Email Marketing Strategies & Trends for 2018

Last Update: March 14, 2018

Email Marketing Strategies & Trends in 2018
There are many people within the online world that are really missing out because they are not implementing email marketing within their business. There are also a lot of people that are doing it incorrectly, and another batch of marketers that are simply over investing their energies into email marketing campaigns without having an adequate base of website visitors for it to make sense.

Email marketing has a time and a place in your business, and to truly achieve the best results you need to understand where it fits into your current business.

In this post I am going to be walking you through the top email marketing trends of 2018 and hopefully help you decide where you should be putting your focus, if at all, within the email marketing world.

Importance of Email Marketing to ALL Business

The value of an email marketing campaign is that it allows you to connect with a particular audience over and over again.

Let's think about it in the context of the offline world. If someone comes into your store, and they leave without buying something, you never have the opportunity to connect with these people again. You also have no opportunity to market products to them they were interested in or looking at, and offer valuable or useful information.

By collecting their email address, it gives you the capability to reach out and connect with your audience potentially forever. Notice how I said "potentially". If you don't treat them well, you are not going to be able to capture their attention. People get a TON of email every day and if you are just another "spammer" that is constantly shoving promotions in their face, then you are not going to reap the rewards of having an "email list" in the first place.

For those of you that are new to the Email Marketing space, this is what the fundamental process of email marketing looks like in the context of affiliate marketing.

1. Person Visits Your Website

2. Person Joins Offer in Exchange for Email

3. You Have the Capability to Email This Person and Promote & Build Relationship

4. You Can Potentially Sell & Earn for Lifetime of this Person

That is the process, in a very much simplified form. But the more complex you make things, as with anything in the online business world, typically the less success you will achieve (as you will be in a constant state of overwhelm).

The key to success with any audience, in particular with an email list, is building trust. That is what I would like to discuss next.

Trust is Your First Focus, But How Do You Build That?

Your first focus with your business and your email marketing campaigns in 2018 is trust. Without trust it is impossible to truly have a long-term and engaging in relationship with your list, and without that long-term relationship you are going to generate far less revenue.

There is an old cliché that, it is 6 times easier to keep an existing customer than it is to create a brand new customer. The same goes for email marketing. If you have someones trust, it is much easier to recommend another product and service to that person and generate additional revenue. A single person on your email list through time could equate to $1,000's in revenue....if you treat them well.

The beautiful thing about email marketing is that you have this ongoing contact and communication with your subscribers. These people are HUMANS though, they will respect you if you respect them. Never lose sight of the human element within the online world, sometimes it is easy to forget and to turn your business into a process. Don't.

The best way to gain the respect is to offer value over and over again on ratio of 3:1 minimum. By this I mean, you should be offering at least 3 times the value to your audience for every time you consider promoting anything to them. So every promotional email should be preceded by at least 3 value only emails.

If you do offer this level of value, any product or service you recommend will come across as a "friend" recommendation. They will trust you and your opinion and will buy at a very high rate through your recommendations as a result.

Remember that trust is very easy to break. It can take years to build trust, but in one event you can break all of it. You never want to attempt to take advantage or "sell out" your audience by recommending something that you don't fully believe in. It will not only be obvious, but if people get screwed over as a result of this then you are going to feel the adverse impact on your brand and your bottom line.

Treat every email you send like it will be your last. If you don't, it may be the last email many on your list ever get from you (as they will unsubscribe).

Don't Get Fooled into The "Funnel First Strategy"

There's a lot of misinformation out there in the email space these days. This surrounds the idea of funnels and people are conflating what these really are. People, in particular newbies, view a "funnel" differently than what it really is, email marketing.

There are all sorts of high ticket courses, expensive funnel software programs, and people pushing the idea of "funnel first" (before traffic), and that is a completely backwards approach. You want to take the complete opposite approach. You want to build "traffic first" and then work the other way around.

The funnel first strategy can definitely work but with one big clause. You have to know your niche inside and out. You need to know what sort of traffic converts and you should have a lot of experience with email marketing first before you go funnel first within any niche.

Unfortunately, some people are buying funnel software (usually anywhere from $99 to $249 per month), then you are required to get an autoresponder (to manage email) on top of this which will run you anywhere form $20-$100 per month depending on the service.

Then you are required to someone get traffic. The first place they go, Facebook Ads. Well this may have been a good strategy several years ago when FB ads had very little competition, but you can expect traffic costs to be much higher than they have ever been.

Expect the cost per click to be around $0.50, so for $100 you are going to get around 20 unique visitors to your website where you will need to recoup those costs in order just to break even.

They don't understand their audience, they don't comprehend email marketing, and they certainly are not equipped with the proper foundation to build a sustainable business. Because of this, MOST people that head the funnel first strategy end up losing a great deal of money (typically $1,000's).

And forget about Google Adwords or Bing Ads. They do not allow "funnel software" landing pages, they will simply disapprove any ads that link to pages built using these types of software and if it is a recurring issue they will suspend your account. Not good.

So, establish a brand. Which is establishing a long term business and as you start to scale your traffic, integrate a game plan for email marketing. You can leverage many of the autoresponder platforms (which allow you to create squeeze pages on your site) for less than $50 per month when you are ready.

That is the ideal approach. Once you have conversion data and truly comprehend your niche, you can get crafty and start testing "funnel second" strategies. If you are new to the online world you can expect to shell out several $1,000's (and likely lose all of it) to the monthly software fees and advertising spend.

Data Segmentation is Going to Continue to Improve

All email subscribers are not equal and they should not be treated the same. There are many action-based software tools out there that you can leverage to segment your lists based on the behaviours of your email list. Many of the top autoresponders are really focusing on the simplification of this segmentation and building it directly into their services.

For example, here are some common "list segmentations" that are very useful in streamlining your marketing and sales processes.

  • On click, add to new list
  • On purchase of an item, add to new list
  • On view of a particular page, add to a different list
  • On actionable behaviour add to a different list

Actions and behaviours can be ways to organize your customers and your email list so that you can personalize and offer them a much more relevant and customized experience. Understanding data and the tools in which you can get more sophisticated with your email lists is going to continue to advance in the year ahead.

I actually anticipate the fall out of some of the longest standing autoresponder companies. If they don't keep up to the segmentation needs of email marketers, they are going to lose ground to the newcomers to email technology world (some of them are offering brilliant services).

Delivery Rates. They Need to Get Better.

Most autoresponders boast a 99% delivery rate, but they are actually boasting a "send" rate. I know firsthand that these data points are far from accurate and these companies are no different from some budget hosting companies claiming 99.9% server uptime. We know all to well that they are going down much more frequently than that.

In recent years, many of the more reputable players in the email marketing space have moved away from allowing certain types of traffic. This includes "opportunity", "investments", and "weight loss" and of course anything related to prescription drugs, gambling, and adult content (which haven't been allowed for obvious reasons).

The reason? These types of audiences get caught by spam filters on email clients (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol, etc), and worse yet, it can lead to the blacklisting of the IP's that the emails are being sent from. This results is a poor delivery rate by the autoresponder company, and as an email marketers, less emails reaching your subscribers. Unfortunately this is happening with a lot of frequency and it is not getting reported ethically back to you, the customer.

So the quality of service you choose and what sort of businesses they allow to use their services will determine your own delivery rate. The same as "shared hosting"...if you are on an email server with another customer that is breaking the rules and triggering spam filters, your email delivery rates are going to suffer as a result.

In 2018, you are going to see a much greater focus on delivery rates as well as companies out there ranking sites with REAL data on how good/poor their delivery rates actually are. There needs to be more accountability and there will be.

Know What You Are Doing! (+ a Month of Live Classes)

Please, before you build a list understand what you are doing. Too many people get an autoresponder, get a form on their website, and then hope and pray someone will join it. Then when they have a subscriber list, they throw spam and constant promotions and them (and ultimately don't experience any success as a result)

There are many things that you need to understand if you ever plan on building a successful list.

  • How to create a high converting squeeze page
  • Creating relevant pitches
  • Proper positioning of forms on your page
  • Whether or not to use pop-ups/unders, slide overs, or static opt-ins
  • Maximizing your revenue through a quality thank you page
  • Maximizing your first revenue
  • How to properly set-up a follow- up sequence
  • Keys to building trust with your list
  • When are the best days and hours to send email
  • How to segment and properly manage lists
  • The Value to Sale Ratio
  • How to make a proper email pitch
  • Utilizing broad cast emails
  • Time sensitivity, and integrating bonuses
  • etc

And this is just brushing the surface!

It is one of the most common confusions I get these days with newcomers to this business, people are so concerned about when they will be building a list, but they don't realize that a list won't matter if they don't have a brand, they don't have a source of traffic, and they don't full comprehend their audience and the idiosyncrasies that make them "tick" (and convert).

We actually have a month of training through March, 2018 that I want to recommend to you on email marketing. All Premium members can attend and this is going to cover everything from the basics, to the much more sophisticated elements of creating successful email marketing campaigns.

Live Class #1: Email Marketing 2018: 1st Steps to List Building (Replay)
Live Class #2: Email Marketing 2018: Sending Your Blog Posts (Replay)
Live Class #3: Email Marketing 2018: Opt-in Strategies (Register Here)
Live Class #4: Coming Soon..

If you have ever been interested in email marketing and wanted to leverage EMAIL as a way to create a long term and sustainable income (which it absolutely will), then you will definitely want to attend the March 2018 events. There are going to be 4 live classes in total on this topic and over 4 full hours of training (plus Q & A periods each week).

I hope you have found my 2018 email marketing strategies & trends insightful. Many of you are likely more than ready to get rolling with email marketing campaigns and this is foundational knowledge that ALL affiliate and internet marketers should have in their repertoire.

And of course if you have any questions about anything I have covered here or the email marketing space in general, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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lakbar12 Premium
I am so glad that I read this before starting an email list. I've been curious about starting an email list for a while but, I have hesitated on starting one.

I've seen many bloggers say. oh, how they wish they would have started an email list a long time ago. And, I've seen bloggers say that an email list should be started at the very beginning of starting your website but, now it has been confirmed that, I have done the right thing. My plains were to not start an email ist until I reached a daily visit of 200 people.

Well, by time, I finish gathering all of my email marketing training and preparing an email sequence I may reach my daily visitor goal. Then I can think about starting an email list.

Thanks for sharing this information. It was very helpful.
mick1976 Premium
There is some good training here on WA on starting an email list. Do check out the training.
lakbar12 Premium
Yes I am going through the email training now. Thanks
mick1976 Premium
PaulBoudreau Premium
Thanks, Kyle for this excellent training.

I was sent here by Jay, (re Feb. 8, webinar), and "politely instructed," to comment as proof of my "reading".

As I said before, this is a highly-valued, place of learning for me, and while I'm not advancing at the speed of light, I am learning a lot.

I am dedicated and tenacious and I make steady progress on a daily basis.

Now for double proof to my webinar coach, I will inform the said coach of this "homework" that I have completed.

mick1976 Premium
Yes Paul, Kyle and Jay provide some awesome training here at WA.
Stella741 Premium
Hi Kyle,

I have been watching Jay's Email Marketing video series and your article here has confirmed why I am cautious and want to get it right from the start.

Personally, I read only a few of my emails. The interesting ones. So I have an inkling as to what makes up good email content. I am glad to understand email marketing funnels more now.

Thanks for writing on email commonsense.
gkteng Premium
Hi Kyle. Since we are on this topic, I like to clarify the sequence. I have my eCommerce store website ready. What should I be doing next? What are the correct sequence?

Drive traffic to website?
Build a list?
Setup my follow up email sequence?

I am writing my email follow up sequences at the moment, and I want stretch it to 3 months automated emails using your 1-1-3-3-3-1-7 sequences. Its kinda tough right now as I don't write much.

Hope that you can provide some advice.
Jolaroth Premium
Solid Article.

Although I thought that having an opt-in strategy was the next big move I needed to make to grow my site, I have now realized that I don't have enough initial traffic and should spend more of my efforts on SEO and social media marketing.

I will definitely be returning to the video trainings when my site is properly ready.
dumama Premium
What you wrote is absolutely true - A to Z. I have had bad doses of experience in the hands of some so called "gurus" concerning list building, email marketing, product creation, affiliate marketing, etc. Tons of confusing and false information. Boy, did I lose some good money?

I thank God for leading me back to WA.

God bless you Kyle and your team for WA platform. Great, honest, straight forward and very helpful community. God bless all WA members.

verazhelvis Premium
Many of us have the same experience. "Gurus" never clarifying things and demanding more and more money.Here , for a determined monthly fee you get it all.Great training, tools, community support.
Good luck to you!:)
heatherplude Premium
I am so glad I found this email series - in the first video - our homework was to read this blog and I can see why! It adds so much to the foundation of email marketing. I am looking forward to improving my email marketing and building my lists so I can help more people!
Kyle Premium
Glad it offered a lot of clarity. Building a list will become part of your business and I am definitely a huge proponent of email marketing. You will certainly be getting there as you do move through the training.
Sloejak2054 Premium
I'm definitely going to check the rest on email. But for now stepbystep is up and running but I feel like I'm forgetting something. If anybody has a spare moment or two. I would appreciate any feed back.
Thanks. Oh yea FB page is doing grate. Ran a couple of add's though, cost me $50 and I didn't get their contact info. which was one of the thing's I was after. Live and learn.
JIllW Premium
Hello, Kyle thank you for all this information about email marketing. I should have started a list a long time ago.I know John Chow suggested to start a personal blog to collect names is a good way to start your list so people can get to know you. I would not be selling anything just maybe be asking your audience questions? Letting your audience in on your beliefs. Do you know anybody that has gone this way?
CarolDutsch1 Premium
Thank u Kyle for the info bout email marketing. I didn't know that it is so important. So, I will watch the video's about it before I do it. I have wondered what email marketing is and how to do it. I have also wondered what autoresponder is and how to set it up.
TommyPotter Premium
I always hear that “the money is in the list” although after reading this Kyle's post is pretty clear to me that not only matters the great motivation we have to build a list but a whole bunch of other abilities to efficiently communicate with our customers and keep their trust and attention for an extended period
gdarni Premium
Hi, Kyle

I am not ready to start this email campaign yet, but I was on my goal list and low and behold you and Jay are reading my mind!

Very important information and I will begin to prepare for my next step in this wonderful process!

As always, thanks for your help,

phildora Premium
Thank you Kyle for explaining what email marketing should be, how to correctly implement this strategy, and the most important concept that is often overlooked--building trust and a solid relationship with your audience.

I haven't started this phase yet; however when I am ready, you have given me the correct and most effective approach towards creating, growing and maintaining a successful business.

Thank you also for providing email marketing as a training series for Internet and Affiliate Marketing!

Debbiejaege1 Premium
Thank you Kyle for taking the time to write this email. It very helpful in knowing the best way to start email marketing. I have been watching Jay's lessons on email marketing and would recommend members of wealthy affiliate to watch Jay's lessons. Reading your email and watching Jay's lessons will keep members making their email marketing effective without spending extra money, time and effort and not being successful. Your email makes good points about having a brand and traffic before you start your email marketing.
amyr2017 Premium
This is great, Kyle, and thank you. I am all-too familiar with the other companies out there trying to sell funnel software, and funnel courses, and of course, the ones who show photos of their Manhattan apartments with very expensive toys they got through email marketing or some crazy thing.

This post, on the other hand, is realistic and so you have my full attention and trust. Thank you for being so spot-on, once again.
JeffL61 Premium
What more can one say other than the fact that this article that you so carefully took the time to craft, Kyle, is an absolute jewel! Recommended reading for so many current starter and premium level members.

I continue to learn new techniques which will help me to grow my business promoting WA even with my being a member now for 3 years and 1 month!
terrycarroll Premium
Just watched the replay of Jay's webinar from 2nd March. Great start to this one month series.

One point in your post, Kyle:
You state "Expect the cost per click to be around $0.50, so for $100 you are going to get around 20 unique visitors to your website where you will need to recoup those costs in order just to break even". Shouldn't that read "200 unique visitors"? 200 at $0.50 = $100, right?

I agree with your comment on the funnel first attitude - I made the mistake of purchasing a very attractive but expensive funnel subscription early on in my business startup and had no traffice. ergo: no point and cost per month for me.

Looking forward to the rest of this month's training with relish!

Stella741 Premium
Thanks Kyle, I was going to write an article on Email marketing, but realised I only knew 1/3 of the information about this subject that you have highlighted here...!

I had signed up with Mailchimp in January and almost jumped onto Aweber's autoresponding service, when it dawned on me that I didn't have a any traffic coming to my site so would be putting money into Mailchimp every month and not seeing a return until I had sizeable traffic.

I also did not want to send out cookie-cutter email messages like most big companies do. (One of my email accounts is loaded with 48,000 emails most of which I haven't opened).

So I had a big re-think and thought it better to learn more about email marketing before I could class myself as an intermediate authority on it.

Your article confirmed my suspicions..Thanks!
Cindyda1 Premium
Really helpful article! I have been thinking about email marketing for a while but it terrifies me. Between this article and Jay's WAbinar last night I am so glad I didn't try to jump in already as I am not ready. I look forward to the rest of the videos and trainings on this topic.
rizq Premium
Great article Kyle! I Really enjoyed reading this post and found it to be very informative and educational.

I agree with you that most newbies including myself make these costly mistakes. I tried it for my self but never quite got the hang of it until now.

Jay's webinar and your blog post have helped me tremendously in clearing the misconceptions and misunderstanding I had on Email Marketing.

Thank you very much for educating and showing us the right way.

Understanding the fundamentals and basics in any area of our businesses is key to our success.

Best wishes.

rohan131165 Premium
Dear KYLE,
I have completed eight months as a premium member,
NO results form SEO / Social media / No traffic after working 8 to 10 hours per day, I have tweeted around 700 and put links to all most all members groups on Facebook weekly/daily more than 2000 links in last six months, I am also active on Reddit /Instagram /bloggers /Google plus/ Pinterest, and many others but there is NO result and not earned single cent and now I am totally frustrated and really doubts anybody really earns money?
I have lost hope but I want to give last chance for Email marketing No traffic / no subscribers
Kindly guide me
mlevendusky Premium
Hi Kyle,
I just watched Jay's Video and he gave us homework to read your post. I have to say I enjoyed reading your post and it certainly made a lot of sense to me. When I get to the point of doing the email marketing strategies, I think between Jay's video and your post they will definitely help.
AfqmBiz Premium
(Don't Get Fooled into The "Funnel First Strategy"). Wise words and just timely published by the real deal himself, Kyle. While I was away for about a month and more on offline basis working, I manage to get deeper and closer to this email marketing stuff (I confess this is the part that still makes me losing some sleep and still struggle).

But I must try very hard to overcome this issue I have and hope to take something from this timely great post blog.

Thanks, bro!
emerald860 Premium
I'm very interested in this, Kyle. I have tried a few different strategies to get people to click on my opt-in but very few people make it onto my list. I've switched it up a couple of times but still not having any luck. Looking forward to this class tonight. Alanna
pinclip Premium
Thank you Kyle, I had been wondering about funnels and what some companies say to get you to buy. I fell for that before coming to WA I would have spent as you said $1,000's, pays not to be in a hurry and destroy everything. Thanks. You're the best.........
Shields High
Kyle Premium
Lots of people are spending $1,000's not knowing what they are getting themselves into. Can funnels work, of course they can. Should your very first thing you do within the online world be building a funnel and driving traffic to it through paid marketing, absolutely not. That is a recipe for failure.
EZbobb Premium
Thanks for the great insight Kyle.

Looking forward to the next class on Friday - already had signed up.

Sometimes we hear but we don't and see but we don't. Jay said something in Vegas live: and this is what I heard...if you want to success just follow the lessons and stay at it and we will make it. The ones making to Vegas are the ones who followed the pathway. (My hearing)

Lot of voices out there - making it sound so easy - but taking a lot of money and you wonder what you just bought.

Again thank you for WA and the insight that is offered and the great community surrounding us ... I am learning how valuable they are.
Kyle Premium
The ones that are making Vegas and creating successful businesses are the ones that follow the training (It is of course there for a reason), but also the ones that are taking consistent action.

It is a grind to achieve success, a fun one, an exciting one, but those that put forth that level of effort achieve amazing things within the online world.
JackieSmith Premium
Thanks for this Kyle.
I'm so looking forward to this email marketing training. I think I'm at a stage now where I'm ready to utilise email marketing and want to go about it the right way.

When I first started out, I didn't have an opt-in page and only a handful of post on my site and quite rightly a trickle of visitors. Many people commented as to why I didn't have an opt-in page, so I followed the trend and added one.

I did get a couple of sign-ups. However, I didn't know what to do next. What do I offer them that will be of value? Why did they sign up? I had no idea.
I'm hoping that this information will be in a responder so that I know how to move things forward.

I've since taken the opt-in page of off my site until I know how best to use one.
March is going to be a great month for email marketing!
Kyle Premium
As you have realized, email marketing is not just creating a list, or putting a form on your site. It is the interaction and relationship building process with your audience through email.

A lot of people over-simplify it I think and forget that there is a real human on the other end of every email, every offer, every ebook sent, etc
Nicholas1001 Premium
Thanks for this confirming post. Just last month I was introduced to an online marketing company that goes funnel first. They were asking for $15,000 to get started. I did not have that money, and even if I did would not have bought into it.

By continuing to search for a better option, I found Wealthy Affiliate. I was comparing the the funnel first approach and Build-An-Authority-Website approach (used by WA). My feeling was that the Build-An-Authority-Website approach is more long-term, cost effective, sustainable.
Kyle Premium
Sounds like a $15,000 loss that you would have had to chalk up. You don't need stuff like this, the email marketing training that is included in your membership is FAR more advanced than this and we are going to teach you what works.

I have 12 years experience within the email marketing space as well and we actually have built our own "in house" email platform, so we have an innate knowledge with it and we also have lots we will be sharing from our end in the year ahead. Not just training, but I believe we can offer some very insight case studies on email marketing to truly offer you some perspective.
MarkBa Premium
Thanks Kyle. That was a very interesting and informative read. My take is that too often people place "the cart before the horse".

The line that stuck out most for me is "So, establish a brand. Which is establishing a long term business and as you start to scale your traffic, integrate a game plan for email marketing."

I am looking forward to the training ahead.

Kyle Premium
Your brand is your business. You are your brand.

People that throw funnel campaigns together never establish this, and that i s a problem because the ultimately goal is to be able to communicate with people FOREVER through email, but without this underlying brand and platform (your website), it tends be a short lived relationship.

What most people don't know, is that 10% of your list through time is about what you can expect to be active. That is a lot of work, only to have 10% if you don't have another source where your brand is being represented.
PreshusLove Premium
I was just thinking about blogging on this subject. The more I do in this business, the more ads I see talking about funnel systems, and QUICK ways to make A LOT of money. I've been signing up for emails just to see what they say, and even the ones advertising these funnel systems send the most awful emails that lead to nothing exciting and just make me want to unsubscribe.

It's very clear that the get-rich-quick schemes these things are promoting are just a useless money trap. I am so excited for this email training. Thanks for always being honest and straightforward, Kyle. - Jaime
NadiaWP Premium
I'm really looking forward to the month of March email strategies training. I will definitely be following it carefully as I move ahead with my email marketing and landing page creation.

I may be jumping the gun a bit with a funnel I am creating, but I am giving it a shot for the hell of it. I won't be spending anything on ads, as I have decided to fully commit to content creation and YouTube videos. I feel this may be a better long-term strategy to start with.

I have been preparing myself for the creation of a 1 hour free video giveaway, as well as an email automation sequence. This is definitely a lot of detailed work, but is something I am having a lot of fun doing and learning about.

As I said, looking forward to the webinars on this topic, as I am fully immersing myself in email marketing this month.
Kyle Premium
Sure, there is one way to learn something (in more intimate detail), but doing. It is never too early to learn this stuff, as for implementation and expenditure of your own energies in your business, you want an adequate base of traffic.

You could quite easily offer a quality bonus (like you mention) and draw the attention of many. The initial 'offer' is something that is critical to email marketing success as people need to get something of value they feel is worth the exchange of their personal email address.

If the initial pitch to join your list isn't all that captivating, you are going to experience much lower opt-in rates.
NadiaWP Premium
Yes, and much lower opt-in rates will drive me to need to work much harder to get higher amounts of traffic. I have spent a few days creating my landing page (the design only), and I will spend another few just writing the copy.

I have heard of marketers spending several months on just creating one sales page. To me, that is starting to make sense.

The free traffic I receive through various sources will allow me to split-test. Once I figure out my landing page conversion rate, I may try ads... very carefully.
DynamicDavid Premium
Email Marketing is coming up a lot this week in WA.

Jay's Live Video Class this coming Friday: Bo (WA profile botipton) hinted that he will be talking about this in his Gogetters Series of Videos soon. He hinted that we should listen to Jay's upcoming video and then listen to his video on this subject, which is not up yet. The video will most likely be numbered after 14, as he put up video 14 yesterday.

And Kyle has this covered as well.
Kyle Premium
This is definitely a series that you will want to attend. They will be running for the entire month of March. ;)
arun2365 Premium
Thanks Kyle
I got a lot of research information from your blog at a right time when I am working on a blog related to email marketing.
Similar to your training, your posts give valuable information.

I feel learning, adopting, implementing and helping others must go side by side.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, these go hand and hand with whatever you are doing. If you are not learning and helping others, then you are not going to be progressing forward in a positive manner. :)
DShensky Premium
The main purpose of email marketing is to build a relationship with your prospects and customers. The higher the value the better the relationship. The ration can also 5 to 1 where you send them an email with tips to help them before you send the sales letter. Customers are more like to open an email if they believe the information will help them.

The problem is that many marketing companies that small businesses outsource to inundate customers with emails 3 to 4 times a day or more with nothing more than sales letters

Autoresponders are great when used correctly
MoniArora Premium
Thank you Kyle for great information..

All the things you mention I have first hand experience of and using FB ads wasted a lot of money.

I stopped email marketing and had decided to focus on building traffic first before starting with email marketing again.

I am sure the one month training on email marketing will be very useful for everyone who is interested in email marketing... I am looking forward to it!

Thank you again for very informative post.. stay blessed!

Kyle Premium
The cart (email marketing) cannot come before the horse (traffic). So you have made a smart choice by making traffic your focus initially, you will know when you are ready to build a list as you will be getting an adequate amount of traffic then.
Igor13 Premium
Hi Kyle! Thanks for the post! It is very insightful. Email marketing is absolutely needed for having success in the business. And it can be also cost-effective. I would be glad to participate in the training. The only concern for myself is the time because it is in the late night my time zone. Hopefully, there would be a reply! Thanks again, Regards!
Nick-at-WA Premium
Thanks Kyle. This post is very informative as usual.
I was also hyped up about list building but I realised soon enough you cannot just build a list without really knowing what to do.

So, I put it away for when the time is right.

I would've loved to join the live classes, but that will be 3.00 AM Saturday morning at my local time. Replays for me then. :)

Gunnertwist Premium
This is just coming at the same time that I have been considering email marketing. Thanks so much Kyle for this great info. I now know that I am not yet ready for email marketing for my site yet but I will be attending the training to learn about it so that when I do implement it, I will at least have an idea of what I am doing, lol. Thanks again for sharing. :)

Kyle Premium
It is good to understand the processes, it is knowledge that you will be able to add to your skillset and utilize for many years to come in your online businesses Carl.

It is never too early to learn this stuff, sometimes it is just a bit early to implement it.
terrycarroll Premium
I have been waiting for a meaningful training session on email marketing and this looks like the one!

Unfortunately I don't get to see the live broadcasts very often due to the showing being at 1am UK time but I always set aside 1 hour or so on Sunday afternoon to watch the replay and that is what I will be eagerly waiting for on this series.

Thanks for this Kyle - I am really looking forward to it.

Kyle Premium
Excellent, yeah, the replays will definitely be available the next day! You can also watch them as many times as you like as a Premium member.
dluellen Premium
Thank You for this breakdown Kyle. As a newbie, it it refreshing to see you actually took the time to explain how it works. I was one of those people who was told get a funnel! Get a funnel without anyone explaining, that there is a time for it and a place. It's not a bad thing but it needs to be done correctly. (Maybe the majority didn't know either) So I really wasn't sold on the idea, I just felt like I needed more information.Can't wait for your class! Thanks!:)
Kyle Premium
That is the problem. Often times the people telling you to "funnel up" don't understand either, they are simply trying to sell you some software or some high ticket course, because well, they make money doing so.

You are going to learn PROPER email marketing with Jay's training and I know you are really going to enjoy it.
dluellen Premium
Yes! Thank you Great Teacher!.:)
accad Premium
Email Marketing is building trust. I like the spirit and this is what it should be. Many things I have to learn.

When it comes to trust will not responding to the emails of companies whom I don't know will lead to trust ruin when they wanted to talk to me in terms of their product but I ignore their communications?

From this blog, I can imagine how to properly email marketing should be done. Although I didn't engage within yet, it will be a guide from the experienced affiliate marketer to be seriously considered.
SimonKE Premium
I have been putting in the hours going through the boot camp building my new brand website and I am pleased with everything I am learning.

I find there are never enough hours in a day to do everything I want to do and even end up counter productive trying to move forward faster than is humanly possible.

I am overwhelmed with all of the information going through my head and can not get my ideas implemented fast enough.

My primary business has suffered due to my efforts to learn how to build a great website and integrate email marketing.

Unfortunately, I fell victim to a few of the unethical marketers trying to put this all together.

The silver lining is, my refusal to give up when I was drained mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially has given me experience and resources valuable to helping my candidates learn what they need within months for a few hundred dollars not years and several thousand dollars.

I have a commitment every Friday these trainings are scheduled for.

Will they be recorded and available for premium members to listen to later?
SteveCrozza Premium
Every training session that Jay runs is recorded, and others from Kyle have been recorded, so I guess the answer is yes it will be recorded.

Answer is just based on observations.

Hope all goes well for you.
SimonKE Premium
Thank you Steve
Kyle Premium
Yeah, you don't need to do everything and you certainly do not need to implement email marketing prior to you being ready and having time to do so.

Email marketing, if done incorrectly, can actually detract from revenue as you will be moving people from potentially purchasing something from your site, to a list. If you are not effective with your marketing within that list, then there is going to be a breakdown and less revenue overall will result.

And yes, they will be recorded and you can listen and watch them as many times as you like.
SimonKE Premium
Thank you Kyle.
mbouteiller Premium
OMG... what a coincidence! I'm just struggling with SumoMe Plugin and don't know how to get my email form I created there to show up on my post. I started early this morning and still not working. I have looked on the tutorials here on SumoMe but they are different versions.

Can't wait to watch this Friday.

Thanks Kyle!
Kyle Premium
Yeah, and if you are adding things like SumoMe to your website without already have a consistent source of traffic, you are jumping the gun.
mbouteiller Premium
Hi Kyle good point. What call to action should I do if I want to offer a checklist from my post?
EdwardLarry Premium
Your post on email marketing Let me look at marketing strategies I have an autoresponder and trying to write newsletter that subscribers will read and also I need a capture page, This will improve targeted audience if they decide to give me their email I also want to know how to get email list from marketers like Udimi that have solo ads another one and sending out the right emails that people will respond to, Well I can't wait to be apart of this coming Email Marketing 2018 Video Training Thank you for your post Kyle
Kyle Premium
Solo ads, generally speaking are a complete waste of money. They are a scam, and should be avoided. That is not email marketing, that is paying people to spam their unresponsive list.
Defiant6 Premium
WOW! Thank you for posting this Kyle, I really needed to read this. This is probably one of my biggest struggles right now with my websites and I do agree that I don't fully understand it. I do need to get other things in order though before I can truly start leveraging email marketing.

I'm getting back into the habit of consistency and posting content again on a much more consistent basis so that I can start building up my traffic again.

I actually do have a sign up form on my website and one of the things I do remember Jay mentioning in a past live video class regarding email marketing is that he has it setup to where anyone who is subscribed to his email list, will automatically get sent his latest posts or updates on his website.

I've learned to implement this as well, but the problem is I'm not really getting any signups, but again I know that is pretty much due to traffic or my lack thereof of it. I will definitely attend this class so that I can get a better understanding of email marketing especially in the year of 2018.
Kyle Premium
Awesome to hear and yeah, you shouldn't over-invest your time and energy into email marketing until you have a sustainable source of traffic or a budget to drive traffic to your website.

It is a matter of spending your time productively on tasks that will drive traffic/revenue to your business, like content, and avoiding things like email marketing until you have traffic.
herinnelson Premium
WOW, Kyle! This is GREAT! Everything included in this post is so timely for me. I have been studying the art of email marketing for awhile now and am more than ready to implement it to my business.

I have a WA promotional site that I just designed with content, side links, an About Me page, etc. I now want to set up the email subscription page with an introduction video next to it (that I will be creating, too).

I also just completed an eBook as a Giveaway for signing up for a subscription newsletter.

So, when they click the initial link, it will take them to the email subscription page with the video. They watch the video and fill out their information and click another link. This sends the eBook to their email and brings them to my custom-designed WA page.

When I build my list, how often should I email them? Daily? Weekly? Every other day?

What I'm also fuzzy on is, if they create a Starter Membership, how will a recurring email help?--Just by continuing to give them helpful tips and maybe lead to others signing up?

I have huge goals set for Vegas and want to perfect my site as well as possible. Any other suggestions?

Thank you so very much for all this wealth of information! Again--WOW! Love the photo, too!
Kyle Premium
You should email them regularly, you need to realize that people get A LOT of emails on a daily basis, and if you email them one per week or two weeks, it feels like forever.

In the early stages, you want to hit your list almost every day, build up the trust and value. Through time though, you might be moreso on a weekly or bi-monthly schedule, that will come down to what you have to say to your audience.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi, Kyle, I found your post very insightful, I think we can all bear testament to an inbox full of folks that have definitely fallen into that trap of promoting everything under the sun without any real thought or adding any value to their subscribers, really looking forward to the coming series it will be another value-add I am sure, always good to get information that is relevant to what is happening in this market space, it is so easy to trip up.

Just thought, this isn't a precursor to some kind of autoresponder integration or perhaps a new platform being introduced to the ever-expanding suites of resources that we are blessed with here in Wealthy Affiliate?
Kyle Premium
We don't have any immediate plans to take on the autoresponder world. Although we have a sophisticated understanding of email and we have in essence built our own platform in house for our needs, we don't want to get into that space as there are MANY cost efficient services already out there!