Can You Outrank Big Sites? Yes. Here's Proof.

Last Update: November 05, 2019

I was recently looking for a Nutribullet Review and came across some really interesting Google results I wanted to share. This guy that is ranked #1 has a very simple website that outranks everyone else, even the "big sites" that everyone fears, Amazon, YouTube, news outlets, and even the exact match domain website.

From my research, it looks like his website has been running for just about two and a half years. He looks like a normal type dude, and also notice that his website is SUPER SIMPLE. It's just a blog on Genesis Framework, with a white background and black text. He is using a simple static home page. Nothing fancy.

He is currently outranking

This is exactly the kind of website you are building here at Wealthy Affiliate.

So yeah, you can outrank anybody in the search engines, even as a totally average blogger.

Update 2019: Now I have website that does it too! There was some speculation in the comments here if the guy was using backlinking techniques, but I was able to achieve the same results, without any backlinking at all! >>> Proof

...just took me 4 years to do it LOL

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JeffL61 Premium
Thank you for the inspiration and information Nathaniell! I guess that this is proof that you don't have to be one of the "big-boys" with the fancy ten-thousand dollar + designed website complete with bells and whistles to be ranked #1 in Google within a niche. It's all about publishing highly relevant content based often while using a simple no-thrills theme design. It's the content that counts not all of the "other" stuff, (completely useless) - an educational lesson that Kyle attempts to come across to members in the training!

Awesome stuff!!

SarahAnt Premium
Nice share Nathaniell. Always good to realise what's really possible!! Thanks!
castle61live Premium
Thank you for this Nathaniell much appreciated
sofiai Premium
Nice observation!
TanjaRita Premium
That is great! Any idea if this is a WA member? The site looks set up exactly the way Kyle teaches in his tutorials.
Loes Premium
That's good to know, can't find any WA add on his site Tanja
TanjaRita Premium
Yes, I didn't notice one either, but I have seen many members with non-WA promoting niches that don't include any info on WA on their sites. I thought maybe that was the case with this site.
nathaniell Premium
It's impossible to say! My guess is not, but he could be :)