Over Half A Million Monthly Viewers On Pinterest - Pinterest Update May 2018

Last Update: May 06, 2018

Watching my Pinterest reach increase has been absolutely incredible. I don't know what my reach was last year but my main business Pinterest account now has a monthly reach of 544000 which is pretty darn sweet if you ask me.

This has resulted in 12 000 visitors to my website last month and it is growing steadily. Just over a year ago I would have been lucky to hit 100 Pinterest visitors in a month.

The funny thing is that I don't even log into my Pinterest business accounts, I conduct all my Pinterest marketing from my personal account because I just don't have the time to log in and out of my 4 different accounts!

I create boards on my personal account, then I add my business accounts as collaborators so that all those boards and pins show up on my business accounts. Because my business Pinterest accounts have their websites verified with Pinterest all pins from my business domains show up as my business pins :)

This makes everything just a little easier for me!

This blog of mine has a list of all the training I have created on Pinterest:

Get More Traffic With Pinterest

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Inaeliza Premium
Wow! Impressive! You are doing great!!!
herinnelson Premium
This is jaw-dropping incredible! Way to go!
LynneHuy Premium
Yes I'm loving Pinterest, and to think I was about to drop it altogether just over a year ago because it seemed like it was a waste of time! Thankfully I decided to give it my all before deciding to scrap it first. Close one right?
Elijah1916 Premium
That's a whole lot of traffic, thanks for sharing.
SantaFez Premium
Wow...that is the first time I am starting to actually "see" what Pinterest is all about.
I do have an account and post there regularly - every post I publish goes up there too...but I didn't know that there are two different kinds of accounts Personal and Business...will go to your profile to learn more!
Thanks for sharing with us this gold mine and wishing you continued $ucce$$
LynneHuy Premium
Check out this post I wrote which lists all my Pinterest training in it :)
Swangirl Premium
Wow Lynne! That is amazing! Good for you! Since I know nothing about Pinterest I will keep this post in mind if/when I start with it. I don't have time now since we are in the process of buying a new income property and of course I already have a full time job!

You have done an amazing job and you are an inspiration!
LynneHuy Premium
Good luck with the property purchase Jessica :) It sounds like you have both hands full!