Surprised & Saddened (at the same time)

Last Update: November 02, 2014

Hello Everyone again :) It's good to be 'back' :)

I've managed to resist the temptation of checking blog posts and replying to comments this past week. I started my lessons again but sadly got side tracked yet again and got busy with the shop. Nonetheless I'm determined to get back 'on the scene' :) and keep going with my website and learning.

To my surprise, I logged onto WA and had a private request to 'unfollow' because apparently some poor person's wife or partner checks the site and becomes 'upset' if he has any female followers? I had to read the message twice as I was so surprised and then did as requested of course, and 'unfollowed' because the last thing I want to do is upset anyone.

Somewhat taken back, I sat back to reflect on this and actually felt very saddened by this request, not for me but for the poor person requesting this? We are not living in the dark ages? I appreciate that we are all unique, with different personalities and traits, but I find it incredibly sad that a person feels threatened to an extent that they have to request something in fear of upsetting someone who they are supposed to trust and love? For me trust is the foundation of all relationships?

Am I alone in thinking like this? What a pity that there are sadly people who have wives and partners, who feel threatened by female 'followers'? I hope I have not upset anyone speaking my mind here... for this is not my intention.

I just want people to be strong, not fearful, stand up for their rights and not be 'bullied' or 'worried' about what their partners will think? I wonder how relationships like this actually survive?

That being said, to anyone I've requested a 'follow' ... I do not 'cherry pick' but randomly click every green 'follow me' tab, so please understand there is absolutely nothing to worry, feel threatened or concerned about :)) If you do feel like this in anyway, then I'll 'unfollow' you immediately, but just let me know please. :)

Just to set the record straight, I am very happy in a trusting, loving relationship with a wonderful gentleman who I've known for many years, who is very private and prefers things are kept this way, so I respect his wishes. However although he doesn't really approve of me 'being online' (sharing my personal photos and thoughts), he respects my wishes too and says this is my business and he will not interfere in any way and certainly does not feel threatened.

Thank you everyone :) I just felt I ought to get this off my mind and behind me before I continue!

Onward and upward..... !

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tribe82 Premium
We are responsible for what we do; not for others. Wish them well and move on!
Loes Premium
My mouth fell open! It really is a sad story, when your spouse is that jealous, my husband gets at the most jealous on the computer, who is eating my time:)
Moonrock2 Premium
Thanks for sharing!
JennyAnn Premium
I was in two minds to share but decided to as I am very 'outspoken' and it saddens me when I hear of people worried or concerned about 'jealous' partners / wives / husbands. No one should have to live in fear in this day and age. :( I hope I didn't upset anyone in the bargain speaking my mind.
JeanR Premium
I don't know about people. I was told don't pm but wants comments posted. Hummmn.
JennyAnn Premium
I don't pm unless it is something that no one will find interesting like my son's driving test and an instructor offering tips for him to pass here in UK! :)
DennisM Premium
Sounds like something my wife would do. LOL
JennyAnn Premium
LOL :))