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My picture on my pages or posts ?

My picture on my pages or posts ?

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Authoring & Writing Content

Once I copied my picture from my USB to CONTENT of (ABOUT ME). I changed the ABOUT ME page by writing another long content. I see that the page and the post have the same con

Sorry to hear you are stuck -

A good source of pictures is Pinterest and you can copy any of the million pictures which is easy to do and then use these for your blog page

Hello Mohunlall
I don't know how your are accessing the net but there are loads of free programs you can use to copy/paste pics and images.

If you uploaded your pic it should still be in your Media Library.
Just do what you did the first time and insert it where you want.
If I'm getting this totally wrong then get back to me with a PM.

I didn't get the diamond traffic, the bonus i asked kyle?

I didn't get the diamond traffic, the bonus i asked kyle?

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Getting Started

Kyle promised to offer me his DIAMOND TRAFFIC as a BONUS. He wrote me ...( this is how I got traffic etc....) Which I could not understand.

He sends that in a welcome to premium private message.

Here is the link:

Thank you katie741 for giving me the link of The Diamond Traffic Program. Having gone through the 4 pages quickly, I'll have to return back for a full understanding. Obviously I must follow you.

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