Attention Affiliates, Vegas in 2017 is Still 100 Percent Possible.

Last Update: Aug 30, 2016


There has been a lot of concern from “newcomers” to the Wealthy Affiliate program that are worried about not being able to make the Vegas Super Affiliate Conference this year, so we are going to do something special for everyone here.

If you can make 100 unique Premium referrals as a WA affiliate between September 1st - December 31st, 2016 you are going to be getting an invite to Vegas!

That is right. You will be hanging out with all of us in style in Las Vegas. An all inclusive 4 day trip where you will be able to mingle with some of the top affiliates in the world and you will be on your way to becoming one yourself.

The reason we are making this offer is because we know that if you have the potential to make 100 sales, you have the potential to make 1,000’s of sales (which is far beyond what a normal person would deem a “full time” income) and we want to help you accomplish this!

It’s Highly Exclusive and Awesomely Inclusive!

The Vegas experience is like no other. Here are just some of the things that you can come to expect this year in Vegas.

  • You will be rubbing shoulders with other Superstar Affiliates
  • You are going to gain some incredible insights into the WA story and opportunities ahead
  • Your ENTIRE trip will be paid for!
  • You will be put up in style with world class accommodations
  • Entertainment is in abundance (gambling, shows, dinners)
  • You will be heading home with high quality WA swag

This past years conference was our biggest group yet and we are already anticipating a bigger group in early 2017 when we venture off to Vegas. We would love to have you there.

Beyond the incredible opportunity that Vegas is, if you can achieve the Vegas 100 number, you are going to be in the excellent shape in terms of your own personal business for the year ahead.

We will help you personally with your business and you will be able to mingle with many other VERY successful affiliates to gain additional insights into how you can improve and scale your business.

We have some amazing stuff coming to WA through the rest of 2016 and we are going to be making some really crazy announcements in Vegas in 2017. Making Vegas is not only going to rejuvenate you and get you ready for the year ahead, you are going to be prepared with new found knowledge and a better vision as to where Wealthy Affiliate is going in the year head.

If you want to read about this past years 2016 Super Affiliate Conference, you can do so here:

Grow to Amazing Heights in 2017

Last year, we were excited about what we had in store for 2016. We have made some amazing progress and innovations in the past year and you can expect more of the same in the year ahead. We have never been more excited about where Wealthy Affiliate is positioned as a community, as a platform, and as a medium where people from all over the world can congregate to create and grow their businesses within any niche.

We have an entire year of significant innovation and evolution already slated for 2017! This is going to lead to brand new opportunities and way more opportunity for affiliates.

100 sales, ready set go!

I look forward to seeing many of you in Vegas early next year, it is going absolutely brilliant and our largest and most forward thinking group yet!

If you need a hand with your campaigns, research, keywords, etc... feel free to drop me a PM (I will be more than happy to help you with a review of your website as well).

Buckle down and focus in the coming months, the prime time months are ahead and I can honestly say that each and every person here within WA is wholeheartedly capable of achieving Vegas.



PS. You will notice your Las Vegas counter (the Airplane button in header) will show the updated 100 sale countdown starting on September 1st, 2016 and you will have until December 31st, 2016 to reach 100 Premium referrals.

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Recent Comments


Awesome Kyle! I came here thinking that this was going to be a motivator post to have people shoot for 300, yadda, yadda, yadda...

The bar is not lowered, rather the time to get this done matches the 300 over a year reward...I like that concept! I think this will most certainly get people actively involved to sell WA to the world...

You fooled me! Normally this is not a good thing but, in this case, it was...I appreciate your and Carson's generosity with this offer, I am sure that many will be working pretty darn hard to get this done...Me too!

Dave : ).

Yeah, it gives latecomers and chance to make it and it gives those that may have been slacking off a bit or just getting rolling with their campaigns motivation to push in the coming months.

We would love to have you there next year David. ;)

Good stuff Kyle! I just started promoting WA a couple of months ago so making Vegas this year was a long shot for me. I'm making a few sales each week which will still make 100 sales by the end of the year a challenge, but it feels way more achievable now. Just gotta bump things up a bit!

These posts spur me with so much motivation and give me that 'hype' feeling I felt when I first arrived here. It's not so much the fact that I think I'm gonna make it this year, but it's a reminder that this is really REAL and so many people are going to achieve this year. It's just exciting!

I'm trying to ask questions and understand things but nobody is answering but my affilicoach and You and your partner so I'm wondering what's the point.I'm really tech dumb...People are picking on me in live chat....I don't need this.I do have other options but really wanted this.I'm going to let you all have this.

Sorry you didn't find the answers you're looking for. What exactly do you need help with? If it's just getting started hit the green "getting started" icon in the top left of the screen to get to your first course.

I am so sorry to hear that your experience has not unpleasant. I am relatively new to WA, but it has been the best support system I have found in the business. Feel free to ask me questions. If I don't know the answer we can search and find out together. You are not alone.

I have access to bootcamp and finally refound the site so I think Im okay there and Im going premium today so I probably will need tons of help fully doing my complete set up as Im tech dumb as heck hahaha...also I have two distributorships that I would like to be able to sell from within my page that doable?

I see now...there a few jerks on live chat yesterday and I couldnt find my site or find the plugins and no one would talk to me and I get frustrated easily but I really really want this as I have two distributorship businesses I run that I plan to link in and host from my platform all around...thats why I came here.

The best place to find answers is in the training, or in the search bar. I was the same, also ask a question through the ask a question on your profile. I find the live chat sometimes just people talking about nothing really.

Well just do know that you have lots of help here every step of the way. As with anything new, it can be a little overwhelming at first but you are absolutely going to get the hang of things. :)

Even if I did make 100 sales by the end of december I probably still won't go. Although I am 24, i have never travelled alone and i don't think i am matured and independent to stand on my own in a totally new country. Kyle, is there some special incentive for those who are like me unable to go? Pretty PLEASE!!

Why dont you think you are strong enough to stand alone? You have proven your independence by making this first step all on your own...this is all you...they train you....but you determine your worth by your work...if you can make that much then you need to come mingle and make 3 times that amount in that same period of time...I plan to go though I am scared of people...I am reallly reallly sensitive and my feelings get hurt easily but I also know that in order for me to grow I need to step out of my comfort zone.You can do it friend.You are independent.You can walk on your own two feet. Lets show them we are more than our fears.

Yeah, we can definitely arrange something. If you do make the Vegas incentive, we will be in touch either way.

Wow you really described myself in your last sentences.
I feel like you have read my mind lol

I am still a baby crawling to reach my toys in WA. I'll have to walk then run then run faster. May be I'll be walking on 1st September 2016. This is not to discourage my friends other affiliates of WA, but to tell them to first walk then run then aim to sponsor 100 PREMIUM on the table. GOOD LUCK to all who can do it.. Don't be afraid if you can try it. Trial makes success.

It's not going to be long before you are throwing your toys around and ready to run! lol

Everyone starts in the crawling stage in any business, myself included. Back 14 years ago when I started out I barely knew how to turn on my computer and here I sit 14 years later of being full time online.

Challenge accepted. I think I can with focus and following bootcamp. Be opportunity to stretch myself.

Quick want to share an experience think relevant to promoting WA.
I agreed to do a 3 day trial of a product a family member selling in an mlm position. Required 2 pills, powder in water, and wear a patch. Advertised as all natural just vitamins and minerals. I tried day one had aweful day of flushing body with water. Patch I removed within 10 minutes. Threw next two days supply out.

Told family member effects experiencing I recognized as a euphoria etc. Ok family member then said promise no caffeine just vitamins and minerals.

I researched ingredients of ones could find anyway.
Mega amts of caffeine and other stimulants. I said ok its ok you promised me not in there, lied to me, my body healthy , but what about someone with a medical condition such as heart? That amt could throw into a heart attack. Money is never more important than people.

Think relevant here too because to build reputation takes time and WA been doing that already. And we have to build good reputation to be trusted ,so truth in advertising is important for WA promoting also.

Don't worry I only have good things to say about WA lol
But we should stay honest about things. No hype.

Yeah, selling without knowing what you are selling is taking place far too much these days and I see it all the time with MLM's. People think that they are involved in a business and creating a business when it is far from that.

We teach people how to promote WA with ethics and being a member, you will understand the services offered here, the benefits and the fact that we go above and beyond anything offered in the industry, offline or online.

When people realize they can take any passion and turn it into a long term and very successful business, it is very exciting for them. Anyone can benefit from the platform here, it is just a matter of brining it to their attention and doing so in a way that doesn't appear "opportunistic" or "salesy".

Woohoo, Kyle!

I'm glad we have a special offer of making 100 sales in 3 months this year as well. Last year, I wasn't able to make any sale but now that I've learned a lot more, I'm looking forward to working overtime and making it to Vegas in 2017. ;)

Take care,

P.S. For others, here's another video of Vegas of 2016 by Alex Sol.

Yeah, you have made leaps and bounds of progress in the last year, it has been amazing to watch. Your experience has gone through the roof as well.

Looking for to meeting you next year Anh, I know that you are more than capable of achieving this and far, FAR beyond.

Kylle I have advertise Wealthy Affiliate on many sites and have yet to receive a sign up. I have receive one person for a free trail and did not sign up. Until someone says how to get sign ups I am wasting time and money and have to try to make it promoting other things.

Yeah, if you are advertising it places and not getting referrals, drop me a PM letting me know exactly where you are advertising and where you are driving the traffic to and I will be more than happy to give you a hand. :)

I really need to get my but in gear and start moving along in the affiliate boot camp. I've slackened a bit and let others things take me away from what I should be doing. My big goal is to make it to Las Vegas before the end of this decade, but the sooner the better :)

No more slacking man! lol You can definitely make the conference before the decade, in fact you can make it this year. I look forward to seeing you there one day, hopefully this years conference!

Haha, I know I got quit that! I just finally posted a brand new post on my site so I could finish the last task and move on to Lesson 10. I will definitely make it a goal to meet you in Vegas before the decade is out and who knows it could even be this year, I will never give up though that is one thing I know for sure.

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