Is it okay to have a Long URL or Domain Name?

Last Update: Oct 20, 2014


I've come across my first 'stumbling' block which is holding me up a little.

Choosing a domain name.

Right, off I go to 'search' and start brainstorming. I made a list of around 25 possibilities. Now, they are all rather long with four words on average?

So I ask myself, is this too long? Will it affect or help my site rank? Will I be penalised or will it be beneficial, as the crucial keywords I keep hearing everyone mention will be included?

Should I just guess and pick anyone so I can get on with building my website?

So many questions so I decided to Google and find some answers. This is what I found:

In a nutshell:

The long domains vs short argument still exists, however, because there are benefits to all lengths and types of URLs. Not every business will find that a very short URL is viable for them, especially if it doesn’t accurately sum up what they do or offer to customers. So in some cases, you may have no choice but to invest in a longer URL.

To elaborate and clarify further:

If you can’t really “sum up” what your company does in just one word, or if your brand name is a little vague, you may want to purchase a longer URL to better explain what your purpose is. Let’s say you sell children’s clothing online, and the name of your business is “Pink Boutique.” To make your purpose and store identity a little clearer, you may choose something like instead of something shorter.

Long domain names don’t really prohibit any kind of online sharing as they might have once done: since many popular services now shorten URLs, they don’t take up room in Twitter, or lengthen your shares on Facebook or Google+, so there’s no need to worry about your domain being too long... unless, of course, it’s more than three or four words.

Longer domain names also have a better chance at being unique, especially if they combine words in a different way, so you may have better luck getting your URL of choice registered somewhere.

The Benefits of Short URLs

Shorter URLs, usually two words or less, or consisting only of a brand name, also have some very specific advantages. Short domain names are easier to read, since they’re so concise, and are also easier to remember. Also, since they take up less room, they are easier to include on any printed material, like business cards or brochures.

Short URLs have a better chance at being “catchy,” and are more likely to “stick” in someone’s head. For example, if you choose the simple URL “pinkbt” for your children’s clothing boutique, it’s easier to recall when a previous visitor wants to come back.

The only disadvantage to a short URL is that it’s more likely to be taken already, especially if your brand name isn’t 100% unique, a made-up word, or contains a common word or phrase. This may require some creative registering, or could even mean that you have to pay a little more for a domain name with a different extension.

Do Keywords in a URL Affect a Site’s Ranking?

One of the most common questions out there is whether a webmaster can boost their site’s performance by utilizing a longer URL with one or more keywords in it. For example, a site owner may want to purchase a domain with their brand name and a keyword in it, thinking that the keyword will help them rank better for it in searches.

To answer that question, let’s learn a little about EMDs, and how Google feels about their usage as part of a SEO strategy.


Exact match domains, or EMDs, were once an often-used tactic to increase rankings. An EMD is a URL that has one or more keywords in it that the site wants to rank for. If you search for “kids clothes” and the top result is “,” that is an EMD.

Before late 2012, EMDs had been able to consistently rank on the first page of Google (if not in the top spot) on the basis of the searched keywords being in their domain names. This led to some very spammy techniques – such as the utilization of keyword-stuffed domains – as well as some complaints by other webmasters that their link building, content strategies, and on-page SEO were being overlooked because competitors simply got better domain names.

In October of 2012, Google rolled out an update that lessened the ability of EMDs to rank on the basis of their domains alone. This also penalized sites that participated in obvious domain keyword stuffing. This meant that EMDs had to earn their place just like everyone else – and that the URL “” was no longer more powerful than “”

Do you need your most important keyword in your domain name? It may not be a bad idea, because it will at least establish some level of trust. However, it will no longer help you rank. So if you prefer a short domain name with your brand in it vs a long URL with a keyword or two, know that you really won’t be at a disadvantage.


Yes! However, they don’t really have all that much to do with keywords.

Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines prefer simple, easy-to-understand URLs that deliver what they promise. URLs that are filled with item numbers, special codes, or jargon may actually hurt the ranking for a specific page. This is because a simple URL – like /clothes/babies/age-2-to-4.html – is far easier for a user to read and understand than a complex one – like /baby/ID8247494839/KDW-34893849/landing-page.html. You know what you’re getting out of that first link, right?

URLs that are clear and easy to understand at a glance are more likely to be clicked than complicated ones. Additionally, a URL with clear keywords in it that is provided as a link on a homepage can provide a little bit of a boost, SEO-wise, because it has anchor text in it.

Essentially, the biggest SEO benefits you will get out of a shorter, clearer URL is from the increased click rate and reduced bounce rate. User experience definitely matters, and it impacts SEO in a bigger way than you might expect.

Having taken this 'on board', I'm going back to my list and will choose one without deliberating further!

I hope this clarifies 'long vs short urls' somewhat?

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Hi there Jenny, shorter and easier to remember domain names are usually the best choice as you want people to be able to remember you easily and find you without hassle.

Your domain name is your brand. It is the name of your actual business and website, so it does make all the difference. You don't want people mistyping your URL either when trying to find you again. By having a less complicated domain name you are eliminating so many risks in these issue occurring, thus making it easier to attract potential clients and buyers. This is your business and your brand so make it stand out and have an edge, but still simplistic. Leave our hyphens and numbers too as it also confuses the person typing in your URL. The goal is to be remembered and found again easily. Think of those who are already are very successful as being remembered such as Richard Branson and his brand 'Virgin' or how easy it is to type in something like 'Paypal .com'

If you need anymore help with choosing a great domain name, I have written a blog post to help which you can find here. I wish you great success on your journey. Blessings. :)))

Thank you Abigail. Makes so much sense, only headache is applying what you've brainstormed, only to discover it's taken! Frustrating to say the least. Innovation as I've been told is the only answer! I'm going to check your blog now. Really appreciate your help and many blessings back :))

I skimmed the first few paragraphs of this, but scrolled right past the wall of text that followed.

I'll make this real easy for you...

Choose a 'brandable' domain name. If you can get a keyword in it, great. If big deal.

There is a lot of misinformation out there and the internet is rife with old blog posts indicating the importance of keyword rich domains. This is simply false. In fact, using a long and spammy exact match domain will get you penalized.

...and whatever you do, DO NOT purchase a domain with hyphens in it. Nothing says spammy and fly-by-night quite like a URL with hyphens.

Shorter domain names are best.

Always try for a .com.

And most importantly, if you can pick a domain that you can refer someone to without having to write it down, text, or email it to them, then you've got a winner. Don't go with anything that's confusing.

Best of luck to you! I hope you get a great one, but's the site that matters.

Go for short, catchy, brandable... then start building! :D

Thank you....This is very informative. I already made a 'boo-boo' then...I chose exact words? Maybe I should purchase more than one and then track results? This will be some feat trying to include all those tips but as you say, start building. It won't be a short url as affiliate marketing is long, unless it's abbreviated which I understand is a 'no'?

Are you trying to get a URL with 'affiliatemarketing' in it? If so, I wouldn't do that. Google doesn't like affiliate marketing sites all that much, and if I saw a URL with those keywords in it I'd not give it a second thought.

Concentrate on 'brand'. There are no shortcuts anymore. The keyword in the domain has next to no effect on rankings. Don't be nonsensical about it, but think of a name that sounds like a brand...a business...something professional.

Do realize that affiliate marketing is often regarded as a shady business due to all of the bad practices people were allowed to get away with in the past. These days we're not building affiliate marketing sites, oh no...we are building valuable sites full of quality content that we have then monetized...

Don't get a name because you want it to help you rank. Get a name because it sounds good and would look nice on t-shirts or business cards. You may never get those printed, but trust me...that's the kind of name you want.

Morning Jen
You've identified an area with which we all have our problems; long or short domain names,? I think that this is, maybe, something that we all struggle with.
As you mention, most of the short 'snappy' names have usually already been taken, by people who discovered affiliate marketing long before we did. I guess that we will just have to be more innovative in our thinking !

Thank you and yes get our thinking hats on...

Thanks for the post JennyAnn ~ very informative and well researched

I always think, when I put my domain name on my car, nobody can write it down, so they have to remember it, I go for short or memorable, Loes

Thank you. That's a very valid point Loes :) I guess at the end of the day it's where you are going to 'use' it most, if email then people can just click the link, then it won't matter how long it is. Becoming increasingly difficult as so many domain names have been taken and you are forever trying to 'tweak' to get the right one :(

I have the same problem as Carla said here, when I chose my present short url for my blog site, I don't know much about keywords ... I hope you get it sorted out, JennyAnn. :)

I will just chose one from my 'extensive' list (which are all long!) then work from there. I am learning too and don't have any idea about keywords etc but I guess this will start to become 'second-hand' once you've done it a couple of times like's easy once you know how! :)

Yes it is easy once you know - chicken feed

Chicken feed - meaning as easy as feeding the chicken. Ha .. ha ...

I chose one of my passions which is babies learning and growing. By narrowing it down, I came up with It is long but I think the words flow together and are memorable. Start with your passion, your niche. Are there any sayings that flow off your tongue or sound like people will remember them? I think we make the decision harder than it has to be because it is our content that is ranked. I hope you figure it out.

The key thing in my opinion is to have a URL that folks can remember regardless of length. This makes great "watercooler chat" or "scuttlebutt" so that they are able to quickly recall that site they were on that told them how to do x.

There is still a lot of power in word of mouth advertising as many people have friends with similar interests and problems that your sites can help them solve.

Good luck getting started!

Thank you Tony! It really is a question of getting started now! Way past my bedtime as it's almost 3 am here in UK but I'm going to do a bit more work before retiring.

My first two URLs were short and I didn't know anything about keywords. I liked them and they were available. I have one site, built for me, that has a longer name. I don't really notice much different. Good Luck on choosing your name!

Thanks Carla :) I'm not good at making decisions when I have a lot to choose from! I personally prefer short urls compared to long ones but it's becoming increasingly difficult to secure anything these days as so many are taken already.

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