Vegas 2016. What It Means to Me, to Us, to You.

Last Update: Dec 16, 2016


Here I sit on the plane home from Vegas, reflecting on another amazing trip with a group of amazing people. I also reflect on the amazing year that has passed and am extremely motivated and excited about what we have planned in the year ahead.

The Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference is a time every year that we always look forward to. It is a time to create friendships, relax and enjoy the surroundings, enjoy a few shows, hitting the craps/poker/blackjack tables, having plenty of nice meals & drinks, and also chat business in a “non stuffy” round table style setting.

Putting our conference on like this and paying for the entire event in an all inclusive sort of way is our way to say thank you to the folks that make it, for being real people, and for continuing to offer help and support to those that need it.

Before I get too deep into some cool revelations I had this year, I want to walk you through the overall “Vegas” experiences that took place this year.

From the moment I arrived at the airport, the laughter began. I travelled to Vegas with Jay (magistudios), the wonderful voice behind the Live Classes here (and an equally awesome guy) and I was travelling with the “WA Swag” this year. It was in the form of several large boxes, I didn’t realize that the trunk in our airport pick-up would be so small and the driver end up "body checking" the boxes into the car (which happened to be a Rolls Royce...oops).

Anyways, off to the hotel we went. The first night is a meet and greet with all of the folks. This is a fun get together where we socialize, get to meet up with old friends from past years and meet new faces that are attending for the first year.

Funny enough, no matter how much you communicate with someone online, it is always different and very surreal meeting people for the first time. Such an awesome group of people this year, kind hearted, ethical and very motivated by helping people out (within WA, relevant industries, and in many cases other industries as well).

Then the next morning, we get together for our first day of meetings. There was 15 of us at the round table this year, discussing all things Wealthy Affiliate. Our topic of conversation rarely ventures away from this as there are now so many different systems, platforms, methods of help, and upcoming developments to chat about or a nice spread of food and coffee.

Here is a picture of the boardroom:

This happens for several days, and is always followed by free time, night time events and A LOT OF FUN.

This year we checked out O, the Cirque Du Soleil performance. It was an awesome show, as per usual and what you can come to expect.

We had an amazing dinner and one of the top rated steakhouses in Vegas.

We even spent an evening in old Vegas checking out the breweries and some of the street performers (all walks of life lol).

We even had a couple of good gambling runs on the craps table (a few of us definitely came out "up").

I have to say, that as each year passes the Super Affiliate Conference only becomes a lot more fun to put on. It is a nice break filled with a lot of engaging conversation, relaxation, and entertainment.

Of all years though, this year I had a two powerful revelations that I that is intrinsic to the values here at WA and what we stand for.

We Are One in the Same People.

We care about people. That is where our values stem from and something that we always find very consistent across the board. Everyone that makes Vegas every year seems to be very much the same person.

We come from humble beginnings. We all work very hard. We all base our business and our activities on what is best for the general public. The business of helping people.

We also all very much love what we do, without that element it is very difficult to have any form of sustainable success.

It is really special when you can get together with a whole bunch of like minded people all at once and be able to share ideas and simply chat about business. Amazing things come out of it and there is actually nothing more motivating than this sort of knowledge share.

It's Not Focused on Selling. It’s Focused on Helping.

People are always curious as to what we discuss within our “secret” meetings in Las Vegas. I can tell you that although we don’t divulge what we do discuss, the emphasis of the entire event is always based on how to IMPROVE the service here at WA to make it a better place for everyone.

We soundboard our ideas within a roundtable discussion, things that we either already have slated, that are in development or currently in the late idea stage. Some of them get shut down, some of them are received with exciting, and I think in many circumstances blown away about what we have coming your way.

There is a consistent theme though that we never deviate from. The idea of helping more people, helping them quicker, and offering them tools, services and platforms that make your life easier within the online space.

We talk about you, the community. We talk about WA, the platform. We talk about how to make it a better service.

We are on a mission to make WA better and this is only going to be more and more evident in the year ahead. You can expect a lot of exciting stuff.

Are You Going to Be There Next Year?

I look forward to seeing all my friends, new and old, next year. I also look forward to meeting many more of you next year, strive for greatness, work hard, and build your website out on the basis of helping others and I can assure you that bright days do lie ahead.

It’s a wrap! Vegas 2017 can’t come soon enough, but we have lots of work ahead of us in 2016 and lots of exciting things to look forward to!

Are you going to be joining us next year in LV? Well there isn't a ton of time left to make the goals in 2017 as the cut off is December 31st, 2016, but we are going to be renewing the challenge come January 1st, 2017. 300 sales in 2017, you are in Vegas! TONS of time left and no better time to get started than now!

Here are just some of the things included in the All Inclusive and very Exclusive trip:

  • You will be rubbing shoulders with other Superstar Affiliates.
  • You will learn about our plans for WA in the Year Ahead
  • Your ENTIRE trip will be paid for!
  • You will be put up in style with beautiful accomodations
  • Entertainment is in abundance (gambling, shows, dinners, drinks)
  • Surprises, we keep things interesting ever year!
  • You will be heading home with some awesome WA swag.
  • You will be in the best shape EVER in terms of your business

I really do hope to see some new faces there next year (and I know many of you are already ramping up your efforts)! :)

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Vegas sounds like an amazing experience. This is day two for me and I am really trying to take this a day at a time and not get overwhelmed. There is so much to learn and so many tools available. One big mountain to climb but collecting the gear to make the climb piece by piece.

Yeah, don't race to the finish line. It is a journey not a race, one foot in front of the other will lead to big things.

This is so motivating! I'm totally up for this! My first website is coming on, slowly but surely as I get to grips with how it all works. I had given myself a year to get a good profit coming from it. This just makes sense to run the WA site alongside it too. Excited!

Slowly but surely wins the race. Those that actually take action on the steps and work through them are those that achieve the greatest success, not those that race through things.

I'm coming. I need to be there. I've never been huge on going to vegas, but for this- im psyched. I've got a bare bones plan... the only problem is I just got hired at the local Landfill (i know.... gross). Should I say screw the job and spend 10 hours a day on this? I need advice... again ;)

I started in jan and had to stop in march I was on a role. I got to busy at work so I had to stop for a while. But it gave time to re-kindle the fire no lying. I got a little burnt out cause i'm an active guy and everyday in front of a computer was tough. Unfortunatly when I did stop I had made my site but it wasn't ready to make money. But I learned a ton and still was able to continue with W.A.. I can't quit my job cause I own the company I work for but when my site is fully ready and selling I will be changing my life.

take care and wish you the best.

Awesome. The tough part is balance. and organizing the ideas. I think I need to make my first basic.... with 3 pages including the privacy policy. What I have shaping up is going to take a few months to get all the content I am envisioning. Maybe I should put the site I started on hold, to do something simple, like How to make money online, or how to change your life. And promote just focus on promoting WA to get a feel for how the money side will work, before i incorporate it to my conspiracy theory site.

make my first site more basic*

Yay! A all paid expense trip to Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference!
What it means to me?
When I earn this trip; I get to learn about our plans for. WA in the next trip ahead. Most of all I will get an opportunity to meet other super star affiliates. Can wait to get involved with the wonderful activities that are in abundance.
This will indeed be a time for me to relax, create more friendship, eat and drink, attend meetings, gathering; and most importantly; sitting. At a round table. My theme: " helping and not selling." 2017 here I come !

To be frank I know i won't be joining. For one i am only 18 and I need money to invest in myself. At this point i can't even buy my own domain let alone get a membership. Its hard to build something with nothing but, I'm a really encouraged person and I WOULD work day and night for that trip. I know i can't gamble though lol.

If you want something bad enough, you will make it happen in due time. Just set short term reachable goals for now and check them off as you go. Domain names are not that expensive to purchase, but until then, it doesn't hurt to search for the names you would like to see what's available. Keep a pad of those names that are available and maybe if u see them it will further encourage u to find a way to purchase one.
Good luck and don't give up pursuing your dreams!

Reading your post here has convinced me that WA is really worth fighting for. I'm a fighter but since I am just new here, it will be a bold statement if I say that I'll be in the conference this 2016. It's good to be open for possibilities, but realistically speaking, maybe next year (2017). As I have said in my profile, I am now a WA convert, in heart and in mind. I will work hard for this. Thank you for inspiring us, Kyle. :)

You can build a business helping people. There is nothing more gratifying and the audience that is interested in and can benefit from WA is literally BILLIONS of people.

I am here to help you every step of the way!

I am a total green green! But I want to learn! So far, I have been extremely impressed with what WA has to offer! Your teaching style is amazing, and makes things I previously thought impossible, feel doable. I am convinced that you can make an affiliate out of me! I would love to be in Las Vegas next year to learn more.

I am too Carla right where you are starting. By the way, I live in Vegas
so I expect to see you here. Since I live here - where do I get to go
Vegas? How about that Kyle?

Just beginning my WA venture and being half way through 2016, I doubt I will be at the conference this year. You never know though, I love Las Vegas, love to learn and love to apply what I have learned! If I don't see you all in 2016, I'll see you in 2017!

Well it says that I must tell if I am planning on the Las Vegas trip....I am fully committed to achieving the stated goal....however due to health reasons I will not be attending the conference. I have a medical condition that will not allow me to even fly in a plane, much less try and handle the noise level of a casino. Achieving my primary goal is more than enough motivation for me though.

Wow this would really be a huge treat for me as I've never been to Vegas before! Ya never know where I'll be or how far I've come be next year this time so I'll just put it out there to the Universe and continue learning and keep it moving forward!

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