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Deep linking to wa website pages prior to logging in?

Deep linking to wa website pages prior to logging in?

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WA Affiliate Program

hello. are we allowed to create an affiliate link manually (deep link) here to any Wealthy Affiliate page besides the home page, like the 'community' page for example will the


You can also go to https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/share/links and use the create link there. Then select tracking link: and it will create a link like the one below:


TheTrackingID can be whatever you like.

Awesome thank you sir! Great idea.

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Who is using elementor plugin currently?

Who is using elementor plugin currently?

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Website Development & Programming

I heard that page builders take up a lot of space and slow down the site...and might conflict with WA hosting?

Will this be a problem if I use Elementor for only 5-6 pag

Best thing that's happened to WordPress since it started I think!

Used it as a home page very good.

I used it, no problem

I have experimented the plugin and I can say Elementor is one the most intuitive page builder around. However, I also have the concern if the plugin would add weight to your page load.

Yeah I've been reading around that it does. It might be only good for a homepage or landing page.

I used it for my home page and some of my posts

I have been fiddling around with it for a little while, and built a landing page with it.

I found that the Elementor interface itself (It goes to a separate menu than WordPress) is very RAM hungry and sometimes the whole process slows down to a crawl. But once it is done, the page loads at a regular speed.

My next experiment is to use it on a testing website I have to see if the configure menu speed improves. I will chime again in when I have done some more work with it. :)

:) Cool thanks, please do. I saw this on the Elementor site...some good, performance-oriented themes.

All of these options are great, especially if you’re using a page builder like Elementor:

Hello Theme – The team behind Elementor created this lightweight theme to pair with Elementor Pro (for Pro users only).

GeneratePress – A popular lightweight theme from Tom Usborne.

Genesis – A theme framework rather than a single theme. Popular with developers.

Astra – Another lightweight, customizable theme with lots of integrations for plugins like WooCommerce and LifterLMS.

OceanWP – Lightweight, customizable, and offers lots of helpful free and premium extensions.

I am actually using the pro version of GeneratePress and it works great with Elementor. I have used Elementor to take the header, footer and sidebar on some specific pages.

I will get back to you on my other testing site! :)

Elementor will add 'overhead' to the site regardless of how many pages you build with it. I'm not currently using it, but it is so 'hot' right now I'm going to add it to my test bed site so I have more experience with it.

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Stop getting emails from jaaxy?

Stop getting emails from jaaxy?

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Getting Started

Is there a way to stop getting the emails from Jaaxy every time we get a new trial referral... I have the email setting turned off within WA but couldn't find this for Jaaxy?</

When you receive the e-mail, I believe there is a link toward the bottom to 'unsubscribe'. Just click the link and you be unsubscribe to their notification.


Good suggestion but I just checked and there is no unsubscribe link in the email.

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I can't access jaaxy dashboard?

I can't access jaaxy dashboard?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

I am connected to Lite version but I cannot access the full site just the sidebar on WA site.

Also, do we need to be a Pro member in order to promote Jaaxy as an affilia

I can't help with accessing your Jaaxy account but the answer to your second question is NO. You can promote Jaaxy as a free or Lite member.

Thnk you Marion, waiting for a response from Kyle on the first one.

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