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Hi everyone, I am Johnny. I am married to a wonderful wife, Cindy. We live in Divide, Colorado 9000 ft above sea level in the mountain. I felt I needed to update my profile. First, the picture you see is my granddaughter, Sierra, not me.
We still live in the mountains of Colorado.
I no longer work at Walmart anymore.
I now work at a call center. I least I get to sit down and talk on the phone.
But the same problem exists, I am working for someone else.
I am still a slave to someone else.
I have to break this chain.
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whatever it takes
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Mar 1, 2017
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johnnyfaulk1 Premium
How much money would you be happy earning?

How much would you be ecstatic earning?

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
whatever it takes
Marynilda1 Premium
completely agreed
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johnnyfaulk1 Premium
something I wanted to share, I hope you like It.

I don’t know if what I am about to write is from God or not. I’m sure a lot of it is my wishing thinking, hoping heaven will be like this. But I still think it is a pretty story.
I am entering heaven. It is so beautiful I can hardly soak it all in. People and angels are singing, dancing, and shouting praises to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
I am standing there in awe. It is so amazing. I am like a little kid grinning so big it hurts my face.
I turn around and I notice a mist starting to form. And out of the mist, Jesus appears. He has a beautiful smile on His face as He approaches me.
I get on my knees and I bow my head. I am giggling like a little school girl who is experiencing her first crush.
Jesus reaches down, takes my chin, raises my head and says, “Stand Johnny.”
And in my childlike, giggling voice, I speak to Him, “Jesus, can I ask you a favor?’
He says, “Johnny, you can ask me anything your heart desires.”
“You know that horse you rode in on when you destroyed satan and all his lies. When you restored the world back to yourself.”
“Yes, I know the horse you are talking about. What about him?”
“Can I ride him?”
“Johnny, I am going to do you one better.”
Then He turns and disappears back into the mist.
He reappears leading two of most beautiful stallions I have ever seen.
They are the purest of white. They have long, flowing manes that drape down the side of their head. They have wings that expand to over twelve feet wide.
I am like a little kid at Christmas, jumping up and down, shouting in joy as I watch these majestic animals snorting and stomping the ground. These guys are ready to soar.
Then, Jesus says to me. “Johnny, let’s ride.”
We jump on their backs.
And in a whisk, we off to the heavenly skies.
It is so amazing, soaring through sky, wind rushing through our hair.
Then I look over and Jesus is looking at me. He says, “Johnny, I love you so much.”
As all this is going on, people on ground are clapping, singing in the most heavenly voices. Then they start shouting, “Go Jesus, Go Johnny.”
Angels are flying by giving us high fives. They are doing somersaults, cartwheels, pirouetting as they soar all about us. They are shouting at Jesus, “Hallelujah, sweet Jesus. Johnny is home.”
Then, Jesus shouts back, “This where He was meant to be the moment our Father and Holy and me gave him life. “
We nudge our beautiful horses, we grip their flowing manes as we hold on with everything we have.
Then in flash, we soar into the arms of our Heavenly Father.
Jesus says to the Father, “Father, I have brought your son, Johnny, home.”
Father says to Jesus, “Thank you, My Son.”
Then our Father looks into my eyes and says, “Johnny, come rest in My loving arms.”
Then I rush to His open arms and I rest my head against His chest.
I can feel His beating heart as mine is pounding.
At that moment, I now have the full of understanding of His love for me.
Two hearts beating as one.
Thank you, Father, Jesus, and my very close friend, Holy for loving me!
angieina Premium
Welcome to premium WA.   Good fortune with your site. Persevere is the motto to follow even though for some it`s like walking through heavy wet clay at times.!
When you are comfortable with your site .....look at mine , make a comment or give feedback and I will gladly  reciprocate.
johnnyfaulk1 Premium
Hi, angieina,
Hope all is well with you.
kyle8379 Premium
Hey Johnny!
Just wanted to follow up and see how everything's going with your here at WA. I see you've got your profile setup and ready to go!

Which training are you on? Any questions so far?

Once you work through those first 10 classes, there is a ton of extra information, trainings, and video courses for you to take advantage of as well.

If you're ready to step it up a notch and really build a powerful business, I highly recommend you sign up for the premium membership.

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You can read more about what's included here: Keep up the good work and remember: small steps = big results!
johnnyfaulk1 Premium
Signing up was the best thing I ever did. Thanks
Good luck.
MsMerry Premium
Welcome Johnny and bless both you and your wife Cindy. You are part of what motivates me. I know exactly where you coming from with having to work from home due to a diagnosis that is very rare and no cure. I have empathy for so many. I wish I could take it all away for everyone. Oops, got off on a bit of roll there, sorry :) I do wish you the very best here as you learn and grow. We have a community of young, older, and then a bit more senior too and they are doing very well. I know you will too. All the best and more,
johnnyfaulk1 Premium
Thanks MsMerry, you are so sweet. Johnny
johnnyfaulk1 Premium
Hi MsMerry, I hope you are well.
MsMerry Premium
Thank you Johnny, I am getting there!
johnnyfaulk1 Premium
Hi Kyle, it is going very well. I had to pull myself away for a little while because doing this is addictive. I love that. I have not been this excited in a long time.
I am glad you ask about niches. I feel a little unsure about this so far. But I do want to run a fun ideas by you and tell me what you think.
1. I love studying about Jesus. I want to know God and help others to know him as well.
2. I would also like to help people that have had problems with addictions. (I have dealt with this in my past)
3. I have one dog and three cats, so maybe pets.
4. Even though I am not that good at them, I love playing video games.
5. Love watching movies with my wife.
6. I like lifting weights, but don't do it enough.
7. I like to write.
So let me know what you think.
Thanks, Johnny