Some Much Need Perspective on WA Hosting (and Comparisons)

Last Update: December 22, 2017

Hosting is cheap...RIGHT?

Well, yeah, there is definitely some CHEAP hosting plans out there. You see $3.96 hosting, $5 hosting, even $10 hosting. These are low quality hosting services offered by the likes of GoDaddy, HostGator or and yes, they are cheap...but you get what you pay for.

And these hosts are stuffing you on a server with 1,000's of other domains, domains which are slowing your site down because they are not monitored and domains that leave huge security holes that leave you vulnerable to hacks, attacks, and data integrity issues.

These are platforms that ARE NOT specific to Wordpress nor are they a good idea to host your Wordpress website on.

We have never done "cheap" here at Wealthy Affiliate, and what you are getting here with your Premium membership is sheer quality.

Our Hosting is State of the Art, High Quality, and is Setting Industry Standards.

We have never compromised quality for volume. We could offer a low quality service like shared hosts are offering, but we simply are not in the business of offering anything but what we KNOW to be the utmost quality.

To compare a $60-$100 per year hosting plan at HostGator or GoDaddy to that offered here at WA, is like comparing apples to oranges, or budget, low quality and highly insecure high quality, high performance, fully supported and maintained, and highly secure hosting (that you get here at WA).

There are companies that are offering a similar host quality that we are offering here to Premium members of Wealthy Affiliate and I think you are going to be surprised as to how much a service like this really costs.

Some "Comparable" Hosting Plans in the Industry

The only comparable plan I could find in terms of quality (albeit lower than that offered to you at WA), is GoDaddy's Wordpress hosting WPengine hosting.

How much are they in comparison (for a comparable plan)?

GoDaddy is $76.99 per MONTH. (see details here)
WPEngine is $249.00 per MONTH (see details here)

This is anywhere from 3 times, the 9 times more expensive the price you pay for your entire membership here at WA (based on the yearly membership here).

And these hosts don't include:

  • A highly optimized and simplified hosting platform
  • The ability to MOVE websites from one domain to another
  • The Ability to fire up FREE Websites on demand
  • Full Redundancy (100% backed-up to the minute)
  • The latest and greatest hosting technology (your websites are always hosted on the highest powered servers available)
  • Free SSL on all sites hosted
  • Full Domain and Website Caching and the server level
  • Automated recovery processes
  • Personal website monitoring and maintenance
  • Removal of "rogue" plugins and themes
  • Comment spam management and behavioural assessment (so you don't even get the spam in the first place)
  • Access and integration with SiteDomains (a domain platform exclusive at WA)
  • Daily back-ups included
  • Website integrity updates the continually improve how your Wordpress sites function, based on the latest version of WP
  • Access to SiteContent and over 1 MILLION+ high definition images (completely free to use)
  • Resilient Bruteforce and DDOS protection
  • 24/7/365 SiteSupport

So not only are the true industry comparisons a minimum of 3 times the cost, they are also inferior to the service level that you can come to expect here at WA with the hosting inside your Premium membership.

But This is Just the Quality of Hosting You Get Here..

With those plans you are not getting everything else that is offered to you here.

  1. The Community and the Live Help
  2. Access to Industry Experts
  3. Personal Access to the Owners
  4. World Class Training (1,000's of resources)
  5. Keyword Research Tools
  6. Weekly Live Video Classes
  7. Unlimited Access to our Website Builder
  8. One of the Most Lucrative Affiliate Programs in the World
  9. Ambassadorship Program (Ability to Pay it Forward)
  10. Incentive Programs
  11. Business Productivity Tools (Rapid Writer, Link Tracking, KW Lists)
  12. Access to ALL Future Updates

And this is all included in your membership. And this is ALL you need to create and grow a business. So when you put a "hosting package" alongside a business building and education platform like WA, there is simply no comparison.

And a Little Perspective...

I just wanted to give everyone a bit of perspective on what you are getting here at WA. You are getting a much higher quality service, for a lower price...and this is just talking about the hosting aspect. For a similar host only, you would be looking at minimum of $75 per month!

Hosting is not just hosting and we can assure you that you are getting the highest quality hosting platform here at WA.

With a Premium membership here at WA, you can be assured that you have access to a business building platform that you can run a business off of, grow a business as a result of, and rest easy at night knowing that you are getting the absolute best service in the world and we will continue to push this beyond what it is today.

With each day that passes, your service and your experience here within WA is only going to get amplified in a very, very good way!

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JamesASmith Premium
If I want to sell hosting to a local client. Could it be done both ways?

1. For small business simply needing a few page, static-type website...add their domain and site within my account and charge the client a small monthly fee.
2. For businesses wanting more - marketing, support, etc. Sell them a wa membership?

Assuming this - how would you sell the 2nd one as hosting and not an affiliate training academy, community, etc.?

Example - Roy's mechanic shop wants a website, wants descant marketing and seo tips. Sometimes he has time to log into wa and read an article on seo or marketing. But he does not want daily emails about being an affiliate, going through a course, etc. He's not interested in making other money, He simply want to focus on repairing autos, and having his site listed well on search engines.

In my mind, I'm thinking I would sell the account...tell them the back end support is on an affiliate foundation but they do not need to be concerned with all that. Is this how you would explain it? Are there any affiliate banners that are more about hosting than affiliate? I ask because, if someone was trying to sell my company hosting, I'd be confused by all the presenting about affiliate stuff.

Dzimmerman Premium
I am also thinking about this stuff there are loads of options:
1. become a reselller in hosting, I will send you the link
2. Some people host at WA their clients
3. Or I would say show them what WA is about, don't try to be a pushy salesmen
4. Watch all of the local marketing videos provided here. Mostly I watch Jay's videos. I like them but unfortunately a lot of is based on the US and not my country
Kyle Premium
One thing that folks are doing for local clients is creating them a membership here at WA and saying that is part of their fee. Anyone that is looking for more than just hosting (which is absolutely every business out there), the membership here at WA is right up their alley.

There are tons of different angles you can take with existing business owners as well as anyone that wants to take a passion and turn it into an online business. They opportunities are endless.
discoden Premium
Thanks Kyle. Just the answer I was after. I've wondered as to what to do with my clients who just wanted to have their website setup and have a way for them to create and publish content.

WA is not that expensive at all. For example, Bluehost would provide $296 for two years of webhosting and domain name. Sounds cheap. BUT, I was going to be left on my own how to setup Word Press and create/build my site. To get Bluehost to help me setup my site, they have an additional web design service which would cost me $800 to create upto FIVE simple pages. Any e-commerce type of pages will be ADDITIONAL cost!

In WA, it took me less than 10 days to create two websites! Equipped with no less than 5 pages each with written content, photos, photo gallery and various plug-ins for various forms I needed on my sites.

Now to some of my clients, they think I'm now some kind of expert in creating websites!
gmegs Premium
I just Love it here Kyle!
... good deal ALL the way around.

I had hoped we could upload videos larger than 8MB, and have RSS, but I understand why we are limited - what you ask is very reasonable.

Question: Is it ok to download some of the videos on WA, then upload them to my own Youtube channel?
(... just another variation of linking to WA site directly)
Kyle Premium
You never host videos on your website hosting, this is not good practice. Hosting videos internally on your website will slow down your website load times drastically, no website (that knows what they are doing) does this and if you are leveraging videos, you should be utilizing the biggest video platform in the world to host your videos (as it will lead to additional exposure. That of course is Youtube.

You can link from your Youtube videos directly to WA, this is something that a lot of folks do.

All Wordpress websites have RSS by default.
gmegs Premium
Thanks Kyle!
... I meant import a RSS feed (just a couple of links) from somewhere else - but you told me once that was not allowed - it's ok
Kyle Premium
That would be fine.
Dzimmerman Premium
Can anyone tell me where we can see technical specifications of WA hosting? With all due respect, I would like to know why in Kyle's words:
1. We tend to have better security
2. What kind of hosting are we using here? I guess not shared hosting but how can I tell? I don't see any of that.

This is important for me as I am interested in doing local marketing and I would like to offer them hosting as a service.
Trialynn Premium
You would probably get a much better answer if you submitted a ticket. I sure do not know the answers.
Kyle Premium
Hey Daniel,

1. We have specific security solutions in place for Wordpress. We understand in great detail how WP websites can get hacked and we have implemented robust technologies to prevent this from happening from sites here at WA.

Just recently you may have noticed hosts like Blue Host, Host Gator and services like Aweber being down for prolonged periods of times (days). This is the sort of thing we are protecting against. :)

2. You are leveraging our state-of-the-art cloud hosting infrastructure and yes, it is shared hosting but we limit loads by 1/10th of that of other shared hosts (which means there are other websites on the same server instance as you). It is a "managed" hosting environment and we definitely have our clients back in terms of support and overall robustness of the platform here.

Hope this adds some clarity for you. :)
Starcreator Premium
Yes, we are getting a good deal. I just came across an ad a few days ago about email training. They wanted $500.00, just for one seminar session. When I see what some of those other companies are charging, I know I'm getting a good deal. Thanks Kyle and Carson, you guys have done an excellent job with the training and service.
Dzimmerman Premium
Thanks for posting this Kyle, this is exactly what I am looking! I am not really sure yet but I might recommend WA hosting for a surf hostel that I am going to help out with setting up their wp websites. I am a little confused though because Jay recommend to use Joomla for his local marketing clients.

Some questions I have would be
1. Should my clients use wordpress and why not or any kind of Joomla?
2. What about bluehost? They seem to offer unlimited storage and bandwith? etc.
3. I think we need to offer our clients more than just hosting. What else could we do to make them happy?
Kyle Premium
1. Wordpress ideally, it is by far the best platform.
2. Bluehost is low budget hosting, low quality hosting. They don't really offer "unlimited" anything, when you used their shared hosting you are likely crammed on the same server as 1,000's of other websites. The only comparable hosting to the hosting here at WA are the two examples I have given you, at the low end it is $75 per month elsewhere.
3. You could offer them the entire platform here at WA. A community of help, training, 24/7 website support, website reviews, etc. You could the refer them using your affiliate link and earn recurring commissions in the process.