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Black Friday at Wealthy Affiliate 2022

Hey hey everyone!

I just took Wealthy Affiliate's Black Friday deal for the 6th time.

It's the one Black Friday deal my online business cannot do without.

Twists and Turns of an Online Business

My online business has taken many twists and turns since I first joined Wealthy Affiliate.

There have been ups and downs, triumphs and disappointments, and many lessons learned along the way.

Through the awesome training here, I've learned invaluable skills.

I created 4 niche websites and helped my Mom to set up hers.

I would say that my single biggest mistake in building an online business has been spreading myself too thin.

I built too many websites and too many social media platforms.

I am pretty sure I would have been way more successful if I had taken Kyle's advice and started out with ONE niche website and only added others once that website was generating income.

I could have been more coachable. Instead, I opted for a lot of trial and error, a lot of throwing proverbial spaghetti on the wall and seeing what stuck, rather than just sticking to the training and following it to the letter.

But hey, I like to forge my own path in life and business, and no learning is ever lost.

I thought for the longest time that affiliate marketing would be my focus. Turns out, it isn't.

My focus initially was on website creation.

Then on content creation - both writing the content and creating the images for my posts and social media posts.

Then it became about publishing paid content and sponsored posts.

Solopreneur to Entrepreneur

I hired an awesome Content Writer (Elize Swanepoel) to write the sponsored posts.

And focused on interviews with a view to creating online summits. (That plan remains on the back burner for now).

That led me to create video content and build my YouTube channels.

Which led me to create podcasts.

Which led me to create online courses.

At this stage, I handed over the publishing of posts and creating of images to my Content Writer as well, and it went so well that Elize is now a Partner in my online business.


Personal Rebrand

I worked with an incredible Personal Branding Consultant, who helped me rediscover my deeper yearnings, hopes and dreams, uncovering my mission, vision and values, and went through a process of rebranding myself online.

And then, I took everything I knew about building an online business and figured out how to combine it with my passion to touch, inspire, heal and transform and became a Transformation Coach.

My online journey has not been linear

It's been all over the show. And I'm okay with that.

Because I've enjoyed every stage of the process.

I've been passionate about every stage of the process.

It's unfolded beautifully.

And Wealthy Affiliate has been the backbone of all of it.

I come back here any time I need any website training.

I still use Site Content and Jaaxy, if not every day, at least every week and they are indispensable in my online business.

Lessons I've Learned Along the Way

I realised the value of building an online community around my passions.

I realised that people are my business. As they always have been.

It's one of the first lessons Kyle teaches but it took me a while to fully understand how important my online audience is to me.

And that they are real people, not just stats in Google Analytics.

I have learned the importance of defining my audience clearly so I can serve them better.

I've learned that nurturing these people by finding out what kind of content they enjoy, how they like to consume that content (written, audio or video, longform or or short form) and where (which platform) they like to consume that content... matters.

I've learned that the real metrics that matter are not how many visitors or subscribers or followers you have but how many lives you touch with your unique message.

Here's to YOUR success at Wealthy Affiliate.

Would love to hear what you've been up to since you joined Wealthy Affiliate.

What have you learned?

What have you gained?

Did you take the Black Friday deal and why?

All the best

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Recent Comments


Sounds like you are doing brilliantly to me Lauren!

Keep up the fantastic work my friend!

Thanks so much, Jessie. Appreciate your enthusiastic response and encouragement.

I appreciate you sharing your story.
Thank you, and have a great weekend.

My pleasure Muslimah. Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

You are doing GREAT, Lauren! Best continued success to you here!


Thanks so much, Jeff. As are you!
All the best to you too.

You're welcome, Lauren. Thanks for the kind words, and Keep succeeding!


Lauren, thank you for sharing your story. I appreciate what you've done. You truly did invest in building your brand and found a partner. That is awesome.

What I learned here on this platform on how to do technical things I have never done before. I needed to invest more in my online business. I lacked the know-how with YouTube and how to get that set up. I made it a goal to save up for one year to purchase the Premium Plus BF deal plan. I grabbed the offer.

The Premium Plus plan gives me more video access to training, especially YouTube, on how to do that. I watched a few of those videos over the weekend and took notes.

You have been here much longer than me. It's impressive what you've accomplished. If you can do this, then I can learn from you. You talked about outsourcing. I find that I am not able to invest in that just yet once I am scaled up then I will consider it.

Best wishes to you with for continuing to touch your visitors and help them.

Hi Brenda, wonderful to hear you're enjoying the YouTube training in Premium Plus. I invested in Premium Plus for a number of months and especially enjoyed the YouTube training by Benji's Dad (Chris Myles).

I planned to go Yearly on Premium Plus last year and then decided to invest money and time into Coaching courses instead as that's where my heart was leading me.

I agree, only outsource when your business can afford it. One step at a time.

Wishing you all the best as you scale your business and build your YouTube channel.

Hey Lauren, thanks for your story which has given me a little more insight.

I do need to find a contributor to help me with my websites as I am still looking to see if doing an online store is profitable, or getting affiliate traffic. Brian

Hi Brian, aah interesting. Anything can be profitable online if its where you put your focus. Why do you want an online store? Do you already have a product line to market?

I had an online store at one stage on one of my sites. I looked into dropshipping and built a couple of RedBubble stores (print on demand) as well.

I haven't had huge success with e-commerce but it's because it hasn't been a strong focus of mine.

I think the trick is to build the audience first, build your niche and authority online and then you can add anything you like and be successful.

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