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NOTE: I'm not yet Premium member. So I can not write or reply to messages. I can only use the "Follow" and "Like" features to interact. I am currently exploring the material in here, to understand what is the best strategy and avoiding any rookie pitfalls. Also, I am working on deciding on what niche/game to get going with first.
I am starting from absolute scratch after a long break from work and with zero extra budget - so while I am studying, I am also focusing on getting active with normal work (which will pay for the investments I need, including WA membership).
Anyone who wish to reach me with something important before I become member, can do so at: jahejdavs on gmail.

I live in Denmark, Europe. My main background is in IT Project Management and Business Analysis - as well as some life coaching on the side. (But mostly on voluntary basis so far - and not with a website).
I have been a freelance consultant for many years but took a long break, to reassess my direction in life. I will be going back in that game, but with a new perspective.
And on the longer term I will transition to internet based business. Instead, or in combination with these other games.

My main reasons to get involved with internet marketing/business are listed below.
(Yes - it is long - it serves just as much for my own clarity and self-peptalk. The headings will give you the concept. If you dive in - who knows, you might be inspired by something. Once I do the Premium membership I will place a link to a more readable version of this).

*** 1. To get out of the time-for-money squeeze.
(I made good money in that other game before my break - but there is a limit to possible expansion). Internet based business can be scaled more easily - when selling products.
Products can be anything from affiliate products to my own digital information products to dropship e-commerce. I have no clear decision or priority yet.

*** 2. To get 3+ independent income streams (or types of streams).
And at least 3 of them capable of supporting my basic living costs, if/when I give them the needed attention.
At least one should be fairly passive, ie. some kind of assets or ongoing game that pays me back.
Only one (at a time) should be time-for-money. But I want to reduce my dependency on that. (In the beginning, this will finance my journey and investments with the rest).

*** 3. To get more flexibility reg. time and location.
Not that I am striving for the digital nomad life as such (nor the beach bum with a laptop lifestyle), but I value the flexibility. (This is why I don't want to start a traditional business with an office and fixed employees and so on. I don't want to be tied down with that).
Besides visiting friends, I like to be able to easily travel for conventions / bootcamps / retreats for business learning or personal/spiritual development.
I want to create a lifestyle where constant development and constant learning FROM THE BEST is not only possible, but a regular activity.
And should I ever decide to relocate to another country, I don't need to leave my business and network behind. I can hit the ground running.

*** 4. To have scalable business. Scaling both up AND down.
Selling products instead of services means easy scalability. But in general, if my business volume expands, it is also easier to automate or delegate/outsource things when all is digital. The same way - when venturing into something new, some things that I don't have time to learn yet can be outsourced.
At the same time I also like that I can scale down on things in some periods, without having a high fixed cost running (such as employees or facilities).

*** 5. Because I want to explore more regarding my life coaching talents and passion.
I like to teach, write, coach and spread clarity and truth. And to CONNECT - to people and enabling people to connect.
I want to use the internet to get an audience, a dialog and through this, shape my thoughts and my message.

*** 6. I am a natural teacher and troubleshooter.
And good at breaking things down and presenting them. Good at analyzing things and making workable solutions. This means that it is not hard for me to make digital information products about things I know about.
So as I move through life and learn, I can monetize that as well - while having fun with teaching. (Plus, teaching increases my own understanding as well).

*** 7. I want to get good at MARKETING.
Basically, PENETRATING, CONNECTING, IGNITING and LEADING - to a better place - is the essence of marketing, when done ethically.
I have a basic interest in the topic itself, that I didn't pursue enough before. And the internet is where it happens today.
It will be useful no matter how I want to expand in the future - also any brick and mortar business. But it is also about CONNECTING to people - and therefore very much in tune with my life coaching / authoring / teaching passion and skills.
I will use marketing to reach an audience and learn to assess what is real to people and what they are looking for.
So that when I shape my message, it is addressed in a way that gets attention and makes an actual impact - not just a "work of passion" that I fiddle with somewhere, and not really getting a real audience and response to.

*** 8. To explore and master community building.
A lot of learning has great benefit from community support. The internet is a great enabler for this. Providing there is openness and engagement by the members. I want to master this discipline as well.
Many try, and many also fail. E. G. on Facebook, many group pages may attract many members, but still become ghost towns (or self-promotion poster boards). Or some has “involvement” but mainly with people who need help with their own stuff - not otherwise sharing or contributing.
The technology itself does not guarantee success on its own.
Any bigger societal change also depend on local groups and communities. Even if they meet IRL, online communities are a great assistance as well, to keep the cause alive and everyone on the same page.
Creating a learning community and keeping it engaged and interactive involves factors from both coaching and marketing.
Marketing is needed to attract people to the community. Coaching is needed to help people there.
But it is only a true community if there is participation, openness, interaction and a desire for progress and change - without the direct participation by the teacher or moderator constantly. It is seldom enough to just stimulate a community with content. It is useful to find a way to know something about what CHANGE each person is truly looking for / needing, as this is the motivation factor that drives action, time and resources and will maintain attention and engagement.

*** 9. To live life on my terms and be RICH and FREE - without the rat race trap and while doing things I love - that also serves something more than my own personal success.
This sums up what I want to achieve with this pursuit and this “profession”. I see it as an enabler for what I want with prosperity vs. flexible time & location vs. the freedom to do things I love (parts of the work - and freedom for the rest of my life). The marketing part is an interest, a passion, and also an important contributor to anything else I want to do professionally, or to serve the world.

In short, I pursue:
- PROSPERITY - with FLEXIBILITY (not being tied down in it).
- SCALABILITY - up and down.
- SPEED - good ideas can often have an impact fast. And if they don't - at least be tested and measured easily.
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Andrew-74 Premium
Hi, welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. You made a great choice and I'm sure you will get a lot out of the training here. If you need any help, don't be afraid to ask. There are tons of people here that will assist you in any problems that you have.

If you would like to connect with me you can follow me at my profile here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/Andrew-74

Just click the link to visit my profile page. On my profile you will find the website that I have been working on for the past few months, extra training tutorials and tips on getting started effectively with Wealthy Affiliate. If you would like to ask any questions, please don't hesitate. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I wish you the very best of success and look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank you Andrew - I will check it out.
MarionBlack Premium
Hi Lasse,

Thanks for reaching out to me. You can reach me at marion@marionblack.co so we can continue our conversation.
Al-from-WA Premium
Welcome to WA, I think you'll find it incredibly fulfilling as you build your own website business. Enjoy!
Thank you!
Labman Premium
Hi and welcome to WA, Thanks for following me back.
pribs Premium
Hey Lasse! I wanted to start you off with a quick note that could SIGNIFICANTLY impact your success with Wealthy Affiliate. Read this entire message if you are serious about being successful in internet marketing (it's lengthy, but I'm not joking when I say that this advice could make or break your entire internet marketing career):

1) You'll need to work consistently and hard. There's going to be a lot to learn in the beginning and you may feel overwhelmed at a point, but keep pressing forward and you'll make it through. It happened to me and every other successful internet marketer at some point, and the only way to become successful in this industry is to push past that overload whenever you get there.

Do yourself a favor and commit to a number of hours that you can work each week right now. It doesn't have to be massive, but it should be more than 10 between evenings and weekends at least. Just remember the more you work each week, the faster you'll learn and draw closer to success.

After you've picked the number of hours you can work each week, commit to working that much for AT LEAST six months - a year would be better. You won't see results immediately in this industry, and being consistent is the key. Pick a number of hours you can work each week, then work those hours for at least six months. It's something you've probably never done in this industry, and this advice alone will make a HUGE difference in your chances at succeeding with internet marketing as long as you take it seriously and STICK WITH IT.

2) I recommend starting off with this training (which you can access with your free account): It just scratches the surface of the MASSIVE amount of helpful content in WA, but you'll get a good "feel" for the teaching style here and begin to see the power of all of the great things they're teaching here at Wealthy Affiliate.

3) DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE COMMUNITY. Two of the best places you can go to for help when you get stuck are the "Live Chat" and the "Classrooms" sections located on the panel to your left. You'll find direction and inspiration through the community here, which is one of the reasons I recommend WA so highly.

4) Finally, you don't ever have to upgrade to the premium account here at Wealthy Affiliate if you don't want to. You'll have limited access using your free account for as long as you wish. HOWEVER, if you're serious about internet and affiliate marketing then you should invest in the premium membership for AT LEAST one month. You could look back on it years from now and see it as a pivotal moment in your internet marketing career, but you never will if you don't at least give it a try.

Check it out for a few days though - you don't need to upgrade right now. Make sure it's a good fit for you, and if you upgrade within the first 7 days you'll receive your first month's membership at more than 50% off. I keep my membership active and recurring every month so I can be here for the people I refer like you, so realize that I'm putting my money where my mouth is here!

On top of that, if you upgrade to a premium membership at the discounted rate within the first 7 days I have a special bonus EXCLUSIVE to people that join WA through me and upgrade within the first week of creating their free account. This bonus will show you how to be twice as successful with WA or any other legitimate internet marketing program out there and gives you some very valuable video lessons (which I recorded for you personally, of course) to ensure you get off to the right step in your internet marketing business.

I keep a close watch on the list of people that upgrade from starter to premium, so I'll send the bonus your way within 24 hours. If you upgrade and don't receive it within that time frame for some reason, just post on my WA profile and let me know!

I don't offer that bonus so you'll spring for the membership and make me more money, I offer the bonus just in case you needed that tiny "push" to make sure you invest in this training because I know that you will use for the rest of your IM career and it could change your life. I've referred hundreds of people now and I have NEVER had anyone tell me they were dissatisfied.

Best of luck to you! You're about to embark on a journey that could change your life forever, so make sure you take it seriously, put in the time and effort, and expect great things in return!

You know where to find me,
Ian Pribyl

P.S. I know I've thrown A LOT of information your way in this message, but I wanted to give you one last thing. Here is a video tour of the members' area to help ensure you get the most out of your free membership as possible: http://youtu.be/NDmMcMtMB8c

Sorry for sending so much your way at once, I just want to set you up for success as much as I possibly can!