How to Choose a Fantastic Domain Name

Last Update: December 04, 2014

Hello dear WA friends. I know one area that can leave many of us a little stumped going forwards is working out how to choose a fantastic domain name. Anyone thinking of starting an on-line business or blog will come to realise that choosing a great domain name can make all the difference in achieving long term success. Lets take a look and break down some awesome ideas to consider when making our choice.

1. Understand what a domain name is

When starting out your website, it is good to really understand what your domain name is. A domain name is your unique URL or address pointing to your website; it also should match the name of your site. For instance, my website which is about meditation music and mind/body programs is called Serene Tunes so my domain name URL address is

2. It's your brand, make it memorable

It is quite easy for people shopping on-line to look around at several websites before buying. If you want these potential buyers and clients to come back to your website, it is critical that they can easily remember your website. Google prefers to send traffic to established brands; so make sure you utilise this to help your visitors get to know, like and trust you. Be creative, exciting and innovative with naming your brand (domain name). Perhaps research some other brands you know that have done well in your niche market and see what you can do with your own unique twist.

3. Keep it short and sweet

It can be confusing for visitors when presented with a long, hard to spell, complex domain name. Don't do this unless you actually want to make it very hard for people to remember your domain name and be able to find you again. You will have much more success when you leave out these kinds of names. Also do not use numbers or hyphens as it is just too hard for many people to remember you. Another thing to consider is when your name is long and complicated, you are at risk of visitors mistyping your domain name when trying to find you again.

4. To use or not use keywords, that is the question

You may want to use keywords in your domain name but it is not 100% necessary in all cases. Main keywords are not the key to always creating a high ranking website, although it is still a factor to consider. People can find your site directly through the domain name, or in most cases through the keywords you are using in your actual blog posts that people want to search and read. When making a choice, it is better to go with a name you know you want your brand to be long term then just choosing keywords with no real branding to it.

One example I came a cross is a website for helping women with fertility issues naturally. They branded themselves as 'Circle + Bloom' and their site is Their blog is filled with key words related to fertility and pregnancy health for potential customers to find them. If there is a creative way to use keywords in your brand, then do it; otherwise make sure you are creating a memorable name.

Examples of websites that do not use keywords in their domain name are, or

Examples of websites that do use keywords in their domain name are,,

In both cases the domain name is easy to remember and well branded for business success.

5. Have a few backup names just in case

If we want to register a domain name that ends in .com, .net or .org, it is wise to write down a few different names just in case the name we chose is already taken. Many times names will be taken, so we need to be ready to try various options. For instance, my domain name list included,,,,, and the winner being

If you are having a hard time with finding a name you like with a .com ending, consider another destination that is still great. Depending on the kind of website you have, some great alternatives are .org, .net, .co, or .mobi (cell phones and PDAs). In june of 2013, there were 110 million .com, 15 million .net and 10 million .org domains on the web. Most people still assume that .com is the only possible choice; it's the better option but not the only choice for your great site.

6. Don't infringe on anyone else's copyright

Be careful not to resister domain names that include tradmarked names also. There are very few cases of law disputes involving domain names, having said that it is still a risk not worth taking. It is best to not take these kinds of chances, even if you think your domain name is untouchable by a business that has trademarked a name as the cost of of litigation is extremely high. Best to stay away from even domain names that part of the name is trademarked, as the risks are the same. Always resister your domain name for the maximum period and choose a top publishing site such as Wordpress or Blogspot.

7. Watch how much you pay

When checking for a great domain name, you may find some domain names going for ridiculously high prices such as thousands, or even millions of dollars. There is nothing to fear if you do not have that kind of cash lying around. It is very possible to get an amazing quality domain name for around $10. Buy from one of the big providers such as or Be careful when buying the other services though such as hosting, as you may pay more than it's worth.

9. Support your marketing and consider your visitors

Remember that you are creating this website for real people that want to visit and have a great experience at your site. Keep this in mind when choosing the right domain name and perhaps do some research to find out what kinds of names your customers will like. There may be names and options you haven't even considered before, and it may or may not be a name you originally thought of or liked.

All of these tips we have discussed can only count if if you are also supporting your core marketing message. Marketing from you is needed to encourage potential customers to find you, like you and ultimately trust in you. Without this, there will not be any leads or sales at all. So, before you buy a domain, triple check that you are choosing a name that will likely get potential visitors to know, like and trust in you. If not, don’t buy it.

I hope these tips will help you along the path to creating your magical and amazing on-line business. I wish you oceans of success in all you do. Always have faith in your ability to create your dreams into a tangible reality. You are a powerful being filled with great potential just waiting to burst free. Celebrate your success every step of the way, no mater how big or small. Even celebrate your ‘failures, for they have taught you well and led to on your path to victory, and love the journey.

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