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I was stricken with Polio in the mid 1950's and was fitted with braces and crutches. I was able to get around quite well





How do I link to amazon & get paid for referrals?

How do I link to amazon & get paid for referrals?

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Local Marketing

I have a specific product, a gel filled cushion, which I use on my wheel chair, which has made sitting for long hours more comfortable. How do I get paid, from Amazon, for lin

I just now logged in to my E-mail John,and I see you already have your question answered!The community is always there for you,and they all are correct with the answer to your question.

They have you covered. When you get accepted by Amazon there are different ways to present what you want to sell. You can just use a specific page but make sure your affiliate link is included in the page URL.


Go to the amazon affiliate website. Apply to become an affiliate. When you are approved as an affiliate. You can add the affiliate links to your site. When the customers click on your link and buy something. you will then get paid.

Sign up for their affiliate program. After that you can get your affiliate links and can get paid for sales.

Go to Amazon.com scroll down to the bottom and look for selling on amazon. And you can also join as an affiliate and make even more money. hope this helps. Mike

What is it blog or posts?

What is it blog or posts?

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Authoring & Writing Content

I have been writing posts and small samples of them appear on the front page of my website, but I haven't been writing in the blog, do I do both?

So, if I'm writing posts and they're converting to blogs, why is nothing I'm writing showing up in the "blog" section. Do I have to convert them myself or do I have to write a specific "Blog?"?

Very good question. Thanks and thank you all for the answers. I was wondering the same thing.

Very good question

You're POSTing to your BLOG! This is good!

A blog is a collection of posts. So by writing posts you are adding to your blog.

a post, a blog. Tomato Tomata, lets call the whole thing off.

Any post translates as a blog. When you click the pen to the left of the rank button, it translates to a blog.

Sounds like you're blogging, after all, John! Congratulations!

Those small samples are excerpted from your posts. WordPress calls Blog posts "Posts" in their dashboard menu. :)

Great question!

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