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"gdpr accepted on" column in back office?

"gdpr accepted on" column in back office?

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Hi there everyone,

How's everything?

There's a 5th column added in my WP back office comment section, it says 'GDPR Accepted On', all the 400+ comments are marked n

Do you have any recent comments? It might change these days. I have seen that to but did not check back after the final update time. It's probably not a concern. Good luck,


Will check and give you update here. I hope so too. Thank you.


That only applies to comments left on or after 25th May and they've ticked the box on the comment form. Anything before 25th May is OK.

Thank you Marion. Sorry for the late response.

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Buying domains for later use?

Buying domains for later use?

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Is there any repercussion if I buy a domain name for later use? Say I just want to save that name for myself. :)

Thanks for your thoughts,

No repercussions at all. Just take note of renewal dates. And especially delete dates. Delete dates = domain name deleted from registrar. And may take longer to re-acquire.

Thank you and noted!

No repercussions as long as you renew every year when it's expiring....Go for it! I think picking domain names can be fun.
I once had livelaughlove.com and people were asking me to buy it all the time. I later sold it for $1,100. :)

Oh wow, that's awesome! This thing we're doing right here is really fun. I just love everything about this. :)

More blessings!


Well, I certainly hope it's okay. My husband and I own nearly 30!

Sure, it's fine. It only costs a few bucks and while you may let some go away, you will find others inspirational and one day build them out.

Wow, that's awesome. Thanks for the info Jeannine. Yes, I've got some ideas which I'm putting aside to focus on building my first niche site. But I can't help get excited so I want to purchase the name already, lol.

Appreciate your response!


I will say go for it. It ensures is i your possession before some else takes it..

Duly noted Rabia. Thank you!

Just start shopping :)
I buy "brilliant" domain names every now and then. Some are still brilliant when I start to use them, some not so much and they will be left to die.

Thanks for sharing Mr. J, :)

No.. and later it may be gone.
I have one in waiting tooo

Noted Fleeky, thank you! :)

None at all, as far as I know--I have a couple I just wanted for later use!


Okay great! Thanks, Jeff. :)

If you consider the opportunity cost of hoarding and storage worth it, go for it!

Noted Michael, thank you. :)

if you buy the domain here, you purchase it for one year for 13,99...it is up to you if you use that domain straight away or later...but in one year another 13,99 will be due, no matter if you use it or not

Thanks for the info, Volker. :) Appreciate.

I could be wrong but I don't think it is a problem

Yes, Melissa, now I know. :) Thank you!

Sorry for the late arrival lol

No need for sorry, Melissa. Appreciate you dropping by and sharing your thoughts, it means you care to help. That's what this community is all about. :)

You are welcome

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