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Hey there!Long time no see eh?! I was just coming back to write about a totally different subject when lo & behold WA made me sign in!Well ok, first I noticed the icon changed because I still work on my websites and such. But I was hoping and praying they didn't make me remember my password, lol, then I would be in for it, haha!I can't be the only one who depends on Google to remember my password though right?? I mean I'm not that old but I figure its just as good to free up the brain space
Hey there!I did something new today that I wanted to share with you. I'm still really nervous because its the first time I've done this.Do you know the episode of Flinstones where Fred is waiting for Wilma to give birth and he walks back and forth so much that he wears down the spot so much that there's a hole there?That's me right now. Well...not exactly now but once I finished this little venture of mine.So what did I do?I went LIVE on YouTube and IG! I've been wanting to do it for so long bu
Hey there!A little while ago I posted about using siteComments to get cash credits.Well today I want to share with you how to use the other half of this amazing system. Sometimes I'm like, AARRRGGHHH, why can't these all be cash credits but then again, its technically helping to get us make money just not immediately.What am I talking about?The comment/feedback credits though I'm specifically talking about comments right now.I just made a request for 4 comments through siteComments.Then to my s
Hey there!Are you struggling to make money online? Is the $49/mo fee starting to take its toll on your finances?You don't want to quit but you're trying to figure out how to make money for Wealthy Affiliate.Do you wish that you could afford yearly subscription which breaksdown to $29/mo but you have NO CLUE how you're going to cough up all that money when you're barely struggling to scrape together $49?I know.I know the feeling! They make $350 (give or take) sound so easy to pull out of thin ai
April 27, 2019
Hey there!I'm coming to you today with my April 21 - 27, 2019 results for SAC (Super Affiliate Challenge).I'm still a little unsure if I'll be able to make it in this niche yet at the same time I'm determined to stick with the training. I was going to skip some of it but I went back and completed the tasks which I wasn't going to do.One task was the keyword list. I wasn't going to do it because a lot of the succeful promoters in the make money online space say that reviews are the key to breaki
Hey there!I was accepted into the Super Affiliate Challenge this year. I applied for many reasons but mostly because I'm disappointed in myself when it comes to my 'make money online' site.I want to wint the trip to Vegas but I keep getting caught up in my mind about a lot of things. I keep feeling like I'm a guru/scammer and comments people make and a bunch of things go on that make me alter my path and quit.Well, I really want to help people make money online. So much people struggle and deal
Hey there!First of all I want to start by saying that this is not a post about bragging. As a matter of fact, as far as a gaming desktop goes I don't think I have much to brag about. I'm writing this post in hopes that I can help you see how you can reach your goals and get some of the things that you want also.Over the passed couple of years, I've been struggling with computer issues. I would buy cheap computers trying to cut corners since I really didn't have money to buy a good one.So when m
Ok. This might sound like a mild exageration but its not. Especially if you're new to making money online.This is EXACTLY how much my site has grown over the last year. As a matter of fact, last February (2018) was the first month that I really started to put work into this particular site.Here's the facts.Last February my site made $10. This February it made over $500!There's more. I can bet that it could have even made more than that if I had actually been working on it for the past...idk...6
Hey there!First I want to thank all of you who have reached out to me in concern for where I have been. You all have no idea how much your messages mean to me and I'm so thankful to have friends who care about me so much.I can't remember where I left off and I promise to make this as quick as possible though I have a tendency to write a lot. I'll start with the not so good stuff first because I'm a strong believer in getting the unpleasant/bad/stuff you don't like/etc over first.The Not So Good
Hey there!I can't remember if we can post images in the question section so I'm going to post it as a blog first.I've worked pretty hard on this email campaign but it doesn't seem to be working and I was wondering if you could help shed some light on it.I first realized something was up when the first email was opened 100% of the time but the rest weren't opened at all aka 0% of the time.So I decided to test it out by subscribing to my email list and found that the campaign cycle wasn't being f