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Once you find some keywords using Jaaxy or the WA keyword tool, the next question that gets asked is "Where do I put my keywords?"

The rule of thumb is: Keyword in the title, keyword in the first paragraph, then write naturally!

Remember, people buy things, search engines don't.

I also talk about a few other basic keyword related things in the video. I also include an example!

This is just a basic lesson. Some people have different methods that work for them, and you may find that something else works better for you. What I outline in the video does not "guarantee" rank, and it still takes consistent posting for your website to gain authority and rank.

For the first few posts on your site, it may take several weeks just for a mediocre ranking. But as you keep posting consistently, using just the simple rules outlined here can get you on page one within a day or two if you target low competition keywords.


Want to see the final published post? You can check it out here:

Just had an idea...I'll check the rank over time and see how it changes.

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Christabelle Premium
Thank you very much for this tutorial Nathaniell! I was able to give this to a new member already tonight to help them understand the placement of keywords. Great tutorial! Christa :)
MasterEd Premium
Thanks Nate. Great Stuff as usually. I have a question of course. Beside keywords - what else factors in to ranking on the first page?
dhayman Premium
Are you confused about SEO, does all the jargon make your head spin, do you suffer from information overload

Do not despair, the answers are here for you, below is a link to Google's own SEO starter guide, so you can have a free SEO guide to read and its straight from Google.

Its a free PDF, it is well explained and it may help those you are confused about things like meta tags and a whole host of other SEO related questions

Its a sort of SEO bible for beginners and experts alike and its worth having on your desk top and makes good bedtime reading for those among you who would like to get a bit more familiar with this whole SEO puzzle

Straight from the horses mouth, as it were !!!!

This from another members post that has a link to a Google PDF that updates the current criteria that is being used. Hope this helps.

Fannetta Premium
great training. Thanks
Michelle04 Premium
This is great for new folks coming in as well as a refresher for older members. Thanks Nathaniel for taking the time to do this. :) Michelle
Duuski Premium
Awesome training once again Nathaniel, could not have come at a better time. Cheers!!