And with one dry cough - things will never be the same.

Last Update: April 07, 2020

Wow. Covid-19 is sweeping across the globe in a terrible and horrifying way.

Firstly, I just want to say, I hope all my fellow WA peeps are safe and well, my thoughts and good vibes are with you during these unsettled times.

Secondly, ... hey I'm back!!! Did you even miss me? Or even notice that I haven't been around? Possibly not. But hey thats okay. The Wealthy Affiliate platform is a bit like a comfortable slipper, you can take them off and put on some kick 4rse boots to explore the world. But WA is always there to come back to for some tried and trusted home truths, coupled with the occassional stern word, when returning to the straight and narrow is needed.

For the past year, I've been busy wih our motel on the West Coast of the South Island, New Zealand. Additionally I was lucky to land a great job as a Recruitment Consultant, which allowed me the luxury of working from home. Essentially I am a contractor, so I have been busy building up my own client base with some considerable success. I've been applying much of the knowledge learned here to my recruitment work; especially around lead generation and email marketing.

It was so successful in fact, that the big boss rang me personally and asked me to "take my foot off the gas for a while", as the consultants couldn't keep up with the work I was generating.

So I sat on my hands for two weeks, which was annoying, as that was two weeks that I could have been out getting new clients and building up my commission pipeline. Anyway, I digress. The point I wanted to make was things were ticking along brilliantly! And finally I could see the way clear to start making some decent money, working from home, with nothing more than my laptop, my phone and a tool kit of skills - many learned from WA over the years.

Then along came COVID-19. FARRRR&K

In one dry cough, things would never be the same.

I have watched my kiwisaver plummet (retirement savings) as the glabal sharemarket sh$t itself, all of our April motel bookings were cancelled in the course of a day, and you guessed it - NO ONE NEEDS A RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT right now. No one is hiring.

New Zealand is now two weeks into a four week compulsary lock down. We are only allowed to leave the house to take exercise locally (dogs are enjoying the extra walks), and to buy essential supplies. We are not allowed to be in contact with anyone outside our immediate bubble. My husband is my bubble. Boy, I've wanted to pop that bubble a few times!

So I've been sitting here thinking far out, it could take years for the NZ tourism industry to fully recover from this, our life savings are tied up in a motel full of empty rooms, and the job I thought I had, is no longer.

What's a girl to do?

Well I've been getting busy. I'm about to soft launch my new website and I'm here to re-start all the wonderful training at Wealthy Affiliate to make sure there's nothing I've missed along the way. In fact, I'm just about to head over to Jaaxy right now to do some more SEO keyword research :)

I hope everyone here is doing okay, please feel free to drop me a comment and let me know how you're getting on with the whole Covid-19 pandemic. I'm looking forward to reconnecting with all my WA peeps and any new faces here since I was last hanging out on here.

It feels like I've limped back through the door with a stubbed toe and a bloodied knee, but nonetheless it's good to be back!

Take care everyone, Karen x

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TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Karen

Just letting you know that the link to your website is missing the .co in it. ;-) [wink] The darn typing devil eh? ;-) LOL!

I've send you a PM, we'll be in your corner of paradise in a few weeks time! ;-)

May you enjoy an awesome day Karen!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Karen,

Really nice to see you back here. I remember your motel very well and Michael had wanted to show me NZ but with all that is happening these types of things are put on ice.
The main thing is you have found an alternative to fill your time in a constructive way.
Be nice to your bubble, I try the same and what would we be without them?

Stay safe and healthy, Taetske
kdforsman Premium
Hi Taetske, you're still here!! wow, how are things going for your online adventures?? Hope you are well, x
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Karen,

Yes, I am still here and plan to stay some more.
I am still writing for my 2 websites, have not earned a cent yet but that was not my primary goal. I am busy on FB and in total am doing fine trying to keep an eye on what is happening in the world.
Are you on FB? you will find me under Taetske Guillaume.

Stay safe and healthy,

Vickic3 Premium
Hi Karen
So great to see you- It's been ages and lots has been happening here in WA which is great.
Glad you have launched your biz and I hope it is amazing.
I would love to know more about your local recruitment biz as it may go well for me here in Wanganui.
kdforsman Premium
Hi Vicki, here's my new website if you're interested... once I get it up and running I'd love to employ local rather than using an overseas VA...
Vickic3 Premium
What a great site and if you need anything please reach out as this is awesome!!!
Dhind1 Premium
Thanks for the update on things in NZ.
The situation is dire everywhere and I am sure a hotel full of empty rooms does not help your mental anxiety.
Dive into WA for now and push on - it is all we can do.

Here in Thailand, they are not testing a lot, but they did advocate wearing masks from day one, so the numbers still appear low. Time will tell.

Here in Pattaya, they are just talking about closing off the city with check-points for temperature if you have reasons to go there. (Food, doctor etc.)

I hope we all come out of this ok.

Stay safe all.
kdforsman Premium
Thanks so much for the message - yes it's pretty scary out there, but I wish you all the best ..x
wendyg53 Premium
Hi Karen,
I'm glad you're safe at least. I'm so sorry about the loss of business in your motel and dream job.

I'm in NYC, and we teachers had to take our act online, so I'm fortunate I"m still getting a paycheck. But all of this is a reminder that things can literally change in an instant. WA is the best insurance we have against global disasters.

I still want to see NZ, but it's going to have to wait a while.

What goes down must always go up. The world will get through this, hopefully smarter. 🙂

I hope your website is a success!

kdforsman Premium
Thanks Wendy, gosh NYC, that must be awful right now. I live quite remotely, there's only 6000 in our 'town' and probably 60% of them will now be unemployed. But it's still a lovely part of NZ.