics, etc. We have too much on our plate.

Weeks after, our pace starts to slow. We struggle to rise up from our beds without knowing the outcomes of our efforts. We check our traffic and see nothing coming. We check our affiliate dashboard, we see no income. Yet.

Later on, we get slower than ever until such time we don't have the drive to move forward. Then, we start complaining it's not working. We complain about the platforms aren't working. We scream at the top of our lungs. "Why?"

I know you did everything you could. You followed every tip from "gurus." You made all your to-do list. Everything. But nothing is working. Again, yet.


You know the very reason for burnout? Impatience.

We hustle and hustle with 5 to 6 tasks per day, thinking this is productivity. We work harder than any average person could, considering this is the pursuit of success. Yes, it's true.

We spend no time on unnecessary things because we want to stay focused. We feel delighted when we see checked boxes on our to-do lists. But we assume everything happens overnight.

You know what, my friend. In every endeavor we do, especially that's going to bring us long-term income such as building an online business, it takes immense effort to make the system work. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

The organic traffic takes time, especially for new websites. The email list needs more exposure and time before it takes off with your first 1,000 subscribers. We're too impatient about it, leading to forcing the ideal picture we have in mind.

The moment we realize that it's not like that in reality, we complain. With all the complaining we do, our body slows down. We lose hope and drive as we had at the beginning of the hustling. Well, my friend, this is about the survival of the fittest.


Here's my proposal.

Relax. Learn how to meditate and slow down. Everything will come into its place, including the system you're trying to build. You simply have to do your part in a continuous pursuit. Nonstop. But that doesn't mean you have to compromise your body needs. If it calls you to sleep, go ahead. You won't lose a thing.

Be patient. Patience is the key to success regardless of the industry you're in. Without it, we lose track of what we do and what our visions because we force things to work in one snap. To tell you the truth, in the realm of passive income, it typically takes a minimum of 6 months and beyond before you see a slight amount of changes. Others take 2 years before they see the positive outcomes. Just believe that it will work. That's all.

Believe you already are. Whatever your goals are, believe that you already have it. Change your perspective, my friend. Instead of focusing on the obstacles, direct your attention to the opportunities. Instead of the analytics, head towards the content to give a long-lasting impression on your readers. Domination takes a lot of time.


In the world wherein experiencing burnout is a norm, the terms "rest, relax, and pause" appears a taboo. We think that if we do relax, we waste our time. We assume that our audience won't like us anymore if we pause and take time for ourselves. No.

We only have 1 body, 1 life, and 1 soul. If we compromise it because of our impatience, it will take a toll on our health. Once it does, our business is affected.

The reasons for putting this post together is because of getting alarmed with some of the posts I'm reading here on the community wherein they want to quit because they didn't see results.

Indeed, it could be a waste of time. But they've been a member less than a year. It's too early to assess the progress, the figures from Google Analytics, among others, and evaluate ourselves akin to failing. No, it doesn't work that way.

We should keep our personal wealth and material wealth balanced as much as possible. We must believe that what we do works. At the same time, we must be patient enough to continue our pursuit no matter what. It's do or dire situation.

You have no choice. You want to build a business that's going to give you passive income. Earning while you sleep. That's what we're trying to achieve here.

Now, do the work. Stop complaining.

If you want to keep updated with my latest posts, follow me. If you're going to ask for my help in writing your content, feel free to do so. I'll be delighted to show you the possibilities for writing high-quality content.

NOTE: I won't be writing your post! I'm merely lending you my hand to tell you where to improve. You do the work, I'll help you improve your writing. :)

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JAHisgreat Premium
Thanks, MGaspary, for the burnout diagnostics and more importantly, the solutions offered to battle this phenomenon. Will keep this in mind as I too become impatient at times.

MGaspary Premium
You're always welcome! I really hope we can simply shrug this issue off. Unfortunately, even for the seasoned businessmen, it's a big challenge. :)
Karim78 Premium
How right you are MGASPARY.
Thank you :)
MGaspary Premium
You're always welcome, Karim. I'm glad this post helps you rethink of things that are far more valuable not only for myself, but for you, too, as a business owner. :)
SharonT2 Premium
Very informative article and it is so true. That tends to happen to so many people, I included at times. When you look and see nothing happening, you just feel like giving up, but that was back then this is now and WA has all the training to teach us how to succeed in the long run. Thanks for sharing your thoughts MGaspary! :)
MGaspary Premium
This is inevitable, Sharon. We're humans and we tend to complain. Although we do, it doesn't mean we aren't willing to work our butts off until we see the outcomes of our efforts. 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration. :)
SharonT2 Premium
True! :)
brileehi Premium
Thank you. Absolutely outstanding advice in many ways. Your blogs are full of extremely helpful advice. I knew going into this it would take SOMEWHERE around the time frame(s) you've mentioned. and I know that a combination of the right kind of effort, patience, and the proper mindset will eventually get me there, as long as I refuse to give up. Thanks again.
MGaspary Premium
Certainly. You have to be equipped with the right mindset and winning attitude to overcome all these. Otherwise, you stick with being called a loser and remain in your comfort zone, living a mediocre life. :)
Vickic3 Premium
We all need balance every day
Good post, thank you
MGaspary Premium
Yes, indeed. We need balance. There's no doubt about that. You're always welcome, Vicki. :)