Pleasant Surprise Today.Top 200 Badge Earned, Finally!

Last Update: July 10, 2018

I feel fantastic but the challenge is actually keeping it with so many other helpful and experienced members here. Really, I just feel honored to be among this group of folks genuinely here to share what is working and give back. WA was and still is instrumental in my online successes. Not only all the training and services, but mostly the community is what keeps me here and after a solid 5 years it's still super fulfilling.

I just wanted to share to give everyone an idea what a little time and perseverance can accomplish. Paitence literally pays. Helping peers achieve their dreams while achieving your own is amazing. Let 's see what we can accomplish in another year or so. The excitement just grows. All I can say is believe and you will achieve, as corny as it sounds; that is all I did and it worked. So trust in WA and just grind out the daily tasks, be consistent and it will happen for you too. Just know that eventually, some sooner than others, your efforts will pay off in ways you may not have ever imagined.

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Mastaj Premium
thank you for those word of hope.
PMbaluka Premium
firstlearn Premium

Heidi9 Premium
Congratulations! You deserve it! You have been a huge help to me and I appreciate it!
Lev Premium
Thank you so much! It's my pleasure Heidi, how is everything going with your site?
Nice to be in here. Looking forward to meeting new people..