Website Traffic is Like a Mountain, Stream and River

Last Update: August 26, 2019

Today I was thinking of a good analogy between the idea of “traffic” and a real life scenario, in this case nature. To me, traffic is one of those things that appears finite to the outsider getting rolling, but as you gain experience in the online business world you truly realize how much abundance there is in terms of traffic.

To put this into perspective for you, I want to use the analogy of traffic equating to a Mountain, Stream and River. This is how I am going to divide up the different sources of traffic.

Traffic starts with a mountain. Snow melts when spring time hits and water trickles down the mountain, just like traffic truly starts as a trickle with your business.

There is this desire to get “traffic fast” and I can absolutely appreciate these wants, but the reality of it is that as you build out the initial framework of your website and start to get indexed and ranked in search engines, you can expect a mere trickle.

This trickle should be exciting though as the trickles are going to multiple with time and with content and truly start to connect with one another, forming something much more substantial.

The Trickle of Traffic Meets Up to Become a Stream

You have probably heard the term “stream of traffic”, this is what I am speaking about here. As you produce keyword rich content and you do so consistently, this is going to equate to many trickles making up a much more consistent stream of traffic.

The trickle from some posts on your site might be 1 click per year. Get over it.

The trickle from other posts on your site could be 100 clicks per month, or even a day. That is the reality.

Through time, these trickles create a lot of consistency in your business and before long you are going to have a regular 100 unique visitors per day, 300 unique visitors per day, 500 uniques per day...all as they start to meet up and build momentum in your business.

Then Something Incredible Happens, A River of Traffic

These streams meet up with each other, creating small rivers. Your streams of traffic, those that are getting 100’s of clicks per day start to compound. As you continue to put forth the effort, scale your content, and gain more and more authority in search, your traffic will continue to yield much greater flow.

1,000 clicks per day becomes a reality. 2,000 becomes a reality. And through time, this can continue to scale as you reinvest your earnings and your energy back into your content and scaling your efforts.

And ultimately these rivers will start to meet up and create much bigger rivers. This is how million dollar businesses are derived out of what was once a “trickle”. It is a very organic growth process and it will derive out of your hard work and approach the business as though one day you will have a river of traffic….because that is an absolutely reality.

Natural Website Traffic & 5 Things You Need to Know.

Being involved in first the Pay Per Click World and then the SEO World (combined for the last 15 years), I have had a lot of experience with traffic and I can appreciate the importance of it. You want a business, you need traffic. You want to GROW your business, you need more traffic.

A few things I have learned over the years about website traffic and in particular on the SEO side of things, are the following:

(1) Not every keyword you target will rank. That is a reality that all successful SEO have to deal with. Although you sometimes think you have put together the perfect page/post, Google can think otherwise.

(2) It is easier to write 5 new topical articles than it is to try to make ONE perfect. Not only this, when you have a wider distribution of content out there (more traffic tentacles), you are going to get indexed under many more keywords and subsequently get more traffic.

(3) Your website rankings will move as a large mass. Just like an iceberg or a continental shift, you are going to see your entire mass of pages/posts shift either up or down based on your authority in search engines. Google will reward you if you are active, creating quality content, and engaging regularly within your content.

(4) The first few months are the framework months. Before you can have a steady stream or river of traffic, you first need to experience the trickle.

(5) Keywords are unlimited. I have never found a niche where I have run out of keywords, rather I have run out of time or enough resources to tackle all the opportunity within a given niche. This will always be the case.


So there you have it, my story about the mountain, the trickle, the stream and the subsequent flow into the river. Perhaps an unusual analogy, but one that I feel depicts the process of building a very successful and lucrative business.

If you can understand and appreciate the idea of generating website traffic and the direct correlation to your website's overall success, you are going to be able to create a long term and fruitful business within ANY niche.

There is an abundance of traffic out there, but it all starts with the initial trickle.

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Jimparaya Premium
Thank you Kyle for your opinion. This is a very valuable for me on recognising the trickle. You know sometimes I feel very hard as a beginner to limit ourself abondon in a circle. I keep trying since I like to learn with a reason to know why is this and why is that. By jumping on trickle I found that free on trying and implement freely to get the answer on caused and effect with a little loose of discipline. Thanks by trying out there on getting multiple streams I could understand better the purpose of SEO and other things. Anyway I really appreciate what I'm getting the topics and hints given by you and WA. I learn a lot by doing practicals outside. Thank you again.
Jim-Bo Premium
I likey analogies....

Your analogy is cool. I've noticed this for myself.

Each post you publish makes your website a little bit stronger. As it gathers strength you see more traffic that you didn't expect to come for things like tags (I noticed in my analytics) even when you're not ranked page 1 for the title of the post and the keywords you'd hoped for. EG. Ranked on page 15 of google but ranked on page 1 for the tag...

Linking internally also seems to help to "strengthen" a website. I try to find 3 posts to link to within each new post. I also like to go in to those 3 posts and make a link to the new published post.

so when I publish a new post I'm creating 4 new links, 3 going out to 3 older posts. One going in to the new post. I am 100% sure this helps to strengthen a site in terms of SEO. I think it also helps to keep people on your site for longer.

Making sure each link is relevant to the post, is clear as a call to action so that visitors can actually see it (I make mine red in colour) you can actually reduce bounce rate...


I use a mountain and snowballs as an analogy, similar.

When we first set out to climb a mountain we practice on a small mountain. What we have to do is roll a snowball up in our hands nice and tight. Then we set it off rolling down the mountain by itself (the blog is published)

As it rolls slowly down the mountain, it gathers more snow and gets a little bigger and a little faster...

While that snowball is rolling, you get on with another snowball, you make it a little better than the first. You set it off rolling and don't stop to analyse how it's going because that would slow you down on your your path to success in regards to time. You get on with another snowball.

eventually you end up with lots of snowballs rolling down the mountain simultaneously, some of them good ones that were made well and so are growing in strength as they get bigger.

Some of them will break open, they hit a rock or something and split, never mind, there's others you've pushed down the mountain.

In time, just about every snowball you push off the mountain will be good ones because you've had plenty of practice.

Sometimes, though, even the ones you thought were the best ones you've ever made, they'll smash into a rock and break. It's something you can't avoid, even the best cars in the world can crash.

And other times? Well, sometimes you make a snowball that you think is not good once you've pushed it off the mountain, but despite your expectations, it turns out to be the best snowball ever created in the history of humanity. (lol)


How's my little twist on your analogy?
dominic16 Premium
It's awesome Jim-Bo, loved it. The funny thing though is that this snowball or stream or river analogy runs in a long span of time, such as months or years. You can imagine running the actual analogy but slowing the clock a thousand times, and that's what website traffic is all about.

The real deal is the TIME factor being the number one killer of countless dreams in the online world. The truly successful understand that it takes time to succeed with an online business. The best way you can really appreciate this concept is by increasing the intensity of your efforts with time.

After all, if you've only written 40 posts in 6 months, wouldn't it make more sense to pump it up to 120 in the next 6 months, or 300, or 1000? As a result, Google will really reward you, depending on the number of snowballs you are willing to throw down the mountain :)
caterinamac Premium
I like this post ,what I still have to figure out though is how to do all this linking to your own posts within your own site.
I will follow it up in the queries area but if you can take the time to give me the info I would be rapt.
Thanks for your post. Cheers Cate
Jim-Bo Premium
That's in the training, Cate.

As for where in the training I'm not sure. You shouldn't skip ahead in the training anyway, so if you haven't seen that part yet, don't worry until you reach that stage...
Jim-Bo Premium
indeed! As you get better making snowballs you inevitably get quicker as time passes.

I think a good idea for newbies is to first shoot for 100 posts. Then 500 then 1000. Zen!
VeronicasLuv Premium
Cool indeed!!!
dominic16 Premium
I will follow that Jim-Bo, right now I'm speeding up :)
Jim-Bo Premium
me too, Dom!
Kyle Premium
I use the snowball and have used it extensively in the past, along with the "slow roller" strategy. I love your overall strategy and your analogy here Jim-bo!

People tend to want instant gratification when it comes to business, results and traffic. In fact they treat it differently than any other job or career which is something that I always find a bit bizarre.

The reality is that traffic will come in floods when you first can appreciate that starting out it will come in a trickle. :)
MKearns Premium
This is a great analogy Kyle. Very well presented. It got me to thinking that a lot of people want things to magically increase traffic.
I immediately thought they want a flash flood analogy where everything runs off hardpan flats for miles around to get deluged with traffic.
I did some searching and sure enough the idea is out there in the literature.
Here's to great success in the traffic realm!
VeronicasLuv Premium
Wise words from Papa Waddie!!!
AngieVS Premium
Thank you Kyle for this blog. I really needed this. Your analogy really helped me to understand the way traffic works. I am still in the trickle stage. Still building it one step at a time.

Is there a possibility that you get a huge following and it generates no income?
KatieMac Premium
with traffic you can never tell much will depend if it is visitors that are genuinely interested in your content or what you have to offer
What happens when the river of traffic reaches the ocean? It is no longer as a river but it is still dynamic, doing what it does, and continues on in oceanic currents. These currents are a vital constitute to the weather patterns of the earth, hence the ultimate blood of life. It renews and cycles. It is a complete circuit and a perpetual motion.

When you have reached this point, you have reached authority and thus an empire within your chosen industry.

Example: Wealthy Affiliate University has taken the entire Affiliate Marketing/Internet Marketing training industry as the leading authority. It is the ocean of this industry and all lesser bodies within the industry are subject unto it. The ocean is the source of power behind it all. It is the powerhouse of the industry.

Without the ocean there is chaos and disorder. Life cannot exist. Remember the Internet without Wealthy Affiliate. Was it not a chaotic mess when it came to this business of Internet Marketing? Was this not the thing that caused the Dot Com Crash?

Where are the guarded secrets of the early Internet marketing training industry? They never existed! In the days when the seas were stormy and uncharted, the mythical sea serpents created by greedy fake gurus that once reigned, preyed upon many, inflicting terror upon the minds of early explorers and robbing them blind.

Kyle & Carson have calmed the waters of trackless seas, completely dispelling these myths into what we now know as hard work and dedication using the most basic elements that create successful Internet marketing-based businesses. Though many pockets and eddies still exist, there is now safe passage and a great safe harbour in which to moor.

To complete the cycle, we must not forget evaporation and condensation, which once again starts the process all over again. We learn from the ocean through its authority and this condenses into the action it takes to eventually form new rivers of traffic, starting in the mountains as a perpetual source of ideas about which to write.