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Yes, it's stunning, isn't it?I saw a post yesterday that seemed to be directed to those who comment about relevancy of postings. In fact, it was an attack on the idea that relevancy matters.I admit to being one of these mentally deranged people that think relevancy to a topic matters.Oh no! where have I gone wrong?????? Now, the individual who posted these remarks is quite popular and is an Ambassador here at WA who is of the motivational type. As many of you know, I classify WA ambassadors as
...when one understands the principles of Equanimity.Attune your mindsets and get back to work :)Prajñāpāramitā
Dear readers -- please note -- this is a transcript from my video. It's for those of you who don't have time to watch the video but perhaps want to glean something of the contents. Hopefully, after reading excerpts you might become interested enough to watch. As such, being a transcript, it's a bit wordy, the paragraphs are long and not particularly well-written as it is a bit stream-of-conciousness. It's useful for me to see, also, how my rambling and unprepared style comes across in written f
Hi folks, Marc here with a transcript of my first training on mindset. Go see it here: intro[00:00:00] Hi everybody, Marc Hanna here. It's nice to meet you just doing an introductory video on the topic that's going to be very close. If not, my exact Niche and I wanted to do a quick introduction of myself. What is this topic? Why study this why get yourself involved in this and w
May 27, 2019
** circular patterns in our mind**ProcrastinationWhile having a discussion in a blog exchange with another member, we began to discuss the issue of how mindset -- particularly the mindset that causes procrastination -- can affect success. Some comments I made are repeated below with permission of the orginal blogger.1 -- There are a lot of people who don't trouble to question themselves. They don't even realize that the patterns they adopt here at WA are holding them back. One can see these pat
Hi Everyone! Marc here again with yet another an article on:how to apply your brainpower to create the conditions you want!In this case, I digress from my usual theme of mindset, which I introduced here:, what I will have to say about Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning should become a razor to hone your self-education for the rest of your lives! More on that later. For now, I want to talk about an example of using Bloom. The
May 07, 2019
[I can't seem to get the headlines to work this time, perhaps I shouldn't copy and paste from Open Office].....Hi Folks, here again, this time blabbing about niches. Specifically, my niche about Mindset and how I intend to refine it, market it, and so on.Some BackgroundDue to my promises to produce video training on MINDSET, I need to develop a plan to bring this niche to market. So I'll do some transparent training blogs, as it were, so that people know I'm making some kind of progress and not
Fran Kelso (thank you, Fran!) put up this interesting blog the other day, which I commented on: thanked me for the addendum to her remarks and suggested she hoped more people read them... so....I'm re-posting the comment here -- with some additional comments about emotional memories. "If we were really in control of our thoughts [and emotions], negative thoughts [or emotions] would not arise unbidden. Basically, most people are
Hi everyone -- thanks for stopping by to read! Some may recognize the prose of Rumi (above)I've been spending the last few weeks contemplating the critical aspect of Mindset.Puzzled why so few members of WA find their way to success; now I think I've ascertained that the main trigger of success or failure online (or in anything, really) is:Mindset.There's nothing more to it than that. But it's a BIG that. It comes as no surprise that people have to handle their mindsets and fix them to succeed
April 12, 2019
THIS TOO SHALL PASSI saw a great comment in another blog. Those very four words you see right up there. Profound.This too shall pass -- "means that the difficult thing that you are suffering will pass away, as difficult things have passed for others before you. It also means that the great thing you are experiencing with eventually fade away and be forgotten. It is a general statement of the ephemerality of human experience, that all things are fleeting and impermanent.The phrase is used both