If I Upgrade With $19, Could I Make Money To Pay For Next Month?

Last Update: February 11, 2019

As much as you want to hear YES you will make hundreds or thousands of dollars in your first month, you're not going to hear such claims at Wealthy Affiliate.

In fact, it's quite the opposite here at Wealthy Affiliate.

You really need to understand what you're signing up for so I want to take this post to explain the online business you're about to learn how to build, what you should expect, and what the reality of making money is in this path you'll be using here.

This is going to be a very honest look at what you're going to get when you upgrade to Premium.

So here we go...

Why You Are NOT Going To Make Money Any Time Soon

I'm going to jump right in here and tell you how this online business works.

The approach that you are taught in the training here at Wealthy Affiliate takes a long term strategy where you will be buiding a website to generate free traffic from and then making money with all that free traffic through affiliate marketing.

Because you are trying to rank your website on search engines to get this massive free traffic, the process of getting your website ranked takes time and depends on many factors which you'll learn in the training.

This fact alone means that search engines won't even take a look at you til your site is at least 3 months old for ranking purposes (not indexing).

So, this one fact alone will tell you that no, you will not make much money in your first few months, let alone first month.

Other Factors That Adds To You Not Making Money In Your First Month:

  • You're learning brand new online skills, there will be a learning curve.
  • You could be very busy already and may not even have time to dedicate to this.
  • This business is a lot more involved than what people first expect, not sure to continue or what to do, feeling overwhelm.

What you experience as a brand new person here is very common to what most people go through as well when they first arrive.

But, you will soon learn that what you learn here is very powerful and if you can really understand what is taught, you can be earning online for a very long time to come.

Why Go Premium?

You need to understand what you're actually paying for here.

You're not here to buy a "system" where you can just "plugin" and start making money.

Instead, you're buying a membership to access a platform that offers you the following services:

  • Organized courses to learn how to build your very own online business
  • Web hosting for the websites you'll build here
  • SSL Certificate & Private Domain Registration included
  • Unlimited domain emails
  • Host multiple sites
  • Keyword research tool
  • Weekly Live Webinars
  • Live Chat for instant help
  • Community Support like no other
  • 1,000s of Tutorials & additional trainings by members
  • etc, etc, etc...

So when you're paying for Premium, you're paying to learn to be a business owner and Wealthy Affiliate is going to teach you how to build your online business here.

You're going to be taught how to pick your niche/topic, you're going to be taught how to lay down the foundation, then how you'll be helping your audience to obtain trust, and ultimately, how to use affiliate marketing to make money on your site.

There's No Selling In Affiliate Marketing

The way you're taught you're not actually doing much selling because you're going to be showing your readers very helping things about a topic you really love and passionate about.

The more helpful content you can provide others, the more likely they will want to click on your affiliate links, the more sales you'll generate, and more commissions you'll make.

When you can create trust between you and your reader, they will then be more incline to check out your recommendation.

Most of the work in affiliate marketing is sending traffic to the offer, but the hardest part is to convert them into sales for the company you're promoting.

Therefore, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to offer value to your niche so you can educate your readers before they go to your offer so that by the time they go to the offer, they are ready to buy!

Does The Training Work? Premium Worth It?

Yes and Yes.

That's the straight, simple answer.

As I write this, I make a 4 digit online income, it's a monthly consistent passive income I've been making since March 2018, my highest month so far is still in Nov/18 where I made almost $8K.

You can see my 2018 results here.

It took me a year and a half to start making 4 digits and my first year was earning next to nothing but still covered my Yearly membership cost here.

You will hear this a lot as well from a lot of experienced members and this is the very reason a lot of people won't make it.

Your first 12 months will be the hardest because you'll be putting a lot of work into your business with very minimal results.

So, you will be able to earn something in your first 12 months, it could come early, it could come later, but the income in your first year is not going to be consistent and could be sporadic.

Your income won't be consistent until your business starts to rank better in the search engines and getting consistent daily visitors coming to your website.

Most niche websites will flourish after 12 - 18 months if you continue to build every week for all that time and get to a point where your online business has a breakthrough, then you'll be making those 4 digits!

That breakthrough is the snowball effect that your site can catch when search engines finally give you #1 - #3 rankings and then loads of traffic will come to your site, that's when you will start making 4 digits.

It could happen as early as 12 months and it can happen even later at 24 months or later, it all depends on how you've been building your online business.

So, success depends on YOU, and only YOU.

So, Does the Training Work?

Yes, only for those who are willing to put in the hard work it takes to build this kind of business. The training will not work on its own.

You'll need to put in consistent effort week after week for this training to work.

Is Premium Worth It?

Yes, to anyone who's willing to learn new online skills to better their lives.

In 2018, I made $40K with the website Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to make. Yes, Premium's totally worth it for me.

It's worth it for me just to have all this access we have on this platform, never mind being able to make money from this place! :)

Will it be worth it for you?

I hope so.

Premium Payment Options

There are three payment options:

  1. Monthly $19 first month, $49/month thereafter
  2. 6 months @ $234 ($39/month paid all at once, every six months)
  3. Yearly @ $359 ($29.92/month paid all at once, every year)

Go Premium here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/upgrade

If you can do it, it's better to take the longer term options since you save more money that way.

One strategy people use is take the $19 offer, then upgrade to 6 month or yearly so you have the cheapest plan that way.

You can change your plan from monthly to the other plans anytime and your rate will be pro-rated if there are any days left in your previous plan.

Your payment methods: PayPal, Credit Cards, or WA Credits.

You can cancel anytime under your Account Settings, but you must manage this yourself, no one else's responsibility.

Special Premium Access

Remember that once you're Premium, you're also going to get my FREE Coaching Services as I'll be YOUR Premium Coach (if you're one of my referrals, that is).

How you can check is, go to your Help Center on left menu, you will see my profile pic next to Kyle & Carson as your Premium Coaches if you had signed up to Wealthy Affiliate through my affiliate link.

If I'm your Premium Coach, you have a special opportunity to learn from a Super Affiliate as well as an Ambassador, I'm both of these things, and I can offer you insight about your online business others can't.

So, I always encourage my referrals to use my help!! :)

Should You Upgrade To Premium?

I can tell you this much, there is no other internet marketing system or program out there that has a community like Wealthy Affiliate's where you have 5 figure, 6 figure, and even 7 figure earners here at your fingertips in this very community you can ask questions to.

What you learn here is very powerful in the sense that you wil be learning how to generate free traffic from your very own online asset. Yes your website is an online asset, you better believe it.

My online asset generated almost 370K visitors last year without me paying for any of it! I didn't pay for a dime of ads or any type of promo to get those visitors on my site.

ALL FOR FREE, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

How you earn long term on the internet is by building an online asset that can generate you traffic 24/7 and making you money whether you're working, sleeping, playing, or eating.

But, it will take you some time to build such an online asset so it depends on what you're looking for.

If you have the time and dedication to use this proven path to build yourself an online asset like I have, then YES, I say go for it and upgrade to Premium!

Otherwise, stay as Starter and use your Starter features for as long as you wish.

Please let me know if you have any other questions concerning upgrading to Premium here at Wealthy Affiliate. :)


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LesBlythe Premium
Excellent post Grace, and you're spot on about understanding what I like to refer to as "delayed gratification". Not my term but a good one nonetheless :)

With that said, I've worked out the logistics of paying for your membership at WA using WA site comments, and I wrote an eBook explaining the process and the numbers.

I'll happily let anyone who wants a copy have one, but I'm unsure of the best way to go about this as I don't want to be seen to be promoting my work. (I just read through the WA rules).

That said, there are only 2 links in my eBook and they both point back to WA. There's no cost involved.

Perhaps someone could advise me because I'd like to help.
Barney44 Premium
Would be very interested in your ebook

LesBlythe Premium
Please PM me, thanks.
littlemama Premium
It's best you just create a new training on WA so you can send that kind of link to anyone.

I would have included in this post for example if it was a WA training. In fact, that's exactly what I'll do if you can make a training here about "how to earn your way to Premium on WA" that would be an excellent source to new members here and I will add this to the post above.

You will be credited for this training and earn more credits as I continue to push people to this post.

Please let me know if you'll create a training here and follow up with me when it's done in PM. :)

Thanks very much Les!
LesBlythe Premium
Thanks Grace, I'll look at doing some training and get back to you.

- Les
littlemama Premium
That's would be awesome, Les, thanks. :)
ElizabethCu1 Premium
Thanks...yes I agree it is a question that needs to be answered EARLY when you join WA so you know what you are signing up to. I recently did a blog on my rating WA after completing my WA course and i think this would be my chief reason for awrding an 8 to Wealthy Affiliateevn though the content and training and community is so wonderful.


But I think your blog hits the nail on the head when it comes to managing expectations. If I sign up to something and the average expectatin is 10 months of constant blogging to make around say $2000 a month (not an actual amount...just pulled from the air!) ...then I make an informed decision and stay longer to see it through...or don't join.

I do understand that each person is different and some are faster, some slower in earning but having NO GAUGE AT ALL makes Wealthy Affiliate seem scammy...which it isn't!

Often people join expecting to earn something in a month or less, it should be clear that it isn't the norm and thus this post is spot on!
littlemama Premium
This is exactly why I wrote this post, I'll be sending this to all my new referrals. :)
nudge1969 Premium
It’s taken me a long time to realise this myself Grace. I’m 6 months in and hope to be making decent money at the end of the year. Would like to think that posting every 2 days will get me to Vegas, but it may be the following year. Currently at 84 posts. Time to knuckle down 👍
littlemama Premium
Hi Nigel, 2 posts a week is not going to get you to Vegas I'm afraid. Have you done Affiliate Bootcamp? If so, have you done my Vegas training? You will see how much I was writing to get the results I got.

It's a very competitive niche, so you'll need to post more than that to get any traction in the search engines.
nudge1969 Premium
Posting every 2 days Grace, not 2 posts a week. 3.5 posts per week. I should have well over 200 posts by October. Yes I’ve done Bootcamp and your training. I know you suggest 400 posts, which is why I may have to wait until the following year for Vegas.
Using all my spare time to write, including on the train to and from work. I’ll just have to see how it goes.
littlemama Premium
That's awesome Nigel! You're on the right right track then. Have you seen the change in traffic since you've been consistent with writing and doing product reviews then?
nudge1969 Premium
Not yet Grace. Would like to think it’s coming soon, maybe once I’m over 100 posts.
littlemama Premium
Okay, yeah, keep it going, you have a ways to go still. :)
phil1944 Premium
Hey, Grace, when I first saw this, I thought it was a question from a newbie, and I was going to answer "Probably not. It's a business you're creating and like any business, it takes time."

But then I see you've covered all the issues so much better than I could anyway.

Love your stuff, Grace. See you in Vegas later this year, even though it's a long haul from Oz!
littlemama Premium
Aww, thanks Phil! You're very kind with your words. :)

Thank you and yes see you in Vegas!!
Vasiliy Premium
Very nicely explained Grace. I have come across this several times
littlemama Premium
Thanks very much Vasiliy! :) Great to hear.