Page 1 = How I Use the WA Keyword Tool

Page 2 = Making a Long Tail Keyword Longer

Page 3 = Decreasing the Monthly Competition Results (QSR)

Page 4 = Lowest Competition Results, What is Article Power, PPC Power & Dig

I am sure many of you are probably users of Jaaxy, but in my 4 years here I only used it during my first week for the 30 free searches. I knew that once I became a Premium member I would have unlimited access to the WA Keyword Tool which does the same thing as Jaaxy but without the bells and whistles. For me, that's fine because it is quite simple to use the WA Keyword Tool.

In this brief training I am going to explain the simple aspects of using the WA Keyword Tool as I have been for the past four years. I am not saying Jaaxy is bad. All I am saying is that the WA Keyword Tool does just as good a job at keyword research and I have 30% of my website pages and posts on Google Page 1 by using the WA Keyword Tool exclusively!


In the picture above you will see that I did a search for the keyword "free keyword research tool." Please excuse the different colored boxes, but they do highlight different things.

Example: The only results I am interested in are the monthly Searches and the Competition, QSR for those of you who use Jaaxy. The monthly Traffic is the last thing I will look at if at all. The only thing I care about is that the monthly Searches is above 50 and the Competition is below 300 results. If I find a result that looks promising I may look at the Article Power number. If it is 8 or above I may consider using that keyword. NOTE: Personally for me an Article Power of 8 is as low as I will go.

As we can see in the picture above the monthly Searches are great at 626. But as you can see below, after I click on View Results under Competition, the results are too high at 370. So it is time to turn the keyword into a longer long tail keyword to see what results I can get.

NEXT UP = A long tail keyword begins to take shape

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DjodiHP Premium
Thank you, Robert, for the useful information and great training!

I am really a novice in internet marketing world so this training has given me much enlightenment in the way.
Nevertheless, there are several things that I still do not understand about the keyword things.

It turned out that "what is the best free keyword research tool" is the best keyword for us in above story.
1. How then can we use this best keyword to help us to get on the first page of search engine?
2. Does it mean that we have to mention each of those words repeatedly in our entire article / websites?
3. If the above keyword (which is also the longest) is the best; do people have to type the complete exact long keyword in the search engine so that our articles could come out?
These questions are just small part representing my blindness towards keyword and SEO things. I hope you understand how I still don't know a lot of things beyond those questions and I am ready to learn.

Thank youu! Waiting for your answer! :)
boomergp08 Premium
The majority of the time a keyword is a group of words or in many cases a question. When a person searches Google for an answer they will most times ask a question. That question is a keyword.

Using my example, if someone was looking for the best keyword tool to use for their content project that is free, they would most likely type into Google search "what is the best free keyword research tool?"

Because this keyword has many words it is considered a "Long Tail" keyword. Long tail keywords make up over 70% of all keywords typed into Google. They also rank higher than shorter keywords for two reasons.

Reason one I just gave you, over 70% of all keywords used in Google. Reason two, they can contain multiple smaller keywords. This means that you can rank for the keyword as a whole and for other variations of the keyword. For example...

"what is the best free keyword research tool"
"what is the best keyword research tool"
"what is the best free keyword tool"
"what is the best keyword tool"
"the best free keyword research tool"
"the best keyword research tool"
"the best keyword research tool (to use)"
"best keyword research tool"
"what is (a) free keyword research tool"
"what is (a) keyword research tool (about)"
"(where) is the best keyword research tool"

Basically by using a long tail keyword you will get ranked based on that keyword as a whole and in part.

When using the keyword "what is the best free keyword research tool", all you need to do is mention the entire keyword in the page or post title, then one more time in the beginning paragraph, and you do not have to use the full keyword again.
DjodiHP Premium
Thank you very much for the explanation! I gain much understanding right now.
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome.
mytomorrow Premium
Dear Robert,

Thank you a lot for this great tutorial training, it helped me a lot.

and I want to know if I added some words to my main keyword and the result was a new long tail keyword with the same Search Volume, Article Power, and PPC Power but the QSR dropped to "0", is that a god thing or bad?

Should I use this new Long Tail Keyword or I should not. As some member said that keywords with "0" competition will have difficulty in ranking.
boomergp08 Premium
On the contrary, the lower the QSR the better. So if the QSR is 0, then definitely use it.
mytomorrow Premium
Thank you very much Robert for your help, God bless you and have a nice day!

TheMulcahys Premium
Hi Robert,

Thanks for this excellent training. I was finding keywords a little difficult but this training has sorted them out a lot for me.

I have to thank @FHagstrom for recommending this me in the Live Chat. Second time he has been my knight in shining armour.

Now going to check out your other training.

Evacapri Premium
This is very helpful. I do have a question. If you choose to go with what is the best free research tool, which has great numbers, how would you write an article using that phrase? For example-I use YOAST so if i choose a long tail keyword as you described how would I incorporate that into my writing for it to make sense?
boomergp08 Premium
It could be the title of your post and then you would write your post by answering that question. It is no more complicated then that.
Evacapri Premium
But wouldn't you have to repeat "what is the best free research tool" a few times throughout your post?
boomergp08 Premium
You only need to repeat it once, unless your post is like 2,000 words long, then you could repeat it one more time near the end. But Google doesn't need to see a keyword repeated more than twice to know what the keyword is. Repeating it any more than that will actually harm your rankings.

Don't go by the outdated keyword density "green light" requirement of Yoast. Keyword density is old and outdated SEO. Google and the other search engines do not require it.

I would just use the long tail as the page or post title, repeat it again in the first paragraph, and if you are writing a long post of close to 2000 words, repeat it again near the end. That is all that is needed.
Takatomo Premium
Excellent, excellent training as always Robert.

I started using Jaaxy immediately after I became Premium, but stopped the subscription after a couple months. On Jaaxy I had been looking at only those three metrics and they are available in Keyword Tool. So, I realized, why am I even paying for it, right?

I might still use Jaaxy in the future, but KT is good enough.
boomergp08 Premium
I feel the same way and I have been using the WA keyword tool exclusively, because like you, all I care about are the 3 sets of numbers.

Being the WA keyword tool and Jaaxy are programmed the same way to search for the QSR of keywords, it just makes sense to use the free keyword tool if that is all you want out of keyword research. If you want more, then yes, use Jaaxy.