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Last Update: February 04, 2015

Guys and gals

I just wanted to drop a little note on WA to share an article I found yesterday when searching Google for must-have plugins (beware, it's long - took me two days to go through them all!):

Now, I did not ever intend to go crazy installing a heap of plugins, but I wanted to know if there was anything out there that would make my life easier and/or my website better. And there was. Here's what I installed:

Broken Link Checker - I hate clicking a link and getting an error and this plugin will prevent that.

Feature a Page Widget - I plan to rotate a featured article each week in my sidebar and see if I can drive some traffic to older posts/pages. - now this one is interesting! You can monetize your social icons! Each share your visitor clicks on generates a small 300x250 ad which pops up next to the icon. It's not a pop-up in the traditional sense, but a small window. Go check it out!!

Publish to Schedule - really handy for when I go on holiday at the end of Feb!

Wordpress Popular Posts - displays a widget showing the most popular posts. You can choose from number of comments, number of visits, or average daily visit.

I have a few more book marked for future use, as and when the site needs them.

So, I am now seeing that the possibilities are endless with WP and if you can ask the question, then you can probably find a plugin that answers it.

Hope this helps those of you starting out like I am!


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networkphili Premium
thank you Claire for the post and your work
olivingstone Premium
Great stuff Claire, thanks for sharing. Olive
ChrisBL Premium
Wow this is really helpful, although i thought that the sites are limited to a number of plugins, or something like that, maybe just siterubix..
Brilliant thanks LittleClaire.
LittleClaire Premium
Hi Chris
I'm sorry, I wasn't aware of any restrictions within siterubix, but I just did a Google search for "siterubix limited plugins" and was lead to Nathaniell's site, He says that the free version, prior to upgrading to Premium, has some limitations to prevent server overload or malware.
Glad you found the post useful, though!
JAZZmom41 Premium
Thank-you Claire.
jvranjes Premium
Useful stuff Claire, thank you.