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January 15, 2015
Hello Everyone and I hope the New Year has started off well? Just a quick note to say thank you to everyone who followed me or followed me back, sent me messages etc. I have been 'off the radar' since before Christmas, then caught a very bad bout of flu and I felt as if I was 'dying' I have a renewed 'appreciation' and so much gratitude for good health! Thereafter....well life got in the way .. work, etc... So I'm back and hoping to actually finish the course as I am still way behind! M
Hello Everyone again :) It's good to be 'back' :) I've managed to resist the temptation of checking blog posts and replying to comments this past week. I started my lessons again but sadly got side tracked yet again and got busy with the shop. Nonetheless I'm determined to get back 'on the scene' :) and keep going with my website and learning. To my surprise, I logged onto WA and had a private request to 'unfollow' because apparently some poor person's wife or partner checks the site and become
October 24, 2014
Hello Everyone :) These last couple of weeks has been a whirlwind for me. I've been flitting back and fro, hitting every green 'follow me' button, reading as many posts as possible and doing my best to check everyone's websites and if possible leave some sort of 'related, sensible' comment! I've enjoyed reading, smiling, crying and connecting with all of your profiles which is great. It's such a warming feeling to check my mail and see loads of WA mail! However, having spent so much time doing
I've come across my first 'stumbling' block which is holding me up a little. Choosing a domain name. Right, off I go to 'search' and start brainstorming. I made a list of around 25 possibilities. Now, they are all rather long with four words on average? So I ask myself, is this too long? Will it affect or help my site rank? Will I be penalised or will it be beneficial, as the crucial keywords I keep hearing everyone mention will be included? Should I just guess and pick anyone so I can get on w
October 10, 2014
Up until the 'door loop' security sensor had been fitted today, I had no idea if anyone was trying to shoplift, although every item had been tagged but the 'detection' system at the door had not been fitted therefore I had to be extremely vigilant to ensure I had removed and deactivated any sensormatic soft tag or security tag on every item that was sold, otherwise the tags might set off alarms in other shops if I forgot, which I did with one poor customer, who thankfully lived locally and retu
Every morning I park my car at the Station Car Park & walk to my shop. I've been doing this for a couple of months now. I have to park the car usually at the very end of the car park, as they are the only available spots left at that time (10:30am) & walk back to the ticket meter which only takes cards & wait very patiently whilst the process is complete & it is slow! Initially I was completely 'gobsmacked' with the ticket machine?! I finally figured out which slot to place my c