This Too Shall Pass!

Last Update: April 12, 2019


I saw a great comment in another blog. Those very four words you see right up there.


This too shall pass -- "means that the difficult thing that you are suffering will pass away, as difficult things have passed for others before you. It also means that the great thing you are experiencing with eventually fade away and be forgotten. It is a general statement of the ephemerality of human experience, that all things are fleeting and impermanent.

The phrase is used both to comfort the suffering and to chasten the proud."

Overly Concerned & Much Ado About Nothing

Lately, there has been overmuch concern about negativity here at WA.

It's a popular theme. It's a great topic for blog posts if you want to garner a lot of likes and supportive comments and boost your rank and feel good as you are cajoled not to leave, etc. etc. etc.

However, I say to those of you chastising, berating and/or bossing us around on how to behave, or even worse, leaving WA because you can't handle a little negativity, hey!

Listen up!

Stop acting like it's a hurricane!

If you've ever been in a hurricane -- and I've been in two and suffered loss in a third -- then you know something about real trouble.

There is no real trouble to be seen here! None nada zilch.

Guys, gals, ladies and gentlemen -- a few oddballs with some ego in live chat are NOTHING.

They are froth in the waves. Soon they will disappear, then more froth cometh.

So there is nothing important to see here. It's just froth on the mountain of you!

The Chat Monsters Will Rise and Fall again.

You'll have to come to grips with it and stop splashing around futilely.

When you realize you have no power over the chat monsters and they go away of their own accord anyway, you'll bask in equanimity and marvel at the serenity.

Consider readings on the philosophies of equanimity, emptiness, and unborn mind.

Suggested: The Path of Equanimity

We live in a world of duality.

That is, where there is positivity, thereupon there will be negativity.

Where there are words, some will breathe goodness and some will befoul.

You are an island of the non-dual in a sea of what appears to be dual.

The which befouls becomes fertilizer for good food.

That which is negative makes you stronger for withstanding it.

That which is hypocritical melts in the light of truth.

Pride leads to the fall.

And so on.

All things are equivalent in the non-dual and all things are created from One Source.

In equanimity, You can focus on adjusting your mindset.

Life is Interesting and loving in Duality!

Instead of relishing in fear, disgust, anger or sanctimonious righteousness....

Be Ye Entertained! Smile at it and be happy!

Because when you experience real trouble, chat egos will fade away into nothingness...

and so they are now, nothing of significance.

Move Towards Success

The biggest problem for success on the Internet is not about learning how to do things.

All the knowledge here at WA is fantastic, no doubt!!

The biggest problem for success is adopting the mindset of the successful.

The mindset of the successful doesn't allow for paying attention to the froth. Successful people are focused on creating their reality to be what they want it to be.

If you're trapped in your perceptions of the world, consciously or subconsciously, those perceptions will drive your decisions, and most people decide to do things that lead to failure.

So don't get trapped by all the drama. Do be entertained by it :)

That's what drama is for. :)

Cheers, Marc

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ExpatMark Premium
Thanks for sharing some great thoughts.

marchanna Premium
You're welcome!
nids13 Premium
Very good thoughts. THIS TOO SHALL PASS is powerful collection of words. My life is such a mess these days and just hoping that this passes little quick. Your post indeed helped me reinforce my inner self and the jest to get through this became stronger!! :))
Internetgranny Premium
Sort things out little bit by little bit. That's what I tell myself in my effort to declutter. Sending you lots of good wishes.
~ Isabella
nids13 Premium
Thanx for the wishes. :))
marchanna Premium
Hello Nids13, thanks for recognizing the wisdom of these powerful words, I certainly don't own them by any means, but they speak deep truth. Your strength is amazing in equanimity, no words can harm you!
BeccaPears Premium
I love this post! My grandmother would tell me "This too shall pass..." Everytime my mother would go on a tirade!
I now tell my children the same! Actually, they probably wish I'd stop, but it's so fitting to all the crazy drama they feel is "ruining" their life!
Drama. Hate it, love it, live with it.
Great post, Marc! It's friday night and time for bed!

Have a marvelous weekend! I can't stop smiling! I'll have to print that out and hang it in a frame!
marchanna Premium
Hello BeccaPears,

you are too kind and I'm very glad these words ring out for you! I hope you have an excellent Saturday when you wake up!
BeccaPears Premium
Thanks. I must tell you I woke thinking about your post and smiling all the way to the coffee! It was the whole article I found to be quite entertaining and it resonated with me so completely! I wish I had your talent for writing!
You have a wonderful weekend as well!
marchanna Premium
The thing is -- each of us has unique talents in some form -- and we are obligated to use them to benefit humankind -- should we truly choose the path of good and of being true to ourselves.

I can't say I've used the talents I've been graced with to the degree I could have done. But I've always had -- and we always have-- the choice to enable my/ourselves to do so!

NewLaurie Premium
Any comment I make will here is doomed to look like drivel next to your literary acumen.

So witty and satisfying and true!

And so much needed Right. Now.
marchanna Premium
Hi Laurie!

Thanks for your kind words and your words never look like drivel, trust me!

I totally agree more need to speak along these lines; it's not yet in vogue but hopefully....!
phil1944 Premium
Very wise words, Marc and much appreciated.
marchanna Premium
Thank you Phil! Thanks for stopping in!