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Hello WA FamilyWhy is nothing happening since I work so hard? Have you ever said this before? :) So, what should I do? :)My answer is "Keep trying, try something different, but don't give up ... keep trying again and again"Even though yr initial solution doesn't work out, please ... don't give up!Try to find another different solution to yr life problems. Keep trying ... If Plan A doesn't work, go for Plan B, and if Plan B still doesn't work, then go for Plan C ... Keep moving ... and never st
February 13, 2018
Hello WA Family!Today is 14 February and it is Valentine Day!! So nice! :)Here is wishing everyone a wonderful and memorable Valentine Day!!I remembered not too long ago, I didn't think social media promotion is great but I am starting to think differently ... Yes, it is true, social medial will help our websites to get new targeted visitors and that will increase our profits .. :)What I realized is that by promoting on social media, it does help us on our website SEO rankings ...As such, by ha
February 05, 2018
Hello WA Family Yes, my birthday is just over two days ago, 3rd Feb. I am 54 this year! Wow! What a age! Lol :)I had a fantastic time with my family last Saturday. :)Be Very Focused & Persistent!P.S. One of the ways I stay motivated is to have a daily routine, maybe you want to write articles for yr website, so you have to schedule it, let us say, 10am morning, or even at night 8pm onwards ... Whatever it is, just make sure you stick to it and be very focused. Scheduling yr time daily is s
Hello WA FamilyI just came back from an overseas trip and was so pleasantly surprised to receive a Clickbank cheque of $90.85! :)Isn't it marvelous? I feel like I don't deserve it when I am not doing much promotion ... Haha ... :)Anyway, it is such a pleasant feeling when you least expect it ... :)Have a Very Prosperous & Abundant 2018!!
Hey WA FamilyToday's post will be short. :)Yes, let us be patient in all things ... the problem is, we always want to get things done quickily ... and we quit when we don't see the results fast enough ...But I realized something today ... that is whenever I am grateful with my life and with the wonderful things and blessings that I have on this earth .. I realized I can be very patient with myself and in waiting for my goals to be achieved!! It is just amazing! :)So, my friends, be very gratefu
Hey WA FamilyThanks so much for yr best wishes for my last holiday at Batam, Indonesia. Oh my God, we had such such a wonderful and fun holiday ... If you have a chance, you must go ... haha ... Holiday Inn Resort Batam ... love it ... :)Okay, here are a few tips on setting goals, it works very well for me ... :)We all have goals and aspirations, don't we? Sometimes we have difficulty knowing where to start. We want that new body, or want to be healthy and have more energy, but we just do not k
Hello WA FamilyOh my God, I am very happy because I will be going for a short trip tomorrow with my family to Batam, a small island in Indonesia. I think I have worked hard this year and so I need a break with my family!! :)Our family will be staying in Holiday Inn Resort, in a two bedroom suite with our four children and a helper. :)The resort rates are very reasonable, it only costs us less than a thousand Singapore Dollars for 4 days 3 nights ... it is so affordable! :)When we return to Sin
Hello WA FamilyChristmas is really a wonderful time to enjoy with all our loved ones and friends. It is a special time for all families to unite and share their joy and laughter together. :)So I am wishing you A Merry Christmas and A Prosperous New Year!! May peace, love, good health and prosperity follow you always!!
Hello WA FamilyAs some of you may already know, I am always busy! :)What are you busy of, Jewel? Well, I have 4 children at home, 2 boys and 2 girls and with an awesome hubby but a demanding one .. hee .. hee ... and not forgetting I am also helping in our company's business ... I am sure busy as a bee ... :)Why am I telling this? Well, most of us are busy and we have no time for anything! And we are always looking for more time and space, aren't we?:)I totally agree with you ... though we ma
Hello WA FamilyYay! Last week I just paid for my annual WA subscription!And I am still as excited as before after 3 years here, lol. ... Okay, so it looks like you have to stick with me for another year ... haha .. :)Though I am not as active here as I want to but I hope to have more time here in 2018 ...You know, I have learnt so much at Wealthy Affiliate but there are still so many things I hope to learn ... I hope to know more about on page seo and social media promotion, etc.And yes, my hub