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Last Update: February 23, 2015

Well, I quietly launched Infusiasm on Monday. Because of the weather UPS hasn't delivered all the supplies I ordered and I just now got to the store to restock some of the produce I need.

I didn't advertise the launch beyond my Facebook page. I needed things to be a little slow. I have spent the past few days getting organized and catching up on some things I needed to do for the website..

Most of my sales so far have been friends and family, but it is still more promising than any venture I've started, to date. I've made seven sales with three pending (two for sure, one that says she wants to order).

I stumbled on the opportunity to tell the Trim Healthy Mamas about my products, and one of them bit. There was a post about someone struggling with soda addiction and she asked for alternatives so I posted a link to Infusiasm. This lady said she would post it all over the THM forums if she likes it. She wants to support small businesses and likes that I was willing to work with her. She is EXACTLY what I need.

And I really had to work for that sale, too! I read somewhere that if you go above and beyond for customers, they remember it and are likely to become loyal customers. So when this customer sent a message that she was really excited about the product but thought the shipping was outrageous, I ended up giving her a free bottle. To her it was worth more than a shipping deal and it actually cost me less than reducing the shipping.

Another customer didn't use the 10% off sale code and I read her comment on my friend's Facebook page, that she wanted to try a flavor, so I sent her a sample and refunded a shipping overage. I get my postage through Stamps.com so I get a discount and refunding the different between retail and what she paid didn't hurt my bottom line at all, but she won't know that. To her it shows that I am honest and treat my customers well. And I don't want to take advantage of people. I'm still working out the kinks on my shipping costs; to some extent I have little control over that cost, but there are exceptions.

So this is both an update and potential tip to anyone who has a business that sells merchandise. If you show your customers that they matter, and do nice things for them, they will remember it. It is a form of advertising because they will tell people how amazing you are.

Oh, and Ramit Sethi held a pitch contest that ended Friday. At first I wasn't going to bother, but I decided to go for it. As he said, we have nothing to lose.I started writing and it took on a life of its own (much like my blogs tend to do, hahaha). If I win I get $1,000 and a lot of exposure to his subscribers.

If you don't read his blog or subscribe to his newsletter, you're missing out. He has amazing insight into human psychology and shares a ton of great info. I know I've posted a couple of links to his stuff in the past. I'm posting my pitch below... keep in mind that I'm writing it tailored to him, he's very snarky and flippant, so I rode the line but I think if he takes it in the spirit that it was written, he'll enjoy it.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! If you have any tips, leave a comment. I love to learn different ways to improve my business.


I know that you are a very health conscious individual. I would like to introduce you to Infusiasm, my line of sugar-free shrub concentrates - a healthy alternative to sugar-laden beverages, a delicious cocktail mixer, and a product so versatile that you.... apologies, your personal chef could use them in marinades, sauces and salad dressings.

My shrubs are made with organic fruit, apple cider vinegar, and a blend of erythritol and stevia instead of sugar, so they have no glycemic impact and very few calories. I also offer unsweetened versions in case you would prefer to add another sweetener.

"Wait - vinegar? This crazy person wants me to drink vinegar? Not only no, but hell no!" I know, it's a hard sell until you try it for yourself. Consider this: lemons are sour and most people find them unappealing without some sort of sweetener, but add sweetener and you have lemonade (or cookies and pies). People love lemonade (or cookies and pies). Vinegar is much the same. When you dilute the concentrate with water, the odor and astringent aspect of the vinegar disappear and all you taste is fruity goodness.

The high acidity of the vinegar in the concentrate acts as a preservative so it inhibits the growth of bacteria. What it does for us is even better: it helps regulate blood sugar levels, promotes weight loss by suppressing the appetite, and it helps the body remain in an alkaline state, which helps fight disease-causing inflammation. "BUT WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR RAMIT?" It helps keeps you lean (...but muscle-y), provides an energy boost to help you make it through long days, and you aren't as susceptible to getting sick.

Translation: You're productive and your quest for world domination can be attained by early 2017, instead of late 2021.

There are currently nine delicious flavors to choose from: Apple Pie, Blue Gingerberry, Coconuty Lime, Ginger, Grapefruit, Merry (Maple-Cherry), Spicy Betty (Jalapeno-Lime), Orange Creamsicle, and Strawberry Limeade.

In addition to the shrub concentrates, I offer:

  • Flavored Sweet Crystals for warm beverages, whipped cream and baked goods
  • Finishing Salts - my favorite is Sriracha Salt
  • Pocorn Salts to turn movies into a red carpet affair, and
  • Spice Blends and Rubs to add flavor to your favorite dishes

All of my products are free of gluten, soy, sugar, chemical preservatives and unnecessary fillers; most are also dairy-free - which by the way is a great example of Scrooge Strategy at work because less filler means more flavor for your money.

If you would like more detail please visit my website.

I appreciate the opportunity to pitch to you and look forward to the outcome.


Kristy LeBlanc

Owner, Infusiasm

"We're full of pith and vinegar, and you can be too!"

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AlejandraB Premium
You have been busy, great products and great site, wish you the best, I know you will do great,
SharonAllen1 Premium
Sounds like you have been very busy. Sounds like you are well on your way. Best wishes.
Marith Premium
Great news. When your company reach the size of Coca Cola I hopefully will find your products in the shops here on my little island in the Mediterranean ( not joking) This concentrate have the potential to make it big when the health-gurus get involved. Wish you all the luck in the world. I know it's a lot of hard work behind this and more hard work to come, but I think you have hit a goldmine here
kleblanc13 Premium
Thank you :) I hope to be able to have that kind of distribution someday.
Kathy331 Premium
Brilliant, so happy it's going well for you Kristy. :)
kleblanc13 Premium
So far, so good but I hope it gets better once I'm past my learning curve!
MarionBlack Premium
You go girl! I'm so glad you reached launch date but I've been missing you around here. What a pity I'm so far away or I'd be trying your wares. ~Marion
kleblanc13 Premium
Thank you! Noticed that today is your birthday, hope you have a great day and a wonderful year. :)
MarionBlack Premium
Thanks, Kristy.