10 Tips For Newbie Blogger Success

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Starting an online business is so exciting and WA is in my opinion the top place to get started. However lots of newbies struggle to get started and don't understand what they need to do to make money online.

The way I see it is a lot of new bloggers focus on the money making part and not in the things that they need to do to build up their business in order to get to the money making part.

Here are 10 tips that will help newbie bloggers succeed:

1) Follow The Training

The training here is absolutely amazeballs. It is set out step by step with tasks to perform at the end of every lesson.

Trust the process and follow the training in the way that it is set out for you.

You may not be able to see the bigger picture but Kyle and Carson know exactly what they are doing and they have laid the path out right there for you. All you have to do is follow it.

Don't skip any steps or try to rush ahead - if you do this you will miss out on something important and it will only take you longer when you have to backtrack and figure out what you missed.

2) Keep On Writing AND Publishing

This is absolutely essential - so many newbies here say that their website is "not ready" or that they are waiting until they know more about blogging and content writing so that they can write great posts.... but the truth is that there is only one way to truly get better at writing content and that is to just dive in there and do it.

Yes you will make mistakes along the way and yes your first blog post may be a dog's breakfast but the best way to learn is to make those mistakes and grow from it.

Don't be afraid of making a mistake - the beautiful part of working online is that you can go back and fix your mistakes and you can go back and update your first blog posts once you know a bit more.

And publish those posts that you write. I know so many people that write them and save them and wait for the "right time" to publish them... and they have 30 or 40 completed posts sitting in their drafts. Publish them right now - this is the right time to publish them!

3) Be Patient

You will not make money on your first day, or even possibly your first month. You may not even make money in your first year.

However you will make money online at some stage and you are building the foundation of your business.

If you start a construction business how long will it take for you to build up your customer base? How much capital will you need to invest in your business to buy building materials? To buy equipment and vehicles? How long will it take you to learn how to build a house so that you are able to make money from your business?

You will need to go to college and you will need to get certified, you will need to invest a lot of money, time and effort. You will NOT be making a profit in the first year you decide to launch your new business.

Why should your blogging business be any different? You need to learn how to blog and you need to establish your website.

Every word that you write is a seed that is planted. It takes time for seeds to germinate, it also takes sun and water and a few other things... One day you will wake up and find that your seeds have sprouted and all your hard work has paid off.

Until that moment though all you have is bare earth and you need to keep on ploughing, planting, fertilizing and preparing the earth for what is to come.

4) Do Not Get Diverted

I get so many people recommending I join this or that networking website and if I publish content there or spend time networking there it will grow my business.... ok yes maybe it will.... but I would rather spend my time planting my seeds on my own website than spend time planting seeds on someone else's website.

My home is my website and that is where I spend the majority of my time and effort.

Do not get drawn in by other shiny objects, this will just divert you from your path and there are many shiny objects that will get your attention along the way. Make a commitment to yourself not to look around. Keep your head down looking firmly at your own business.

5) Do Not Quit

You have done the work and planted all those seeds - they will germinate. I see so many peopple quit after a few months because they have not made any money online and I want to scream in frustration.

Yes it is not easy working hard and not seeing visible results but those seeds are there.... they WILL sprout. If you just walk away you will never see it happen.

6) Have Faith In Yourself

Not just in WA but in yourself. If you want this for yourself then you can achieve it. Don't let anyone else tell you that you can't do it. You can do anything that you set your heart on. Both within WA and outside of it.

The only limitations you have are those that you place on yourself.

7) Ask Questions

If you get stuck put your hand up and get help. There are more than enough members here that have the knowledge and experience to help you with any problem you may be having.

There is a solution to every problem - you may not find it quickly but it is there and you will be able to find it.

Chances are good that any problem you are encountering many members here have also faced.

8) Get Involved

There are so many discussions happening here at WA - there are many winners here and you need to associate yourself with the winners. Winners are not just those that are making a fortune - winners are those people with go-getter attitudes.

Winners are the members that have managed to build a full time income so that they can quit their 9 - 5 job and be at home with their family while being able to support them financially.

Being involved with people that have the right mindset will lift you up and will get you in the right mindset. You will join the winners here.

9) Quality VS Quantity

Make the main focus of your blogging being of great value. Write quality posts and yes while adding new content to your website is going to be incredibly beneficial keep in mind that quality rules over quantity every day!

Rather publish 2 high quality posts in a week than lower quality posts daily.

10) Get Social

Start building up your following on social networks too and start engaging with your audience and with people in your niche.

This will start to build trust and to get traffic to your website for free before you start getting search traffic.

Having strong social networks will help to support your website.

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You are right! And I thank you for sharing this with us, it's been a month today for me and sometimes I think of quiting because I don't have a lot of time to work on my website and I feel I won't make it... But with all the encouragement here, I will stay a while :)

Thank you :)

You don't need a huge amount of time! Just make sure that you stick to the basics - do some training regularly and implement what you have learned by writing and publishing some content. You will see that the way Kyle has set out the tasks after every lesson - he always tells you to write and publish a post. If you just follow what the training tells you to do you will succeed. One high quality post a week is amazing if that is all you have the time for. It may take you a little longer to reach your goals than if you were able to write say 3 posts a week but you will still get there. Don't let a lack of time discourage you!

Thank you!

Great post! Thanks!

Fantastic checklist Lynne, thanks:)

Thank you for the motivation, great post!!!

great post Lynne especially number nine

Yep it had to be said! I've seen some people trying desperately to publish a daily post and it can be such a waste of effort when you can achieve more through quality content less often.

Thanks for these great tips Lynne, they are very helpful. Wishing you continued success

It is a pleasure Debbie :)

Wow! This is interesting and useful advice. You are really full of encouragement. Good day.

I am happy to encourage you Joseph :)

Just printed off...not going in a folder though, I might upset some and stick it on the wall behind my screen...better still on the desk itself...It's so easy to forget the good stuff. I might get shot down for saying but I published from day one,warts n' all because i thought, at least it's out there and the chances of anyone seeing it 'organically' are slim...so I might as well keep putting it out...That make sense ?..it's not meant to be negative just realistic....
Thank you for the 'checklist' an excellent additon.

Well that is another point - hardly anyone will see your first post anyway right? ROFL

But that is great that you did that, there are so many people that hold themselves back because they are too scared to put their first post out there or perhaps because they are trying to get that first post perfect... but the only way forward is taking the plunge and learning as you go along!

Thank you Lynne a great reminder for both newbies and maturies 😉

Yeah I know, even now when I start a new website the urge to give it a kick up the pants is there. I want it to start earning immediately... haha

Should be loaded into the memory back of R2D2

Thanks, Lyn pretty much explains it all I would just add unless I missed it.

For those reading, this is To Enjoy all you do both here in WA and in life.

I would also recommend for others to bookmark this as well or even print to give you a guide and a reminder of what is needed if you truly want success online.


Oh yes Andre - that should be #11 - you must enjoy the process and have fun! Otherwise why not just work for a boss right?

Exactly unless you are your own boss have a great day :))

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