Yes! You can score on page 1 of Google with Siterubix

Last Update: Aug 6, 2017


Today I wrote a post about the bankruptcy of Empower Network, and I checked my keywords for it in an incognito window. The post is on my free Siterubix website.

Some wonder if you can score page #1 on Google with a Siterubix domain. I can show you, yes you can!

I hope this will build your trust in the free Siterubix opportunity!"

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Well done Loes and you definitely can, xx

Thanks Cheryl ☼

That is fabulous!

Thank you for sharing!


My pleasure Susan:)

how cool is that

That's right:) Very cool!

I seen a site on page one yesterday after typing in a few keywords. And it was a .siterubix domain so I know it can work

I see that question here come by once in a while, very nice a siterubix domain can score too :)

Hi Loes,

I used to see questions about this, and it's awesome that you can actually prove it with your own!

I ♥ love ♥ the result too Patsy:)

I would be so proud :D
Love your little 'hearts'. Mark left me one recently on my first referral post and said you showed him how to do it.

Have a great day Loes :)

♫ You can use them too, here is how ☺

Thank you!

Fabulous result one the first go, Loes!
Did you have to use Fetch?

Yes, I use Google fetch always!

That's great Loes. You wrote it today and it was featured today in Google page 1? That must have been a very quick ranking.

Yes, but this is a very hot keyword.
With all the keywords I used for this post, I am on no 1, when I add the keywords Empower Network Bankrupt David Wood, I am on page 3

Well that sounds good. Can you shed some more light on that trick Loes if you don't mind?

Here is how you open an incognito window When you check your keywords in an incognito window, Google doesn't use information on your computer in cache.
So, this makes it a fair search

Thank you Loes now I get the point.

Hi Loes. Good validation that we have a great platform to use.

We sure have:)

Fabulous, Loes! Good to know. :)

My pleasure sharing Lauren:)

Good to know Loes, thanks...
I started a free site a few weeks back so this gives me alot more confidence with it.

It's all about the consistency of posting and the keywords you use, not about the domain name

Yes, i am getting better at scheduling posts so it is spread out over a month rather than posting all on one day..

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