Quality comments on your website is something you should strive for and these are the reasons:

1. Quality comments make your website engaging, when other visitors arrive they see a website that looks engaging and interesting.

2. Quality comments add content to your website and in this way re-inforce the content you have already written. New keywords can be added through your visitors comments. This can improve your rankings.

3. Quality comments says to the search engines that visitors like your content because people are engaging, which can improve your rankings.

4. When visitors leave comments it gives you a great opportunity to add more information, it also gives you the opportunity to refer people to other content on your website by adding links to that content. This will drive other visitors to other content on your website.

So essentially comments are hugely instrumental to your success.

Let's look next at how to give quality comments.

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drtcdutton Premium
Thanks! Great advice.
Loes Premium
Can't be repeated often enough:)
TanjaRita Premium
Thanks for writing this! I struggle daily with the comments I get. They are so vague that I don't even know if the person who left the comment read my article.
LynneHuy Premium
Yip I get that too sometimes, are you using the site comments feature? I put the link in the training.

At least that way you have full control over how many comments you get and if you disapprove one you will still get another comment. This way whatever work you put in you always get back!
NemiraB Premium
They could scan article, it is faster and use in comments thoughts from our writing. During all time, I got few real comments. Other just couple long sentences.
HPearson Premium
Did my rant inspire you to write this? Whatever did, I'm glad. I guess I should have thought of doing it, since my issues of late led to my rant in the first place!
LynneHuy Premium
You had a rant? Sorry I missed it :)

Nope just something I have noticed lately, lots of people complaining and I see the same people leaving quality comments on my website over and over again, which is great! But there are lots of people asking for comments in the thread and I am there every day.... so I just wonder where they are putting their comments.

I have also seen other people complaining about not getting many comments when they give a lot.... and these are very often the people I see leaving great comments on my website. So essentially something is going wrong isn't there?

I have also received some really silly comments like "hey nice site" on my websites... pointless, completely pointless.

I just think if everyone understood the importance of what they are doing they would do a better job of it.
christianWA Premium
I'm glad you wrote this. I wish it was mandatory reading, especially for people using the comments exchange. Some of the comments I've gotten from there the past few weeks have been rubbish. Let's hope this training reaches a wide audience for all of our sake.

LynneHuy Premium
It is a pleasure and there is a reason I wrote it! I hope to help others, I am sure they don't intentionally give low quality comments, they just don't understand the importance of comments.

If everyone just gave really high quality comments everyone wouldn't have to work quite so hard! We wouldn't need as many would we :)