Vegas, here I come!


I have officially made the Vegas incentive for 2015 and am VERY much looking forward to meeting Kyle, Carson and the other super affiliates!

However, while I don't want to make the focus of this post too much about me. I want to tell everyone how I reached this point, how you can too, and the mistakes I see people constantly making when they join this community.

First how I reached this point:

If you don't already know about me, I've been involved with this business for many years and have been with WA for more than 7. Funny enough, I didn't start promoting WA seriously until mid 2013 and before that I had periods of incredible success online and also a lot of failures, which were mostly my fault.

The success came about when I implemented WA's approach to making online business and the failures came when I was too lazy to have a plan B when one or more projects were running well. Then there's also the periods where failure was because of another third party. But that's beside the point.

For many years, I had ups and downs in this business and rather than focusing on stability with internet marketing which is what WA is all about showing you, I instead focused on finding one hot niche after another and while it did work for a little bit, eventually the heat died down.

As I saw this lesson taught over and over, I realized it was time to focus on something more stable. More importantly, I wanted to know that the work I was doing was going to have a positive impact on people's lives. I want my work to be fulfilling and the biggest way that is shown is by helping people reach their goals and this is where the certification courses and affiliate bootcamp provided by WA come into play.

With these courses, you are looking at a lot of work in the the beginning, but what you're also looking at is success in a niche that will not die out and will remain popular always.

How I screwed up going into this:

Before I started doing affiliate bootcamp and the certification courses, because of my prior success with internet marketing, I felt going through those courses would be a waste of time because the knowledge there was something I already knew.

I was dead wrong. Since the last time I went through all of WA's training, years had passed and the training was updated many times. If you don't already know how WA is on top of things, know this: They always update their training!

But like an idiot, I instead was too stubborn to realize this, went on with an older way to do things and even tried to take shortcuts I found from other places.

What ended up happening was that the site/s I was working on made some profit, but received a major penalty and killed my profits overnight.

And with other niches I once had making me 6 figures, were now suddenly turning into nothing. Something had to change and the way I was doing things was no longer working.

I remember talking to Kyle about this and he told me to do the courses. I finally decided to put away my stubbornness, sit down for the long haul and just do it.

What was good was that because I had so many years under my belt, I finished both courses in under a week.

What I did to succeed and what you need to do as well:

1. This is by far the most important piece of advice you'll ever get from me and any other experienced member here: DO. THE. COURSES.

So many of you here seem to miss how to get started, so here it is:

But which should you choose? You'll have a choice between the affiliate bootcamp or the certification courses.

Certification courses deal with you making a business out of a topic you love.

Affiliate bootcamp deals with promoting WA.

BOTH courses essentially teach the same things which is to create a content rich website on your topic. Confused by what this means? It's simple: You add information about your niche.

Let's take my website as a reference:

I promote WA.

When I started, I kept chasing low competition keywords and one of the BEST sources of finding this was in doing product reviews. By the way, this applies to ANY niche. EVERY, SINGLE, NICHE has products to promote. Do product reviews. So in my case, what I ended up doing was the following:

I find products on internet marketing.

I review, rate (and often buy) those products.

I ALWAYS link every product review to my WA review.

Every single product review has low competition keywords. By writing more product reviews, I get more visitors to my site.

More visitors coming to my site means more people going to my WA review and this is what leads to people signing up.

You should try to follow the same approach on your site. Understand, it's a game of numbers but in the sense that the more posts (content) you write, the more visitors you'll get. MAKE SURE to write content relevant to your niche.

The mistakes I see people making OVER and OVER again:

They write very little content on their site and expect fast results:

My WA website currently has nearly 300 posts and 20 pages. That is an example of a content rich website. But so many people fail to understand this concept even though it's made perfectly clear in the training over and over again.

They think setting up a website with a few pages, some nice pictures and a little bit of wording it all it takes to make millions. You couldn't be more wrong and I keep running into people who KEEP on making this same mistake.

Let me be perfectly clear: A few pages isn't going to get you to the top of Google's rankings. Think about it for a second:

If Google allowed every website that creates 1 or a few pages to rank highly, they would be filled with worthless websites providing no value to their customers.

The people who truly work on their site and diligently work to add content regularly are the ones which Google awards their trust to and those are the sites which stand out.

If you think making a successful website involves setting up a few pages and you're done, you're in the wrong business.

They choose a topic that isn't a niche and is too broad:

I constantly see people saying "My niche is weight loss" or "I want my site to focus on all topics related to a broad topic".

This is a mistake because not only is your niche not identified, but the competition for broad topics is just too huge. You're shooting yourself in both feet before you even get off the ground. So, don't...

Then there's the people who do this:

They want to pick something they have pretty much no experience in but "think" what they chose is popular and profitable.

Understand this: Every niche is profitable. You're better of choosing something you know about rather than not and then trying to build a site out of it.

I've seen so many people come and go within the first month of going premium because they decided to go this route and are surprised, frustrated and disappointed when they run out of content ideas.

Don't chase what you "THINK" is going to make money. Chase your passion.

They WAIT to publish their website before it's "perfect".

People, if you have drafts on your site and are afraid of publishing because it's not "Ready", you're basically turning yourself from a cheetah into a snail.

Understand that by waiting to publish, you're not giving Google signs your site is even up so when you do publish, it will take much longer for it to rank.

Even if your posts aren't ready or in a draft, write and publish them so they start ranking while you keep working on your site.

Google won't immediately rank your site high once you publish it entirely. It will do it slowly, especially with new sites and you're going to encounter the "Google dance" where your site's posts and pages will bounce up and down in the rankings (Don't stress out about this).

Stop trying to sell and start offering value:

If you're in this to make money, that's good, but if you think filling up your site with no value and just affiliate links is going to get you anywhere, you're in for a big failure.

Beginners make this mistake constantly. They set up a site with no content basically and just start adding affiliate links. What happens? Well nothing. Don't even worry about adding affiliate links until your site starts to get visitors from Google. Then add them.

Also give people value for goodness sakes! If someone comes to read a review of mine, I clearly explain why it works and why it doesn't, what my experiences are with this. None of this crap:


How many times has anyone ever been able to sell you something doing something like this? Yeah...

Forget selling. Start giving people value. Help them solve their problems. This is what gains trust and leads to sales.

Aim for quick results, expect quick failure:

This business takes time to grow. Those who come into it and expect fast results are the ones who fail the earliest. This is why I kept failing when I started. But I was also too stubborn to quit.

How long does it take to see results though? I'd say several weeks to up to half a year, BUT this greatly depends on a few things:

How often you write content on your site. I say once a day. I write 1,000 words for each of my posts and recommend you aim for the same quota. if not, then at least try to squeeze in 2 posts a week.

Since I was promoting WA, for the first 2 or 3 months I was getting VERY little visits to my site (maybe up to 20 a day). This continued for several months (I think until month 4 or 5). I was VERY pissed at that time because I put in so much work and I did ask Kyle about this more than once (and other WA members).

They kept telling me not to quit and stay the course. I did and BAM, things kept rising:

A lot of people have their own stubborn mindset that goes against the training:

A lot of people come into this business with an expectation of how they want things to look, feel and flow. And when they get into the training, instead of following it, they instead do it their own way.

This is the last big issue I see and it was actually my problem too. Remember what happened? Yeah, it'll happen to those people as well.

Take your stubbornness out of the picture and follow the training's instructions. You won't waste years like I did.

That's all on that topic, now onto other things you should know...

About keywords:

I follow WA's training on this, but I also often write up about keywords which get less than 10 searches a month as Jaaxy sometimes tells me. I do this because:

It's still extra content on my site and I can add to it.

Sometimes new products are released which don't become popular right away so if you spot it early, there's very few competing pages so you can rank high and once it becomes popular, you win.

Also don't always aim to have keywords in the same order as you find them. So if my keyword was: A B C, and I was making a title, I could switch it around and say C A B or C B A. It would still rank for the original.

Last tips I have to offer:

Do. The. Training.

Write content over and over. There's no such thing as too much.

Don't try to sell. Try to help. Put yourself in their shoes and see how you would react if someone came to your site.

When you write content, you can promote an affiliate offer on the site OR if the product is no good, link it one you're promoting which is. This is what I do with all my reviews.

Try to reach at least 1,000 words each time you write a new post.

Chase the passion. People who do this have an easy time writing content and coming up with new ideas. They end up getting much more done and seeing success.

That is all.

Good day WAers :)

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Once you get traffic, you'll keep getting it. The most important thing isn't the amount of words, but the quality of your content.

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Hello Vitaliy, this is such an informative post. I really enjoyed reading it and have taken note of what to do and what NOT to do!! Thank you for spending the time and effort.
Oh and congratulations on Vegas. You certainly deserve it:)
Take care

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