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Last Update: Oct 26, 2015


Hello WA Family

How are you today? I hope everyone is great!! :))

After reading below training and blog posts on WA Keyword Tool :-







So, I would like to keep it simple, stupid (K.I.S.S.), so I would like to conclude that we need :

WA Keyword Tool :

Searches : 100 or more

Traffic : 20 or higher, less than 100 the better

Competition (View Result) : 300 or less. and 50 or less is even better

Article Power : 8 or more preferably

PPC : 8 or more preferably

Dig : Yes, "dig" and "dig" until find something great

I think I am right ... but I would appreciate it very much if you please correct me if I am wrong ... Any input or experience will be greatly appreciated!!

The Experts on WA Keyword Tool here?

Thank You So Much!!!

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Simple is best and you've covered it here Jewel!

Yes, i love K.I.S.S. Thank you for chipping in, Kathy. ;))

I could not agree more we have to keep at it and as you say keep digging

Yes, I love to dig and dig, lol. Thank you Katie. ;))

Thanks Jewel. I know there are other factors involved in actual Google rankings such as age of site, number of posts or pages, numbers of visitors to the site and how long we keep them there via backlinks and other tools but understanding keywords and how they do affect our possibilities in ranking is primo importanto!


Yes, you are right, but if we can master the art of getting low hanging fruit, that will be great, Debby. But again, our contents has to be of good quality too, lol. Thank you for coming. ;))

Thanks Jewel, I confuse the numbers all the time, this is very helpful.

Hey Juliet, thank you for commenting, I am glad you find it helpful. :))

Thank you, Jewel, for taking the time to post. This is a subject very challenging to me for sure. I guess there is no way to really say I got it right this time! LOL

Best, always...

Yes, this subject is challenging, lol. ;)) But I think we get better and better each day once we master it. Thank you for commenting, William. ;))

The battle rages on regarding Keywords... So which guru is absolutely? right?

Ed, thanks very much for chipping in, I think we just consolidate the facts of what we found from the gurus and summarize them, that is what I did here. :))

In practice these numbers may be useless due to following reasons.
1) Nobody searches under quotes and this is what these tools give. 2) True competition may be any post with your words from the keyword, in any order and in any combination with any other word(s).
3) It is impossible to know what will happen with the ranking of your keyword and how Google will treat it. I have experienced it badly many times.
4) To see true competition type
intitlle: keyword
inurl: keyword
you will find very different numbers and you will get scared.

Hi Jovo. Any chance you could elaborate on your above findings and tell us what you find to be more accurate or helpful in the search for ranking keywords? This would be helpful as I have seen some huge variations between even jaaxy and google based searches, and I'm not talking one or two hundred, but thousands. Any extra insight would be most appreciated.

There is not much to elaborate, try as I described above and you will see. I have pages with 6 or 20 competing pages and yet they are nowhere to be found on Google. Obvious reason: millions of true competing sites as described in item 4.

Well I'm pleased to say I've just checked a few of mine using your method Jovo and they're ranking higher that Jaaxy says! Thanks for the input. :)

It is not my method Kathy, but I do not follow you, I did not speak about rank checking, it was about competing pages. So how did you get info about ranking from my information?

Misunderstanding I think Jovo. :) Using the what you said above I did a search. One keyword in particular was 3 in Google above other competing pages. Isn't this the same thing, your rank in Google compared to other competitors?

Yes you are right. So how many millions did you have behind you?

Well for one there were 100,000 and I was number 3 and another I was 4th with 150,000. I have a number 1 spot with one keyword with 23.000 so am happy with results. Haven't found any with millions yet but I've only tried a few!
Thanks for posting this, it's pretty neat. :)

Yes, Jovo, thanks a lot, so you meant to say for yr above pt 4, to have a better true competition type, if I search for affiliate marketing on Google, I should put intitle: affiliate marketing - is that right? :))

If you just search, do as usual in Google; but to see your true competition better use the point 4. QSR is not a true competition regardless what they claim, it gives something but it is far from enough.

Jewel Carol you are a gem , thank you so much for sharing this , we can over complicate things . Great post .

Yes, Alexander, thanks a lot for yr compliments, we try to help each other here, and that is the most beautiful thing here. ;))

I think you are right on track, this is exactly how I understand and use the keyword tools, too.

Yes, Marvin, that's what I thought so too, thank you!! :))

Hi Jewel, Based on my experience using it I believe you have the correct conclusions. I am still not ranking as well as I should be at this point but using the Keyword Tool and Jaaxy seem to confirm what you have described.

Yes, that is what I hope so, thank you Ron!!. ;))

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