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How to Create a Subdomain on Your Dot Com With Site Domains

Why would you have a subdomain? I'm glad you asked. A subdomain is almost like having an extra domain but without registering a new domain name.

It's completely separate from your original website and can be a totally different niche if your domain name is not niche-specific. For instance, if I used my own name as my registered domain I could then have and

You can call your subdomain any name you like and you don't need to register subdomains (unlike regular top-level domain names).

If you want to use your subdomain for HTML then don't install WordPress. Otherwise, go ahead and install WordPress as shown.

I've left the login details on this video because I've already deleted the subdomain. :-)

Update 21st November 2021

As the WA interface has changed since this video was made I've created a screenshot to help you find the Add Subdomain button. Go to Websites > Site Domains and scroll to the bottom of the list of your domains. If you have more than one domain then use the dropdown button to find the domain you want to use.

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JChrisA Premium
Excellent training as always, Marion! Just 2 quick questions...1. if I create a subdomain on one of my current domain names here at WA, can I simply use the settings drop-down and select "redirect" and send it to another URL on the main domain site? 2. Does this count as a "domain" toward our limit of domains here at WA (btw...what is that limit now?)?

Thanks again for the training and thanks in advance for your answers! :)

MarionBlack Premium
1. I don't know. The only subdomain I have hosted here is not on one of my WA registered domain names. The rest of the domain names I have registered here but hosted elsewhere. You set up subdomains wherever your domain name is hosted. I think you could probably use a redirect plugin instead of the drop-down settings.

2. I believe that you can have up to 25 top level domains and up to 25 Site Rubix subdomains. I don't know if subdomains on your own dot com count towards that total.
ggee Premium
Hello Marion. I have some questions. Is it optimal to create a subdomain for a landing page? I don't have an auto responder as yet. Also...Should I use one of the plug-ins, that I've seen advertised for building landing pages on wordpress-that being the case then, would I not go ahead & install WP?- to build one? Or, how would I access some sort of template to build the page apart from WP? Which would be easier? Another thing I find confusing is that, on my blog, there is a form I have in place above the comment section to gather e-mail addresses. Indeed, I have gotten a few. Does having this form in place eliminate the need to build a landing page in the first place? When I get an auto responder and have the capability to build landing pages within it, how does that work? Would I be able to link to it without having to get another separate domain name? If so, where would the link go actually? To the ar site? A subdomain of my site? This is the sort of technical minutiae I have a tremendous problem grasping. Any opinion, insight, etc., would be greatly appreciated. Please, try to address each question as that will, I believe, finally close the gap in understanding causing me the inability to determine my next step.
MarionBlack Premium
Let's deal with one question at a time Ginger.

Yes, I recommend using a subdomain for your landing page.

If you want to use a plugin to help build the landing page then you'll need to have WordPress installed because plugins only work on WordPress. If you were to have a landing page built by someone using HTML then you would not install WordPress.

The email addresses you have collected may not be for real people. To eliminate the bots you'll need to use double optin where they have to click on a link in an email to verify that they are real people who want to receive information from you. People who leave comments may not want to receive emails.

The rest of your question would be best asked one at a time using the search box at the top of the page.

Take a deep breath and break up your text using paragraphs. A big block of text is intimidating (to me anyway).
ggee Premium
Thank you, Marion. You have cleared up most of the confusion I had. Including something I didn't think to ask regarding the bots. I had wondered where those people came from.

Pardon the lack of paragraphs. That was an issue in high school English class for me as well :)

I very much appreciate you taking time to help me. Take care and much success!!!
wanetah3 Premium
Hi Marion. Thank you for that video. I'm considering getting a subdomain because my domain name is queen ninja and my niche for affilliate bootcamp is "helping actors quit their bar/waiting jobs and become WA's". I would like to use queen ninja for other niches down the line (after I learn WA). I was thinking of purchasing a new domain called actorsgetpaid dot com I have asked a lot of different mentors and have received very different feedback. A lot of people like queenninja dot com for branding purposes. So, do you think I should get a subdomain called actorsgetpaid.queenninja dot com?

Is this a perfect situation to get a subdomain or should I just purchse actorsgetpaid dot com?
MarionBlack Premium
QueenNinja dot com can be a great way to brand yourself so the decision is entirely up to you. actorsgetpaid dot com is available so you can buy it cheaply now (or not).
BrigitteB Premium Plus
Hi Marion
Thanks for the great training.

Just to let you know that things seem to have changed since you made the video.

I've just created 2 subdomains
when you get to 2:00 in the video we no longer seem to have the install website button & nowhere to login to new site (picture attached)

I had to click on the Build a New Website at that point. So the result was I had a wordpress install, which is what I wanted.
MarionBlack Premium
Thanks for that. It looks like I'll have to update the video (sigh).
TheMulcahys Premium

I feel like a miner who has just struck gold! Thank you!

Just yesterday, I was wondering whether I would need to purchase a new domain for every niche I wanted to work in, and I didn't really want to .

My main domain is about my online journey of discovery, and I like the idea of everything linking back, so this training has just lit me up totally with all the new possibilities.

I'm off to create some subdomains now.
MarionBlack Premium
That's great!