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I am a Marine Corps veteran and am a blogger for companies, dad to an energetic and creative teen young man. I have had a pretty full life and have lived overseas in the US Marine Corps. I am also a retired electrician. I like to walk, fish and enjoy my life.
I am a survivor of meningitis which almost took me out ten years ago. Recovering has been difficult especially due to some cognitive issues. But I'm Irish and stubborn so probably a glutton for punishment in life.

I am also a surfer and grew up in San Diego Calif. and surfed for about 30 years until winding down a bit. I have also competed in a few semi pro evnts back in the day. Where I was raised is a little town named Ocean Beach and back in the day was known for its bikers and brawls as well as the home of David Wells pitcher for the Yankees who I went to school with and friends with. We were consider OB rats, which was a label we got for getting in trouble, surfing and partying like nutballs. My dad was a jazz pianist in the 70s who played opening acts for some well known bands. He passed away when I was 17/and I have been on my own since that time. I also have a brother who works for the DEA in San Diego Calif. Nowadays I do get out and skateboard. I guess you could call that my true passion and in a perfect world I would just skateboard or surf all the time. My website is awesome and is located www.bloggingtipsfornewbies.com
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I would be happy to earn an extra few hundred a month. I am a realist so could put in ten hours a week at this point in time.
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Dec 19, 2016
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Surfdude123 Premium
I would be happy to earn an extra few hundred a month. I am a realist so could put in ten hours a week at this point in time.
becrjs Premium
We all have to start somewhere! It's a beginning and when you find you put in the time, things happen for the better!
Carson Premium Plus
Success starts with goals and you're that much closer to achieving them now!

Your goals will be a reality and you will come closer to achieving them with every lesson here at WA! I know that you can do it and you've got an entire community of people in your corner :)

I look forward to working with you and helping out in every way I can!

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ESI Premium
Hey there, David. I just thought I'd check out your profile after communicating with you about your blog promotions question and am now following you.

My husband is a USMC veteran and he's the same age as you too! Fishing is his passion! I'm trying to convince him to start a blog about it. Who knows, maybe showing him that another Marine (his age) has started blogging will help him see the possibilities.

Anyway, I wish you much success with all your endeavors. Thank you for your service and...

Semper Fi!
Surfdude123 Premium
That's cool. Fishing would be a great topic too. Best to you.
Ali-M Premium
Dear David, how are you?) Hope you are fine and everything is great with your business progress ). I've recently followed you in WA.

My site is about technology and since I've started to build my network, I would like to have you in my network too.
Here is my links and I would be happy to have you in my social networks too (If you like of course : ) ). Also if you leave me your social network links; I'll be able to following you back.

Here is mine:
Google: https://plus.google.com/+AliMonajemi
Facebook: http://goo.gl/Plbnhj
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ali_monajemi

Wish you great success in your online business,

AnnRoberts51 Premium
Hi David
Really like your blog website - great example. I am just about to join and want to refresh and simplify my current website and learn how to blog on it and make the most of Social Media. I am 65 and have just finished a Masters and looking to take my research into Active Wisdom which is a stage in out lives of sharing what we have gleaned from a life well lived in the service of out own and others wellbeing. Woo Hoo - quite motivated to gain mastery of this techie world.
Surfdude123 Premium
Cool Ann! I pretty much took it slow at first and as my website grew I started to really understand how things can take off. I also learned a few little tricks here and there which are helping me master some of the things taught here. I think the best advice someone could of gave me when I started was to go slow and take things step by step, I tried not to get overwhelmed and when it got crazy I took a break. I'm sure you will do great here! Dave
SteveCrozza Premium
Hi David,

Great that you can enjoy the things in life that make you happy! Have a bit of a read of your site and I am interested to read more (soon). Have a good day and enjoy the surf when you can.

I have followed you for inspiration.

Catch you later.

Surfdude123 Premium
Thanks Steve! Ill follow you as well and best of success!
parrot63 Premium
Surfdude, 've had a quick look at your website and maybe, just maybe, a site based around your skateboarding or sufring added to your portfolio, as well as blogging, might be your answer. You could link to skateboard/surfboard affiliate sites and write about these if these are your passion (my kids would be interested, although I wouldn't be any good at either lol). Just a thought and don't want to teach my granny to suck eggs! Good luck in your venture x
Surfdude123 Premium
I have thought about that and may just give it a shot. Thanks for the message!
parrot63 Premium
Do it and let me know how you get on (I had a quick look and there are sufing/skateboarding afiliate sites out there and if you're passionate, your blogs about these will be fab). My niches are birdwatching and knitting lol. So lets do something different together and make our lives better. Remember this is not a quick win so we'll have to work at it but keep in touch and if you have any ideas that might help me I'd love to hear them but not sure a marine would know how to knit :) (Ask your lovely other half...:)
Surfdude123 Premium
Gotcha...lol. Ill keep in touch and be sure to follow you:)