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** WARNING ** When you install FileZilla it will try install 2 or 3 other software programs, during the installation, PLEASE press DECLINE for each option.

Updated missing video file with a new video - Nov 2014

In this video I'm going to show you how to connect to your website that's hosted with Wealthy Affiliate via FTP using FileZilla.

Odds are you'll never need to connect via FTP but if you do and you're not sure how to, this should help

FileZilla download page


If you click on the above link it's going to take you to the correct download area, it should look just like the following image, click on either the Windows or Mac download. The page will change and the download will auto start after several seconds.

If the download page looks like the image below, DO NOT click on the download GREEN image link. This will download a bundle installer. If you do install this, just hit DECLINE on all options.

To access the correct page, click on the "Show additional download options"

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weitjerry Premium
It doesn't want to connect. It says critical error. Could not connect to server. What could be the problem?
welshy Premium
Hi, without the details it's hard to help. WA does have a Ticket system for hosting.
Maybe create a hosting ticket and give them the details you're using to connect, maybe something isn't correct.
Does the domain you're trying to connect to have a website installed or is it a new domain just added?
About a month ago, all FTP passwords got changed.
If it's a sub-domain you may need to enter into the Host field.

Shawn Martin Premium
Good job!
pisces314 Premium
I tried connecting to the internet using filezilla. Status says: server sent passive reply with unroutable address. Using server address instead. When I checked filezilla, it says I am not connected to a server. It has now been three days and the placeholder is still showing when I type in the URL. I have been trying to get my website online since April and is having the same problem. I do not know what to do at this point. I am really quite frustrated. I tried blogging and using the open chat and still has not been able to get any help with this problem. HELP!!!
fishing Premium
As usually you have done a bang up job Craig....getting ready to mess with my site....thanks
welshy Premium
Thanks Tim, just PM'd you too.
anindochk Premium
Simplistic and powerful!
welshy Premium
Thanks Anindo