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Loss of affiliate commission via scam?

Loss of affiliate commission via scam?

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Please can anyone help me on different ways hackers can steal my Amazon Affiliate commission on my WP Website?

If you feel you were scammed, take a look here.

I always wondered if someone could steal your Affiliate Commission.

I am sure something can be done about this because it is not very nice when it happens.


Kyle got you covered.

It is unlikely that you can have commissions stolen or hacked. There are a few strategies that some people use to overwrite cookies (cookie injection), but the people would still have to visit their website before they buy.

This SHOULD NOT be a concern of yours.

Thanks Kyle.

The question as nothing to do with WA. I have a workshop in my local group discussion about affiliate marketing Q & A. It is one of the question i need to address.

Thanks for the help.

I appreciate this.


Are you saying that you HAVE had commissions stolen or that you would like to PROTECT against it?

As there are two completely different approaches depending on what has happened.


Sorry to hear this if this happened on you but I would say first contact Site Support and analyze if this issue was from your site itself.

thanks for the feedback

I have not heard of this, if it has happened to you, you should report it to site support and to Amazon.


thanks for the feedback

Sorry; did they steal your money?

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Is this email actually from kyle or cloned? " kyle just blogged: a productive day on purpose "

Is this email actually from kyle or cloned? " kyle just blogged: a productive day on purpose "

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Dear support,

I received this yesterday dated 25th of July with title " Kyle just blogged: A Productive Day on purpose
" It came with this link " https://my.wealthya

Glad you are asking the question, because phishing email inside WA is not allowed. if it happens the appropriate parties need to be notified.
It looks like it is legitimate. You will notice a "affiliate:" button on the the right under each blog. As members of WA we can forward blogs by someone else to others if we like them rather than try and write something similar

Thanks. I will try forward it to support to investigate this. I got the email directly to my email box from Kyle.

Kind regards

Hi - that blog post does exist, but it was not written by Kyle, so I don't know what's happened there.

Thank you. I received it directly from Kyle in my email.

Thanks for the help.



Nope, says "Oops! the blog you are trying to view doesn't exist."

Did you receive such email yesterday? i was trying to send it to support but it end up here.



I don't see it not from Kyle anyway. That's really strange that you have done.

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