12 Epic Reasons To Go Premium With WA

Last Update: Apr 26, 2019

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I've seen so many Wealthy Affiliate members on the fence deciding whether they should go Premium with WA or not. This really is a personal choice and I don't ever believe in pushing anyone to sign up for something.

While I am one of WA's biggest fans the honest truth is that WA is not for everyone. There are many people that arrive here and want to learn how to make money online for free and there are some people that arrive here expecting something else.

So many member are focused on when they will start making money, since they want to make money fast online... often without doing much work.

I'm sorry but your $49 a month membership fee is not going to get you to make money fast on autopilot without you doing any work. In all honesty that is not going to happen anywhere even if they do promise that in return for $49.

If you do want to succeed as a blogger please read my 10 Tips For Newbie Blogger Success post.

I've been a very happy and satisifed Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate since June 2015 and even though I make a full time income from my blogs I still find Wealthy Affiliate an amazing place to be and I won't be leaving any time in the forseeable future.

Earn Money Through Site Comments

Yes I am going to start with the money reasons - simply because these are the things that Starter Members want to know!

When you are a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate you can earn money leaving comments on other member's websites.

You do have to put in some effort to do this since there are measures in place to ensure that members don't game the system and to ensure that your comments are high quality.

Here are some of the things you need to achieve to earn:

1) 50 approved comments in 30 days

2) A skip rate of less than 20%

3) Comment approval rate of 80%+

So until your website starts earning online you can cover some or all of your WA membership fee this way and provide great value for other members at the same time. Win win right?

Here are some things you should read before you start trying to earn through commenting at WA:

Quality Commenting: The Do's And Don'ts
Thin, Useless Blog Comments That Offer No Value - No Thank You

Earn Money Through Creating Training

You might not know much about working online or anything at all when you first join WA but by the time you have built your own website and completed a lot of the training here you will know much more than the newbies that arrive.

You may very well find that there is something you struggled to learn when you joined and you couldn't find a training resource on one - take this gap and create your own training tutorial at WA and earn an income from it.

You do have to have been a Premium member for at least 3 months before you can create training here, so keep that in mind.

There have been plenty of months were I have earned more from Wealthy Affiliate creating training resources than I have paid Wealthy Affiliate for my monthly membership!

It has also been a life saver for me a number of times when I have had a slow month in blogging and I need to supplement my income.

Learn While You Build Your Business

I absolutely love this aspect of WA. You are not taught the theory of building an online business and then left to fend for yourself. At the end of every lesson you are told to go and implement what you have learned and you are given specific tasks to complete.

As you learn you are building your own business and you start to earn as you go along. I find this so exciting!

Free Hosting

If you are already working online and have a website you can move it here and you won't have to pay anything for your hosting.

You can host up to 25 of your own domains here and another 25 siterubix website. I'm not sure anyone here uses up all of their free website hosting here but that is a whole lot of free hosting peeps!

Free Keyword Tool

Keyword research is absolutely vital to any online business. If you have a website you need a keyword tool.

I love Jaaxy and if you are with WA you get to use it for free - just so you know, the Jaaxy keyword tool on it's own is $49 a month.

Can you see the wisdom yet?

Incredible Training

I find the training resources here absolutely unmatched. There is step by step training for affiliate marketing - all you have to do is follow it. There is also step by step Bootcamp training which will show you how to market WA and make money through referrals.

Then there are the live Weekly webinars held by Jay - absolute gold! If you have never watched them or taken part that is fine, just head on over to his profile and you can find all of Jay's training there.

I love Jay, he is my secret online marketer crush - ok well not so secret anymore!

Every single thing that you need to know to succeed online is right here at WA, all you have to do is follow it.

Live Chat With Other Members

Ok the truth is sometimes I don't know if this is a blessing or a curse. Some days I am on WA and I get sucked into a discussion on Live Chat and suddenly my day has gone.

But live chat is amazing. If you are stuck and want an answer, some support or a bit of motivation right now, then live chat is the place to be.

When I first joined WA I was lost and confused, overwhelmed with so much info. I didn't know where I should be and what I should do first. Every time I got stuck I headed to live chat where everyone was so helpful and got me on the right track.

If you are a Starter member try it out in your first week - you will have access to live chat for 7 days so check this out for yourself.

Amazing Support

I am NOT a techie person. Yes I have learned some things about working online and it is great when it works. But when it doesn't work I just want to lie down on the floor, curl into a little ball and close my eyes.

Support is there to help you if you run into any problems. I love the support team. They are fast, helpful and efficient.

I get an answer within minutes day or night and my problem is solved.

Engagement on Website

One thing that any online marketer will tell you is that you need engagement on your website. This tells search engines that you are popular, it tells your visitors that you are popular and it creates additional content on your website.

Another thing any online marketer will tell you is that it is not easy getting engagement going on your website.

WA solves that problem easily for you with the site comments feature. You can request comments from other members using credits. You can either earn credits by leaving comments for other members or you can buy credits if that is a better option for you.

Connect With The Winners

To be successful online you have to connect with other people that have success mindsets and this is what WA does. There are some bloggers here that earn insane amounts of money each month!

And you get to rub shoulders with them and get advice, support and guidance from them. I'm not sure where else you will be able to do that.

FYI I just make a full time income from home but I am not a millionaire yet - still working on that goal.

Constant Updates

WA is constantly updating and improving their website and the features that are available - bringing you more value for money all the time.... while their price stays constant.

In addition to that whenever there is a change to anything to do with working online such as the new GDPR laws WA brings out training and information making it so easy to follow so that you are always on the top of your game.

When I first heard all the scary rumours about GDPR and everyone got into a twist I sat back and smiled - knowing that before the deadline WA would provide me with everything that I would need to do. And they did.

Personal Interaction and Support Kyle & Carson

The owners of WA, Kyle and Carson, are very active here and interact with us common folk all the time.

In addition to that they not only interact - they listen and they take action when things are said.

When I posted my blog Thin, Useless Blog Comments That Offer No Value - No Thank You! it took Kyle less than 24 hours to respond with

Site Comments - A Constant Focus On Improvement

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Excellent stuff Lynne, a great post to share with those who are thinking of joining. Thanks for taking the time to write and share.

I actually went premium after only 2 days of the free trail, basically becuase it fell on the last day of the Black Friday deal.

Working it out in £ it was around £230 for the year or about £19 a month. I already knew I could have up to 25 websites hosted plus there was free training. In 48 hours I had so many people welcome me I just though hey, even if there is nothing else this is a no brainer, so I jumped in.

The good news is though there is so much more here, such as the great training produced by yourself and many other members.

So12 epic reasons, absolutely agree

Have a great weekend


Kev when I found WA I had already been working online (struggling along) for 3 years. I whipped my credit card out so fast I must have been the fastest Premium referral ever. I should get a badge for that LOL

Hi there Lynne!
We always enjoy your training and appreciate the time you take to do them.
Engagement is key and when that starts happening, the website really comes alive.
Thanks for all that you do and have a wonderful weekend.
C & P

It's a pleasure :) And welcome to WA!

It took me almost no time to decide to go premium, and I didn't even know several of these reasons. I signed up for a year and got a nice price break by doing that.

Lynne, I love your training videos!

Oh yes the yearly membership is amazing - what a tremendous saving! I see you signed up in March, just wait until Black Friday and sign up for the deal then - it is $299 per year instead of $359 and you are then locked in at the special rate every year!

Keep that in your plans for November!

And don't worry they do a pro rata thing if you are already yearly so you won't lose!

Great, well reasoned, well sourced and actionable post Lynne.

Thank you for sharing that with the WA community.


This is fabulous, Lynne!
Thank you so much - I too would like to make use of your posts if you don't mind.
Seems Jay has quite a few admirers ;-) wonder if it will make him blush at the next live training, lol.

No don't share my content... Said NO blogger ever.

Yes go wild and share my content :) If it helps you then I am happy!

Yes I am sure that Jay has plenty of admirers, I will have to stand in a very long line LOL

Go premium, work and success will find you.

This is awesome Lynne please can I use it in my P.m.'s for my newbies xx

You are just brilliant Lynne. I hope you don't mind but your posts are really helping me. :)) I so appreciate you.

This is the icing on the cake :) Lol with Jay I think we all secretly have a crush on him lol. :) 😉

Thank you so much. You are brilliant.

Debs :)

Yes of course you can! I am happy with you using any content I have written here however you need to :)

I just replied to your message on your post to say that I have not updated my messages to referrals since I joined here in 2015 and OMG have I learned a lot since then! I never thought of adding my blog posts to those messages..... so I wrote this one specially to add to my messages!

Go wild and may it help you grow your income in leaps and bounds!

Thankyou so much Lynne honestly they help x You are the best :)

Excellent!!!. Thanks.

Great information, Lynn. Thanks for reminding us what we have here.

It is a pleasure Sami :)

No 14 Exceptional value for money

Oh yes! Very much so!

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