Following the Top 200 on WA.

Last Update: April 21, 2016

Still brand new to Wealthy Affiliate so I can confidently say I do not know much going on here, just still learning. While I'm just done with lesson 4 and still trying to even out on a 'brandable' name for a niche website (...hmmm), I have remained thoroughly educated by the brilliant minds that make up the community that is this platform.

In trying to understand how best to approach my own website, I have viewed the websites of members and most especially the top 200. Though unplanned, just my own learning style, what was planned was my goal to follow the top 200 on Wealthy Affiliate the moment I went premium in order to participate in their vast amount of knowledge which may have been gathered over the years and I was able to accomplish that goal today. Inclusive of this, I have followed an extra 237 people on the platform making a total of 437 people and have 172 people follow me. Since I stumbled on the Wealthy Affiliate platform through another site, I had no prior knowledge of what to expect so imagine my shock to be ranked at 3,844 after 5 days and also growing as a creator and helper as well.

I bet I will get to understand all of this in the sweet by and back to the niche and website thingy...cheerio friends

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Martstervt Premium
Hi Koko, you have a good starting plan. I agree with Katie there are some brilliant, successful marketers in the mid hundreds, and every strata of rank. You will find many talented people as you continue on your WA adventure. Blessings,

joyweb Premium
You are making great progress. Keep up the good work. :-)
KatieMac Premium
looks like your making good progress, there are many members who have some wonderful skills to share who are not in the top 200 just focus on your work and learning this is a great community and everyone tries to help where they can
KokoO Premium
Thanks a lot. I guessed as much too, I will continue my streak to all levels of members as well. Thanks
shweetlife Premium
glad to see that you are making good progress :)

The top 200 have played a big part in my achievements here so far... so you are definitely on the right track.

remember though, top 200 is very much activity based. when you visit a members profile though, you can see how long they have been with WA... keep this in mind as you meet more awesome members here.

A lot of senior members are not very active... therefore not in the top 200. there focus is more on their businesses, but even so, they can be hugely helpful if you read thier content and reach out to them.

Focus on creating loads of quality content and following the training... this is tje biggest key to results at WA.

keep up the awesome work! :)
KokoO Premium
Thanks for the advice, appreciate.
yakitori Premium
You're moving up the ranks fast! I did the exact same technique as you. I only joined a bit over a month ago and once I upgraded to premium I immediately followed EVERYONE in the top 200 (I'm almost there myself now). I also started to follow everyone else as well because everyone has a different skill set that may become useful to me, plus you get a lot of profile/website views from that (free traffic).

I blogged about my progress and helped others where I could. I didn't know much about Wordpress before this but now I'm getting pretty comfortable and can help those that have issues. That definitely helped the ranks as well.

Finish the course and you'll learn a lot. You'll know what it takes to build a successful website. I already started earning a bit of revenue from my already so it's very motivating.

Hope to hear more success posts from you in the near future!
Put in the effort and you'll be rewarded in the long run.

Wish you success!
KokoO Premium
Thanks manh....appreciate big time. I was able to glean some nuggets from that.