The Day I Announced My Retirement

Last Update: August 11, 2016

I have been contemplating quitting my offline business and retiring from the workforce for about a year now. For those that are unaware, I have a small painting company with 4 employees. At the age of 35, it's seems like madness to think I'll never work for another boss again. Even with my own company, I was never the boss. The builders and the clients were in fact my boss.

Anyways... Today was the day!. I had been planning to close down my somewhat successful painting business in 2017, once our house was built. Because of the high expense of paying rent and a mortgage at the same time, I wanted the reassurance of a offline income.

2 days ago I walked into our paint shop and noticed a brochure on their desk. It said something like "If you are not happy where you are, MOVE. You are not a tree!!!". Immediately I thought about how my offline business was making me miserable and really hating my trade.

"You Are Not A Tree"

That saying had been repeating over and over in my head since I read it. I knew I was close to quitting. But today I hit the point where I had enough. I paint new houses/units etc and at handover, painters have to do touch ups. This is where you fix any small defects in the paint work.

But this 1 particular job of 18 townhouses was more then just a few touch ups. It was a disaster. It made me feel disgusted inside that every other trade had no respect for the painting trade. The paint job was destroyed. Holes in all the walls, ceilings, muddy marks all over the walls, carpet layers banging their hammers into the skirts etc..... x 18 townhouses.

At that moment, I was 100% sure that I hate my job!. So I thought about everything for the rest of the day. At the end of the day I rang the builder and said "I'm closing down my business, find new painters".

WOW what a weight off my shoulders. What a relief it was to get that out, something that I had been thinking about for a year now and have finally taken action on.

4 Hours On.....

So right now it is about 4 hours since I broke the news to my builders and it's a very strange feeling. While I still have bout 3 weeks to finish the job I'm on, the reality of working from home is hanging over my head.

Scared, Excited, nervous, fearful, relieved are all the feelings I'm feeling right now after essentially quitting my job to put my faith in my online business.

Will my monthly income evaporate overnight now that I've quit my job?. Oh no what have I done?. These are thoughts running around in my head still. But still somewhat smiling on the inside. Such a strange feeling.

Their Reaction?

I was expecting an angry response or for them to throw more money at me to make me stay. But it was never about the money, it's always been about having freedom, having no boss and not working until I can barley move at 70.

But I was blown away at how happy they were for me. Then they wanted to know how do I make money online. Naturally I told them to check out my WA site. "To be able to make money without leaving the house is amazing, good on you!". So it made me happy that they understood why I was leaving and not just trying to screw them around.

This Is My Dream!

It appears dreams do come true. Normal people, even tradies can make a living in the comfort of their own home. Deep down inside I never believed that it was ever possible. But I stuck with it, grinded away day after day, month after month. Year after year and will never stop :)

Is this what you want from Wealthy Affiliate?

I'm just your ordinary guy who learned internet marketing from WA, I took action and never stopped. I never spend money on ads or traffic or anything like that. I make my whole online income from organic traffic which is taught here at Wealthy Affiliate. I love organic traffic, its simply the best. Plus it's free :)

So I saw how excited the people I told were about making money online. Are you willing to give that opportunity away when SO MANY people don't even know it's possible to make money online?.

We are extremely fortunate to be here at Wealthy Affiliate and live in the internet age that we live in. 20 odd years ago, none of this was ever a possibility. So lets ALL embrace it and don't stop until you reach your dream. This can and will be possible for you too. I heard someone in chat say once "the only way you can fail, is if you quit". This is so true.

Whats Your Experience With Going Full Time?

I would love to hear from other members who have kicked there jobs to the curb and made internet marketing their full time jobs. What should I expect? For some reason I anticipate boredom from less social encounters (work mates). How have you found working online for a living?.

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bradmiller Premium
That is so great Josh, I am so happy for you taking that huge step. I have worked from home writing freelance and doing other odd job work online and offline since I stepped down from a FT position about 11 years ago. I am still working on two sites and hope to do this into retirement in a few years . As Jovo said, especially love to read about success with organic traffic vs. paid. You are an inspiration to everyone who hopes to do what you have accomplished one day.
jvranjes Premium
Josh, I remember you wrote somewhere how hard it was for you when you started, But you have become truly successful after all. A great example. Love what you write about organic traffic, I am convinced this is right way. In any case, good luck in your new life chapter.
Josh From Oz Premium
Thanks jovo. I don't think anyone has it easy when beginning, it's a tough road but one worth taking. The road does get smoother.
jvranjes Premium
I hope so, I cannot say I am there yet.
Rob105 Premium
Wow, you quit! And way ahead of your planned retirement. Congratulations, Josh. Can you imagine what lies ahead for you online when you do this full-time? I get the feeling you will be branching out to many different make money online ventures.
Best of luck, in your new full-time online businesses. :)
Josh From Oz Premium
Thanks Rob, I hope to see you doing the same soon too :). I had just had enough and it was bugging me on the inside to do something about it. So I just went for it.

Branching out alright. Funny you should say that, I just got an email from Warrior Plus saying I made my first 2 sales $20 commission. Was not expecting that as I was recommending people join WA haha.
JamesBB Premium
HI Josh, go you good thing! Mate, I had the same sort of thing. I left my last 'job' 6 months ago - a good 6 figure salary wasnt enough for me to work any longer for a micro-managing egotistical director. Being a contractor I have had the option to take or leave jobs but at the end of the day, I was still always working for someone else. My online business is still a baby but it is growing daily and money is trickling in. I have another business now as well - a smartphone app that I am marketing in SE QLD. So I spend most of my days writing, videos, web design etc and the balance is marketing the app.
I was actually so inspired by your last post (256 Sales) that I made it my mission to make this work. You have just made it set in concrete.
Josh From Oz Premium
That's great James! I hear there's big money in apps. I guess marketing an app is not too different to marketing a website. every website starts out as a baby and if feed right will grow :)
LH-CLUB Premium
That is a fantastic story Josh, I understood about the units and other tradies not given a stuff for your work.

And What I find very interesting is you have done it with organic traffic. I would be dead interested in what you selling but you don`t have to mention it here if you don`t want to.

I am finding it a bit of a strain, I have been here for 1 year just signed up again last month, still working on the lessons and putting in 6 to 7 hours a day. but I am very motivated I don`t get put off easy.

All the very best to you and family

Josh From Oz Premium
Hi Lou, It is a strain when things don't work. But if you never give up, I believe you will crack the nut. Had I given up after my first 2 websites failed I'd never be where I am now. Find out why you think something is not working and try to improve on it. Ongoing research is always helpful :)

I make amazon affiliate sites focusing on a groups products, I have done many things from headsets to mattresses. Anything on amazon is a niche to me :)

I'm, glad you don't get put off easy and are motivated. Thats more than many people!