The 2014 WA Conference in Las Vegas: An experience I will never forget!



A couple of days ago I returned to the UK following my trip out to Las Vegas to meet up with Kyle, Carson and all the other successful WA affiliates, and even though this was my third WA conference, it was DEFINITELY the best I have ever attended!

Here are a just a few reasons why...

1) WA is in its best shape EVER!

As an affiliate it's important to know that the products or services you are promoting actually deliver the goods, and the WA community that we are all a part of is the best I have know it to be in the 7 and a bit years that I have been a member.

That's not to say that it wasn't as powerful in the past because WA has always been ahead of the competition, but nowadays it is 100% the most complete online business training program on the planet.

That fact is incredibly exciting for me, the other affiliates attending the conference, and it should be for you too as both a WA member and affiliate.

2) Mindblowing conversations about affiliate potential

Earn your seat around the table at the WA conference and you will leave the room in a complete state of shock.

Discussions covered every possible aspect of WA in infinite detail and just how big an opportunity this is. it's a truly inspirational place to find yourself, and this year was extra special due to the group of people present.

It was a gathering of successful affiliates who continually inspired each other as the meetings progressed. As the conversation flowed, ideas and suggestions were born that had us all reaching for our pens and taking notes.

It was a meeting of minds of the highest possible order because we are all very passionate about WA. Most importantly, we genuinely want to help our website visitors realise they can build successful online businesses by being part of this amazing community.

3) Kyle & Carson

Due to the level of interaction here at WA, we all have a good idea of what Kyle & Carson are like as individuals. But meeting them in the flesh is an absolute pleasure, and I'm certain that for most people they will be blown away by the experience.

What you have here are two completely normal guys. Forget "Internet Guru's" because they are anything but.

In reality you have two genuine, honest, caring, generous and dedicated individuals, who are in complete control of the Wealthy Affiliate community and the exciting direction in which it is heading.

For us members this is the best possible news that we could all hope for. So many other programs out there are run by people who REALLY don't have a clue.

Kyle & Carson on the other hand ARE the real deal...make no mistake.

Their vision for WA and knowledge of the industry is breathtaking, and unlike all the "Guru's" out there, they give their members exactly what they need to succeed, while the others are only interested in earning more from their members.

Trust in Kyle & Carson because they GENUINELY have your best interests at heart.

4) The whole 'Vegas experience'

If you've never been to Vegas, you are in for an experience like no other.

From the minute you arrive you feel like you are in another world, where the emphasis is on making sure you have the time of your life. Visually stunning, Las Vegas will ingrain memories in your mind that you will never forget.

  • Walking up and down the legendary Vegas Strip.
  • Watching in amazement as people propel their way down the huge Stratosphere.
  • Enjoying a beer or cocktail as you wander around the hotels and streets of Las Vegas.
  • Traveling in a limousine to watch one of the incredible Vegas shows.
  • Almost being reduced to tears by the experience of a Cirque Du Soleil show!
  • Meeting some awesome WA affiliates.
  • Taking in the jaw-dropping views from Kyle & Carson's Skyloft at the top of the MGM Grand.

These are just a few of the MANY Vegas memories that will stay with me forever.

Looking forward to 2014 and beyond

I feel reborn, I honestly do.

My return journey home to the UK was a night flight, but rather than catching up on some much needed sleep, I was the one guy on the plane with my light on for most of the flight as I read over the notes that I had made during the meetings.

I just couldn't wait to get off the plane and back to my desk at home.

And if you are reading this and thinking that achieving 300 sales and enjoying the whole WA Conference experience is beyond you, I want to share something that we all agreed on during the meet up in Las Vegas...

We have ALL failed, often multiple times, to get where we are today.

I know from experience that many people at WA are fearful of failure, and/or give up the minute something goes wrong.


Making mistakes is part of the process, and if things should go wrong then consider it as a positive experience and come back bigger, better and stronger than ever before!

You have ALL the help and support you could possibly need to succeed right here within WA.

As for me, well I am now a man on a mission! 2014 is going to be my best year yet online, and I hope to be looking back on YOUR successful year over a cold beer or two in Las Vegas next year :-)

All the best...for now!


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Thanks for the overview!

You're very welcome Terea :-)

Thanks indeed for the inspiration and motivation. We'll work hard on what we are doing with respect to our WA journey so that we could be in Vegas too. Everything is possible if only you believe and where there is will there's a way.

Awesome approach, Benito! You are so right to say that anything is have everything you need to succeed right here at WA, plus a little bit of belief in yourself. We all have to start somewhere...push yourself and good things will happen!

Wow! Fantastic post Marcus. I can relate to you enthusiasm on the flight home. Yeah Rick, I'm jealous too.

Hey John, get busy with your promo's and join in Vegas next year! I promise it will change your life forever!

Sounds killer.

I will be there next year ! Thanks for sharing your experience with us Marcus ..

That's awesome Anthony! I look forward to sharing the experience with you next year!

i hope i can make it next time

You CAN make it next time Frank...everyone here has the ability to make less than one sale a day for the remainder of the year. It's not out of reach...make it happen ;-)

Hi Marcus, thanks for sharing your awesome experience with WA owners and members, it gives me the impetus to work harder to be there next year.

That's awesome to hear Didi, and I look forward to seeing you develop as a successful WA affiliate over the coming year!

Wow, thanks for sharing It sounds like a fruitful trip! Would love to join in soon! :)

Hi Jane,

You're very welcome and I hope it inspires you to join in the fun next year :-)

Definitely! I hope to join in the fun next year!

Thanks for sharing. Many of us were thinking of you folks last week and were a little jealous :). However, that also served as fuel to the fire to be there next year. Great picture.

Thanks Rick, and I'm pleased to hear that my post has inspired you to be there next year! I look forward to meeting up with you :-)

If I'd have know, I would've attended

Hope to see you there next year Earl!

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