My Future Millionaire T-Shirt Did It!

Last Update: December 02, 2014


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Many people don’t know this about fact I am not sure that ANYONE knows this other than my wife. When I was 20 years old and full time in college I had created what some would view as an “out to lunch” goal.

I had declared that I was going to make my first million in business by the time I was 28.

At the time I had $0. In fact, I was in debt and accumulating more debt as I was a student in college (the ultimate debt creator). I had just sold my car so I could fund some more of my tuition. I was living at home with my parents.

So at the time, this was a pretty bold statement. Some broke college student in their first year, proclaiming that they were going to one day create a business that was going to generate the cliché goal: one million dollars.

I had no idea how I was going to get there, but that was a goal that I had defined for myself. I believed in it.

I mean, seriously...look at this picture lol.

I even had the shirt saying so. Perhaps this was foreshadowing what was to come or it may have just been a false dream...but to me it was a reality far before it became a reality.

I Found the Internet.

A short time thereafter, I learned of the Internet...and I learn of some folks in my school who were generating income through this thing called “Affiliate Marketing”. Basically promoting products for companies (through links) in exchange for a commission.

I thought this was brilliant. If others are doing, why couldn’t I? One thing is a constant in life, regardless of your upbringing...anyone can achieve their goals they set out for themselves.

It took me 3 months of figuring this affiliate marketing thing on my own, but after some hard work and building some rather ugly websites, I chalked up my very first sale! That was my initial goal after building my website.

If I didn’t create that goal of making my first sale online, I wouldn’t have achieved it. Same has gone for every goal I have set, or that Carson and myself have set, over the years.

That has been a constant revelation. If you set a goal and you work your butt off and give yourself enough time to achieve that goal, it will happen. Every time.

Don’t Let Your Careless Youth Fade…

I am not sure if I was willing to do what others were not because I was young and naive, but perhaps it was because I was careless enough to the point where I was able to work and achieve goals up to that point.

I knew that effort could take you a long ways. It had for me.

I was able to master the 3 point shot in basketball...same with dribbling a basketball. I used to spend hours in my basement working on my ball handling skills or at the outdoor court in the freezing cold shooting 3 point shots for hours on end. I was doing something that very few others were willing to do. In high school I was able to dribble circles around players and shoot 3’s without thought (although my skills have drastically faded since then).

I was able to become great at Mathematics. In high school I worked hard at understanding the ever-so-feared concept of algebra and was able to get the top exam score out of over 200 students in my grade. I put forth the effort studying and invested the time that many others probably were not willing to invest in solving math problems lol.

You don’t need to learn how to dribble a basketball or become great at math to be successful online, but this should serve as an example of achievement with anything. My point is that with dedication and time…anything is possible. I wasn’t born to play basketball or become a mathematician, but with some energy I was able to accomplish my personal goals within those niches.

Same thing goes for the online world. You need to dedicate yourself. You need to give yourself time. You need to put forth the effort.


I proposed a question to you a few days back on achievement and what you hope to achieve in respect to your business in the year ahead. Today I want to take a different spin on things. I want to ask you this.

“What do you want to become great at in the year ahead within the online world?”

Very ambiguous, but it should be. There are so many ways to create a business online and there are so many things that you can become great at through your effort. You can become an expert in any niche, using any strategy you want and I want you to remember that. But in the same breath, you are only as capable as how hard you are willing to work towards that expertise and ultimately that success.

This leads me to...

Creating Your Own Vision!

Before I finish this story, I want you to close your eyes for one second and picture yourself where you might want to be in 1 year from now. Picture yourself 5 years from now. Now picture yourself 10 years from now.

What does this look like in your world? What are your ideals?

For me, it wasn’t as much about the $$ part as was the byproduct of what I was going to be able to do if I was successful at this Internet “thingy”.

Sure, I dreamed of driving a nice car and having a nice house. But I also dreamed of flexibility in my life. I have always loved to travel and I wanted to be able to “roam” the world while being able to sustain a livelihood. The Internet represents this opportunity.

I find beauty in the simplicity that it can offer too. I can be anywhere with my laptop and have access to everything I could ever need to expand a business or create a new business.

It is the dream. It is good to dream. You can make anything your dream.

It is Great to Have a Dream, BUT You Have to Make it Happen...

Achievement is the byproduct of action. Think of anything that you have achieved in life. Perhaps you graduated from high school, that was 12 years of achievement it took to accomplish that.

Perhaps you became great at something in particular, maybe a sport or a hobby. That is an achievement that took a lot of hard work and action.

Anyone can close their eyes and dream of something brilliant happening to them. That is why the lottery is still vastly popular among people that are not achieving a lot of success. It is easy to picture their dream life without having to put forth the undeniable effort that it should take to create this through their own hard work/doing.

But this dream can be a reality through the things you do and the actions you take.

You want a flourishing Internet business. Don’t just dream about it, make it a reality. Give yourself time to succeed, work hard and leverage the platform you have in front of you here at Wealthy Affiliate that offers you absolutely EVERYTHING you need to create and grow a business online.

You have BIG dreams.

Let’s take these out of the dream stage and make them a reality. Carson and I have big DREAMS for Wealthy Affiliate and what we provide the members here in the future, you are going to see many of these become a reality in the year ahead….and the years ahead.

Dream big. Become great. It’s gonna be a fun ride in the year ahead.

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Time is running out!

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ddjones Premium
I really want to upgrade to the black Friday yearly, but I wont have the funds in my account until Wednesday. what can I do?
Eclipsenight Premium
Can any friend or family member help you? If so, you should ask them for help. Explain your case thoroughly, then give it back fast :)
ddjones Premium
no I support myself and there is no one I know with that kind of money =(
Eclipsenight Premium
I'm sorry to hear that... right now I don't know how it could be helped then. Keep thinking on it. But if you don't find the way, the most important thing is that you are Premium now and have a business; that you are already able to do that. Keep at it and it will not matter in the end!
MarvH Premium
Ask Kyle if there is a way
seacsub Premium
Wishing everyone that it'll be a great year ahead.
And a general consensus to strive for it!!
Kyle Premium Plus
To you as well!
Wow! Inspirational stuff...
Kyle Premium Plus
T-shirts can be very inspirational lol. :)
BIS Premium
I like your reminder Kyle - "Don't just dream - make it a reality"
Kyle Premium Plus
Thanks Beverley, hope all is well with you and wonderful to hear from you! :)
Labman Premium Plus
I'm looking forward to it. Not ready to close the books on 2014 yet but 2015 should be a fantastic year.
Kyle Premium Plus
Yeah, 2015 is going to be the most exciting one yet. Heading into the any new year, that is how I look at things anyways (and it sounds like you are on the same page here).

The best is always yet to come. Have a wonderful holidays ahead Craig!