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Last Update: April 04, 2018

I was recently asked by a blogging friend of mine what platforms, tools and websites I make use of regularly. Judging by her jaw dropping I think she was expecting me to give a list of maybe 5 things but my list is a little more comprehensive than that and the more I thought about it the longer my list became!

So for anyone interested to know about the things I use almost every single day here it is:

Wealthy Affiliate

Well this is quite obvious, since I am here writing a blog aren't I. I use Wealthy Affiliate in a number of ways. I interact with likeminded people - social media is so 2016 for me, this is my go to place for a pick me up and to talk to people that have the same mindset and the same goals as me.

I have a number of websites hosted here and I access them through Wealthy Affiliate. I come here to learn more and to keep up to date with everything to do with online marketing. This is where I keep my hand on the pulse of things.

You may have noticed that I've been publishing quite a bit of training here recently. I just love sharing what I know and this helps me to gain referrals to Wealthy Affiliate, plus I earn a small side income from publishing training here which is a bonus of course!


This tool comes hand in hand with Wealthy Affiliate since they changed their keyword tool to be Jaaxy but I was using it before anyway since it is such an awesome tool.

As any online marketer will tell you keyword research is an essential part to blogging - if you don't know what your readers are searching for how are you going to know what to write about?

Keyword research is something I absolutely love and I am passionate about - simply because it is so interesting and gives me such awesome insight into the things that my audience search for.

Before I came across Jaaxy I struggled to find a keyword tool that was powerful and easy to use, plus cost effective. Jaaxy changed the game for me.

The basic Jaaxy account is free with WA Premium but if you want a more powerful account with Jaaxy you will need to pay. I use the free account that is included with my Premium account.


Building a list is vital for every business both online and offline. I make use of SendPulse for my email marketing and for push notifications.

I usually log onto SendPulse daily for many reasons - to send out a push notification, to add a new subscribe form to one of my websites or to a post, to design a new email template or to add a new email to my series.

I highly recommend SendPulse because it offers a free account for up to 2500 subscribers or 25000 emails a month, plus push notifications are free!

They are easy to use and when you do start paying they are much more cost effective than Mailchimp, Aweber and Get Response.


How To Set Up Push Notifications Using Sendpulse

How To Send Out A Push Using SendPulse

How To Set Up A New List Using SendPulse

How To Add A Pop Up Subscribe Form Using SendPulse


OMG do I love Canva! I had to pay someone to do all my images before I came across Canva and while it took a while for me to get my head around it and start creating half decent images I can now confidently say that my images are not only adequate but sometimes even look professional.

Canva was a big time game changer for me and I highly recommend that if you haven't heard of Canva before that you head on over there right now and start getting acquainted with it.

Unless of course you are a graphic designer and know exactly how to create awesome images - then you can just do whatever it is that designers do... like Photoshop and all those things that are beyond me and always will be!

Canva is free to use but there are some options that are paid, I have never paid anything to use Canva and it has met all my needs to date plus some.


Designing Images For Dummies

Create All Your Own Images Using Canva

Social Jukebox

Does it look like I am Facebook and Twitter all day sending out my posts? Good I'm glad! The truth is I don't usually even log onto Twitter every day never mind send anything out. The same goes for Facebook!

When I write a new post I log into my Social Jukebo account and add my new content and leave it there.

Social Jukebox sends it out for me and it is in my jukebox which means it will continue to send out all those posts at random at certain times that I have set. Cool right?

There is a free trial but I have a paid account with Social Jukebox. I feel it is well worth the cost since I don't have to worry about a thing except adding new content to it when I publish it. You can also link your LinkedIn account but I don't worry with LinkedIn since I am not really focusing on LinkedIn much.

I will be adding some training soon for Social Jukebox - its on my list!


Tailwind is a scheduling app for Pinterest and Instagram and oh my word has it made a massive impact on my Pinterest marketing recently. I will be adding some training soon for using Tailwind but until then trust me when I say what a huge difference it has made to my traffic and my Pinterest marketing. I have not made use of it for Instagram yet since I am still trying to figure out how Instagram works!

Tailwind does have a free trial for I think 100 pins and then you have to pay. I have the paid account and it has been worth the money X1000.

Screen Cast O Matic

Screen Cast O Matic is video filming and editing software. This is what I use to record all my training videos for Wealthy Affiliate plus for videos that I publish Youtube and then embed on my Online Marketing Blog showing my readers how to do things online and also reviewing products.

It is free to use the basic software but there are a few limitations such as only being able to film ,maximum 15 minute videos. I recently upgraded to the paid account so I could filma longer training video and it cost me only $18 for a year. I have been using this software for nearly 3 years and managed to get by with their free option until now. This is certainly a huge bargain for me so I was happy to pay the $18 which means I can now also edit my videos using Screen Cast O Matic. I used the editing function today for the first time and did my first blur on my video to blur out my passwords for a training video.


How To Record Videos Using Screen Cast O Matic

How To Embed A Youtube Video Into A Wordpress Post

Filmora Wondershare

This is video editing software that I use reguarly. I have managed to use a green screen and really make my videos a lot more professional with Filmora.

You can use if for free but the watermark across the screen is ridiculously huge blotting out most of your video and renders the free option useless for me. However the paid lisence is really cheap and well worth the price. If I recall correctly I paid about $36 for a year.

Once again it has made such a difference time wise and makes my videos so much better for Youtube. I have a lot of learning to do still but this has taken me a step in the right direction.


How To Cut A Video With Filmora

How To Use A Green Screen With Filmora

SmallSeoTools is a website that offers loads of free tools, from a keyword competition checker to a favicon creator and a plagiarism checker and much more. There is very rarely a day that goes by that I don't use one of the tools on this website for something.

I suggest you check out the website and see what nifty little gems you can find there to make your day easier.


How To Use Smallseotools Plagiarism Checker

How To Check Your Keyword Rank Positions Using Smallseotools

How To Create A Favicon Using Smallseotools and Add To Your Website

Image Websites

I am always having to source images for blog posts - for free images I check out, and - if I can't find anything suitable then I head on over to Shutterstock where I have a paid account for up to 50 images a month and get a high quality image. I usually use Shutterstock for my Pinterest images since I am getting so much traffic now from Pinterest I want to use the best possible images to draw people in.

Social Media

I try my best to stay off social media as much as possible. The truth is that is sucks me in and before I know it I have wasted an hour or two doing nothing but looking at silly videos. However as an online marketer I need to be on social networks.

The social networks I choose to be on are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google Plus. I usually share every blog post I publish on all those social networks.

I also share all my blog posts to StumbleUpon - it can be a really good source of traffic!


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I hope you have found this list of tools for online marketing useful.

What tools do you use on a regular basis?

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