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Wow. Covid-19 is sweeping across the globe in a terrible and horrifying way.Firstly, I just want to say, I hope all my fellow WA peeps are safe and well, my thoughts and good vibes are with you during these unsettled times.Secondly, ... hey I'm back!!! Did you even miss me? Or even notice that I haven't been around? Possibly not. But hey thats okay. The Wealthy Affiliate platform is a bit like a comfortable slipper, you can take them off and put on some kick 4rse boots to explore the world. But
I'm looking for some good one page websites examples...Can you help?It's time to spring clean our motel website, and I've decided to flip everything on it's head and go with a single page website. Crazy huh!?Before you freak out on me completely and tell me that I need to crank out content to improve the SEO rankings for my site... I need to let you know that I'm not using the website for any affiliate marketing, it's just for people to book rooms at our motel.And after a lot of pondering on wh
Hey there WA Peeps... I created this graphic for my Facebook page today - and thought it would be nice to share here as well, as it really resonates with a lot of the actions we are taught here at Wealthy Affiliate.Two years on and it's great to have finally found an online business that I love and a brand I can #BE. Okay, so in my case it took a few hits and misses, which I have shared along the way... but remember if you trust in the process and follow the training - your journey and your nic
Hi all, It's been a while since I posted here on as it's our very busy time of year with our Motel... and I'm missing the contact with all my wonderful WA peeps! So firstly, what's new with you? Are you doing the Super Affiliate Challenge?.. and if so, are you seeing the results of your efforts yet? Or perhaps you're working on a new niche. Did you make any new years resolutions?As for me, well, prior to Christmas I was told about a 'ssssh surprise event' (sorry can't say more than that) which
December 31, 2018
It's been quite the year...As the sunsets on 2018 I have found myself reflecting on the year that has been. By all accounts, it's been a quite good one. Despite a few bumps along the way, mainly health of extended family members, our family finished the year in good spirits and for that I am truly grateful. From a personal perspective, my focus has been on more 'pressing matters' in our accommodation business, which definitely impacted my impacted my ability to achieve the goals I'd set for my
Hi there,It's been a while since I wrote a blog post here, because I disappeared down a dropshipping rabbit hole for a while, and it's taken me a bit to come to my senses and dig my way out.Now this is not a 'anti' dropshipping post at all, but I am going to share my experiences. You see, I think it's important that I write this down so that the next time I have a silly idea about going off on a tangent, I can read this and realise that it's not worth it!I signed up for a local e-commerce drops
I've been with WA for 12 months now, and it's been quite the journey.If nothing else, I've learned a lot about myself, as well as the level of commitment required to build a successful business online.I've made a couple of fundamental and dumb mistakes along the way, so hopefully this post will be useful for others considering Wealthy Affiliate for building a full time business online.So, a year on... was it all worth it?Absolutely YES!But not for the reasons you might think. You see, I origina
Hi there,I've been a bit quiet here over the past few weeks as things have been pretty full on with other life activities... but I wanted to share a wee story with you about my experience with a random act of kindness from a complete stranger.Recently I applied for and got a part-time job! I'm super excited and start in just over a week. This leads me to my story. I desperately needed to update my spectacles as the ones I've been using are "$2 shop readers" and, as I've sellotaped them back tog
Hi all, I've really enjoyed my adventures here at WA to date, and building out my boot camp website writingforcashHowever, I've come to the realization that I need to focus my time more in other areas of my life. If only there were more hours in the day, but there are not, and I simply cannot fit everything I want to achieve into what little time I have.As much as it kills me... I'm going to put my writingforcash website on the back burner for the time being - to focus on our existing bricks an
Hi WA Peeps,I have been pondering this for a while now as there have been quite a few posts of late about Ambassadorship; not all ambassadors created equal - different people bringing different things to the table etc. These posts about Ambassadorship are all very interesting and it got me thinking about the behaviors and traits I personally value in our Wealthy Affiliate Ambassadors.Ambassadors are volunteering their time and energy to helping others on this platform and this is something tha