I've Busted Through The Barrier

Last Update: May 12, 2016

Thank you to everyone here, you have all been part of this great journey... especially to VitaliyG that has kept me motivated.

A while back I chatted to him about my organic traffic, I said everything is just so stagnant, it is ok but it is not going up.

He looked at my website and told me, you have done everything you need to do. You have planted all the seeds. It is just a matter of time and they will sprout.

I plodded along and kept adding new content.... and you know what? Some days I felt this frustration bubbling up in me and other days there was a little jump in organic traffic and I would heeyyyyyy maybe this is it?? But no, another disappointment.

And I am TIRED of disappointment. I am tired of grafting my ass off with my hubby laughing at my small little victories. I'm tired of my mom telling me every day that this is a scam.

Well let me just show you, that my seeds are sprouting. I will continue to add new content... but this truly must be it.

If you are feeling downhearted and frustrated waiting... put your frustration to good use... WRITE.

And when you can't write any more, learn something new.

And when you can't write something new or learn something new, share your content somewhere.

Keep plodding on.

And have FAITH in yourself.

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theresroth Premium
You're 100% right again, Lynne!
Thank you.....
Suzanne-SB Premium
Onwards and upwards!
bjdluna Premium
That's really great, Lynne! Congrats! I really need to get into that blogging habbit too.
theresroth Premium
I'm finding this, too....
It really is a habit that can be developed......
bjdluna Premium
I need to develop it now.
Chrissies Premium
Absolutely Lynne, never give up!! :)
mjw57 Premium